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Monitor elections in Timor-Leste with ETAN!

President Ford and East Timor

Save the people’s money! (coalition pamphlet against the Timor legislature's pension law)

LH: UNMIT-RDTL Arrangement on how the UN  police will work with the Timorese Police.

Groups Urge Bush Not to Offer Military Assistance to Indonesian President on Visit

ETAN: On 15th Anniversary of Timor Massacre Rights Network Calls for Justice ETAN Urges Administration, New Congress to Support International Tribunal

TAKE ACTION for justice on November12 anniversary of Santa Cruz massacre

Write a letter to the editor

LH: Self-determination requires more than political independence: Recent developments in Timor-Leste

LH: Petroleum in Timor-Leste, Presentation by Santina Soares

U.S. Reps urge fully-integrated Timor mission

ETAN: Commission of Inquiry Report Can Help Timor-Leste Overcome Divisions, But Context of Recent Violence Needs Attention

TAKE ACTION: Tell the U.S. and Australia to Support a Unified UN Mission in Timor-Leste

LH: Status of Forces Agreements for foreign troops and police deployed to Timor-Leste in May


Bush Administration Grants Unlimited Military “Aid” to Indonesia Betrays Military’s Victims and End-Runs Congress
Printable PDF version

I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.
Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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Pramoedya Ananta Toer dies (also excerpts from statements on E. Timor)
Order Books by Pramoedya and Support ETAN 

February 4 - January 24 

Poor nation, rich MPs- Timor's perks

After 32 years, families may uncover how loved ones died in a dirty war
Study radio intercepts, Balibo Five probe told

Timor Leste Women Activists Ask for Help from Their Indonesian Sisters

Nearly 50 arrested in East Timor over gang violence

Timor Telecom reduces international tariffs
Horta Says Not Seeking Timor Presidency
Concern at Timor army conscription

Oecusse Community receives humanitarian assistance from the Government
EU Humanitarian Aid Reaching Needy
Birthday baby shelters from Dili gangs

SAS to train with Indonesians
Tempo Cover Story - 'Revolting' Rumors of a Revolutionary Council
Indonesia's AGO Not to Follow Up on Cases of Serious HR Violation
Ex-Generals to SBY- We're Still Powerful
Jakarta shops for defence ties as relations thaw
U.S. to Help RI with Papua Special Autonomy

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

2 February
1 February
31 January
30 January
27 - 29 January

President Ford and East Timor
 L-R Kissinger,  Suharto, unknown, Ford, Dec 6, 1975

Democracy Now!: President Gerald Ford Dies at 93; Supported Indonesian Invasion of East Timor that Killed 1/3 of Population (Transcript, Audio, TV)

President Ford in the CAVR report
Joe Nevins: A Single Standard for Gerald Ford and Saddam Hussein

FPIF: Reasons Not to Like Ford by Stephen Zunes
Ford's forgotten legacy in East Timor
Gerald Ford and Jose Ramos Horta and me
Ford unvarnished

Ford, Kissinger & 1975 page

Audio: Noam Chomsky from Cambridge, MA on January 5, 2007 on Gerald Ford and the criminal of the invasion of East Timor, reflections on Moynihan, Kissinger and Watergate [23 minutes]

Audio: ETAN's John M. Miller on East Timor and Ford on the Lizz Brown Show (starts 2/3rds into show)

January 26 - 21

Truth, Lies, and Accountability- In search of justice for East Timor
Secret post recorded talk of Balibo journo 'eliminations'

Jakarta top cop wants ISA-style anti-terror law
New head of Asia panel in U.S. Congress champions self-determination for Papua

Australia, UN sign Timor agreement

Peacekeepers Here To Relax Says Parliament Speaker
EU President Barroso Appeals For National Dialogue
No Arrest Warrant for Major, Chief Prosecutor
Violence kills two in East Timor

Red Cross Visits East Timor Jails

Brunei, Manila Join Oil Search In Timor-Leste

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

26 January
25 January
24 January
23 January
20 - 22 January

January 20 - 12

Amnesties OK for Timor Leste Rights Violators- Truth & Friendship Commission
Amnesty offer over East Timor

Xanana Will not Seek Second Term as President

Aust, UN to sign security agreement with E Timor
Canberra's Indonesia Policy Revealed in Declassified Papers

UN launches Timor refugee appeal
UN- Security Council 2006 Round-up on Timor-Leste

T-L Thanks Philippines, Asean for Role in Building Peace
East Timor PM calls for release of Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi
Mário Carrascalão launches autobiography

East Timor president honored at USSA
Japanese groups roups aiding homeless, E. Timor farmers provide fair trade coffee
Timor Leste Med Students to Cuba

Fugitive Major Will Go To Jail, Says Justice Minister
East Timor rebel chief ready to face kill charges
Snapped ­ one fugitive, one rocket launcher

E. Timor yet to object to presence of int'l mart in Mota Ain, says Indonesia envoy

Brunei, Philippines eye oil and gas in E.Timor

Man admits scheme to ship military equipment to Indonesia
Australian TV Ads to Raise Awareness on West Papua
Indonesia's Human Rights Cases Still Dark
US court orders Exxon to answer Aceh suit

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

19 January
18 January
17 January
16 January
13 - 15 January

January 6-13

Timor police chief resigns, no replacement lined up
Rally for Timor ex-minister on gun charges
Former East Timor minister goes on trial

France, East Timor sign nonaggression pact with ASEAN
ASEAN concerned at Timor violence

Helping disabled to rejoin society
Three suspects arrested for killing of Timorese "witches"

Pope to Ambassadors

Little progress on Suharto era abuses in Indonesia- HRW
Letter: Indonesia's Judiciary Is Far From Fixed

Truth & Friendship Commission to invite Habibie and Xanana in February

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

12 January 2007
11 January
10 January
09 January
5 January – 08 

Other Links (open in new window)

Election Laws English and the official Portuguese:

UN: Third Report of the Electoral Certification Team

UNICEF: Humanitarian Action Report 2007 (Asia regional chapter), East Timor Summary

Security Council Report: February 2007. Timor-Leste

UNMIT: UN Police Making Sweeping Arrests of 47
UNMIT: Trilateral Agreement Reached Between UN, Australia And RDTL
UNMIT: Trilateral Agreement for Security in Timor Leste

UN: Police, international force arrest 50 in Timor-Leste for gang fighting, crimes

La'o Hamutuk: World Bank reconstruction role in Timor-Leste creating problems by Guteriano Nicolau S. Neves
Reporters Without Borders: Annual Report 2007 East Timor, Indonesia

National Statistics Directorate has Revamped their website: www.dne.mopf.gov.tl
ETLJ: Ethnicity, Violence and Land and Property Disputes in Timor-Leste

Save the people’s money! (coalition pamphlet against the Timor legislature's pension law)

January 2007 issue of Guide Post Magazine

Asian Human Rights Commission: INDONESIA: Increase in violence against human rights defenders by paramilitary groups
Radio Free Dartmouth - Canadian Tourist blog

UN signs joint security deal in Timor improving coordination, steps up policing
JAPANGOV: Dispatch of civilian police officers to Timor-Leste

Humanitarian Updates and Reports
Displaced villagers help unload emergency supplies.

MTRC: New Maps


see also MTRC website for minutes of meetings, contact lists and more

WFP: Timor Leste Emergency Food Security Assessment
WFP: Resourcing Update East Timor
TLGOV: National Disaster Contingency Plan for Flooding
MTRC: Directive - Food Aid Assistance To IDPs in 2007

NZGOV: NZ helps with emergency food aid in Timor Leste
AusAID: Further assistance for East Timor

OCHA: United Nations appeals for $16.6 million for Timor-Leste
OCHA: Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP): Appeal 2007 for Timor Leste
CARE: Timor Leste: Political and civil unrest yields another humanitarian crisis

MTRC: Estimated IDPs in the Districts
TLGOV: Assistance To The Victims Of The Crisis, Government Resolution N0. 9/2006 of 13 December 2006
MTRC: Guidelines for IDP Relocation to Transitional Housing
MTRC: 324 IDPs relocated with Government’s support

MTRC: Government increase help for the IDPs to return home
MTRC: Rapid Assessment of the New Emergency Evacuation Sites
MTRC: IDP Return Statistics
MTRC: Christmas message by the Minister of Labor and Community Reinsertion

USAID: Fighting Illiteracy in Timor-Leste

TSDA: Joint Petroleum Development Area Fact Sheet
TSDA: Expression of Interest/Audit
TSDA: Audit Terms of Reference

AUSGOV: Downer Doorstop Interview, Beekman Place, New York on MOU

Security Council Report: Peacebuilding Commission update No. 5

Eureka Street: What it feels like to have to run

UNDP: Transforming Livelihoods in Timor-Leste's 'Forgotten' Frontier
UNDP: Opening A New Chapter in Fatumasi School in Respect of the Vulnerable
USAID: PM Horta Opens USAID-Backed Business Center

UN: Financing of the UNMIT, Report of the Fifth Committee
UN: Approved resources for peacekeeping operations for the period from 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007
UN: Performance report on the budget of the United Nations of the United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor for the period from 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2006
UN Stamps: First day of issue, 2 February 2007:

TLGOV: Instrument of Accession to The Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia

TasGov: Helping Timor-Leste Power Along

Increase the Peace - New Video by the Dili Allstars
Return to Rai Ketak blog

ICRC: Passionate for change in Timor-Leste, Isabel Gutterres now leads the Timor Leste Red Cross Society

East Timor Graffiti photos by Chris Parkinson Photos from E Timor
Examples of some 3,000 graffiti images documented from around the 13 districts of East Timor that will be included in a book to be launched sometime in 2007. Photos by Chris Parkinson

MTRC: Food Security Working Group Meeting 16 January 2007
MTRC: Child Protection Working Group Meeting Minutes 9 January
MTRC: MINUTES of MEETINGS Simu Malu Coordination Meeting Dec 22

JSMP: Hearing of Evidence in the Trial of the Defendant Rogerio Lobato and the Other Co-accused

HRW: World Report 2006 East Timor; Indonesia
Asian Human Rights Defender: Timor Crisis resurfaces bitter memories

UN Volunteers: Retrospective 2006, looking back

UN: UN envoy in Timor-Leste welcomes ‘peaceful’ response to ex-Interior Minister’s trial
Transcript of UNMIT Press Conference 12th January 2007

East Timor Law Journal: The Law on Political Parties & Court of Appeals Decision

East Timorese delegates learn more about weeds
AUSGOV Travel Advice: East Timor

USAID: Malaria-A Largely Preventable Disease-Remains One of the Primary Killers of Children in Timor-Leste
USAID: The Crisis in T-L: Causes, Consequences & Options for Conflict Management And Mitigation

Transcript of UNMIT Press Conference 4th January 2007
UN Calls for Speedy Action In Timor-Leste on Commission Report into 2006 Violence

UN: Certification of the 2007 Parliamentary & Presidential Elections in Timor-Leste Second Report Of The Certification Team

UN: Press Conference by Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations on Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Peacekeepers

East Timor Museum-to-Museum Programme Background

USAID Facilitates Cash Management Training for Local Truckers
USAID: Updates on candlenut, malaria, HIV/AIDS
USGOV: ET designated eligible for GSP

TSDA: First Payment of Profit Oil

JSMP: Defendants Involved in Death of PNTL Member Tomas da Costa Given Suspended Sentence of 1 Month, 15 Days

Friends of Alieu newsletter Dec 2006
Mary MacKillop East Timor year end update

UN Police deployed in all 12 districts of Timor-Leste as Poll preparations move ahead
Transcript of press conference 28 December 2006
Unpol Arrest Suspect On Rape Charges

UNDP: New Australian Aid Package Targets The Justice Sector

MTRC: Protection Working Group – Minutes 18 December 2006

UNDP: New Australian Aid Package Targets The Justice Sector
Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance Calls For Full Cooperation In Balibo Five Inquest

AHRC: The State of Human Rights in Eleven Asian Nations - Indonesia chapter
Traditional house reconstruction Photo from Return to Rai Ketak blog.  

Ba Futuru Transformation Through the Arts

UNMIT: Transcript of press conference 21 December 2006
UNMIT: New Un Envoy Arrives In Timor-Leste As International Police Deploy To More Districts
UNPol deploys more officers to districts in Timor Leste
UNMIT: Transcript of Press Conference 18/12/06

UN: Budget committee recommends $170.2 million for Timor-Leste
UN: Financing of the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste
UNGA: Draft resolution Financing of the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste

ABC The Deep End: East Timor museum Listen Now - 17122006 Download Audio - 17122006 [segment starts about 27 minutes into the program] Dec 18, 2006 (A)

IFRC: Appeal No. MAATP001 Programme Update No. 3
PLAN: Timor Leste emergency appeal update

Symposium: Education in Post-Conflict Environments: Challenges and Opportunities for Timor-Leste - e Abstracts and recordings of the presentations are available for download from http://www.une.edu.au/crams/Symposium.htm

UNDP: Financing Democratic Governance

ICTJ: Indonesian Court Strikes Down Flawed Truth Commission Law

Asian Legal Information Institute: Free access to Asian Law Timor page TIMOR-LESTE HUMANITARIAN UPDATE 6 December 2006

DutchPickle is a tourist oriented blog on E Timor

UN: With rains approaching in Timor-Leste, top UN official urges displaced to go home
Transcript of press conference

UN: Annan appoints UN veteran from India as new Special Representative
UN: Experienced Filipino becomes Police Commissioner of UN mission in Timor-Leste
UN: UN fully takes over policing role in Timor Leste after agreement with Government

Balibo 5 murdered

UN in Timor-Leste arrests 17 people after coming under attack in the town of Bidau

"Creating Timor-Leste" Project

Indonesia: Constitutional Court Strikes Down Flawed Truth Commission Law

Asia Analysis: East Timor: Is the Country Back on Track?

ACTJET: Justice and Reconciliation in East Timor: Australia and the CAVR, web version
ACTJET news December 2006


Xanana has dinner and a movie with General Wiranto at the Jakarta film fest. From Timor Cartoon blog


Dili-gence: Dili via Google Earth
Dili Central Map
Timor-Leste Ministry of Labor and Community Reinsertion website contains a wealth of information on the current displacement of Timor-Leste's population

LH: Timor-Leste slips slightly in UNDP Human Development Index

Joyo/Pantau: Murder At Mile 63: Part One of a Report on the Timika Killings

Assessing Water Quality in Developing Countries: A Case Study in Timor-Leste (2.1 mb)
Education in Post-Conflict Environments: Challenges and Opportunities for Timor-Leste (2006 Symposium at ANU)

JSMP: Response to the Report of the UN Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste

USGOV: Millennium Challenge program to create thousands of jobs in Timor-Leste

AUSAID: A Survey Of Gangs And Youth Groups In Dili, Timor-Leste, A Report Commissioned By Australia's Agency For International Development
UN: Speak to me nicely. A Study on Practices and Attitudes about Discipline of Children in Timor-Leste Direct link to the report click here.

January 5, 2007 - December 30, 2006

Q & A with Xanana Gusmão
Army chief for Timor president
East Timor leader to receive honorary degree

How fearful Australia deserted East Timor
E Timor takeover troubled Peacock
China intervention in Timor feared
Fraser file- Timor invasion preferred

Volunteers bring gift of better vision to the people of East Timor
ET struggles with poverty, obscurity

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

5 January 2007
4 January
3 January
2 January 

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