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Timor Leste Daily Media News

LDP stops cooperating with CNE – Televisaun Timor-Leste, 28 August

Timorese Democratic Progressive League known as LDP has decided to not cooperate anymore with Timorese Electoral Commission (CNE) until the next general elections to be held in 2012.

Spokesperson for LDP, Nelson Correia said they made such decision, because CNE only provided budget for the political parties that had seats in the Parliament.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for CNE, Martinho Gusmao said the decision made by LDP was reasonable, although they had no seats in the Parliament, yet still following the process.

Gusmao added if LDP wanted to halt its relations with CNE that was fine, because the law had specifically defined it.


Women Organization urges Parliament to speed up abortion law- Televizaun Timor-Leste, 27 August

East Timor's Popular Women Organization (OPMT) urged the National Parliament Wednesday (27/8) to speed up abortion law to save women's lives and to prevent criminalization of abortion practices in the country.

The urge is made by women's representatives from all 13 districts during one-day seminar to commemorate 33rd anniversary of the women's organization. OPMT's Secretary General, Melita Alves, said the criminalization of abortion in the country seriously affects women's life though in fact no legal framework for such act. OMPT, as the Fretilin's women organization, was established on 1975 to fight for emancipation of Timorese women.


Martial Arts Groups say "Yes To Peace!" - Televizaun Timor-Leste, 27 August

Two influential martial arts group in East Timor, 7-7 and PSHT, made peace pact between them Wednesday (27/8), ending long-standing conflict among the members.

The peace pact was made during a joint press conference where representatives of each martial arts organization made clear commitment to end violence and to accelerate the development of the country. In addition, Pedro Aparício, representing PSHT, and Sanamia of 7-7 pledged not to be used as political instrument by politicians to pursue their own political interests.

The martial arts groups also apologized for their past wrongdoings committed by their members, notably during 2006's political crises. By saying "Yes, to Peace!" the groups promised to restrain themselves from violence in order to restore stability in the country. The peace pact of these long-standing arch-rivals was mediated by Dili's HAK Foundation.


Government officials should stay away from corruptions, says Deputy PM- Radio Timor Leste, 27 August

Deputy Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres has called on the country's Government officials to stay away from corruptions within the state institutions.

Guterres made the comments during a meeting for executing the state budget of 2008 and proposed state budget of 2008 at the Office of Foreign Ministry today (27/8).

"People who are working at the state institutions should be professional and dedicated in doing their tasks," Guterres said. He called on all the functionaries to contribute to the country by giving information which could damage the country's image.

President Horta proposes international investigators- Radio Timor Leste and TVTL, 27 August

President Jose Ramos Horta has proposed an international investigative team to hold investigation into the murder of former interior minister, Rogerio Lobato's family members during the country's recent crises.

The President said if the country's prosecutor general had no other waysto proceed, he would ask international investigators to follow up the case. Horta said he would contact the United State's FBI, Australia, Indonesia, Portugal and Malaysia to help process the case. However Horta also gave opportunity to the general prosecutor and police to follow up this case before contacting the internationals.


Timor-Leste to export 3,600 tons of coffee- Televizaun Timor Leste, 27 August

Director of Coperative Café Timor (CCT), Germino Amaral, said exportation of Timorese coffee to foreign countries was increased this year. Geronimo said the exportation coffee would be increased of 3,600 tons and last year the CCT exported only 1000 tones. The Timorese coffee mostly exported to the United State, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Gerenimo said they had estimated the country could export about 200 containers of coffee and said to reach target of the exportation the CTT had exported 1000 tones and would export more.


House construction project for veterans won't continue- Timor Newsline, 27 August

Spokesperson for LUTA-HAMTUK NGO, Jose da Costa, said house construction for Timorese veterans in the eastern district of Vikeke had not been continued for about nine months without any reason from Unipesoal Company. Da Costa said the veterans and residents in Vikeke were concerned about condition of the houses constructed, as they were too narrow and were improper for the veterans to live in.

LUTA-HAMUTUK called on the Government, mainly the state secretary for veterans to explain about this matter and urged him to consult first the local authorities and the veterans before the construction to be held. LUTA-HAMTUK also recommended the state secretary to seriously look at this problem and urged him to call on the company.


Fretilin's peace rally is not power-thirsty, says the party bench leader- Diario Nacional, 27 August

Fretilin's bench leader in the National Parliament, Aniceto Guterres stated the party's peace rally in the near future was not power-thirsty motivated but just to normalize the country's current political situation.

"Fretilin's peace rally is intended to renormalize the situation in the neither country; neither because of ambition nor thirsty of power", Guterres told journalists Tuesday (26/8). He then said the peace rally was a legal and constitutional action and no one else could prohibit it as the country adopted the rule of law. "We don't need to threaten the AMP government. We, Fretilin, from the outset do not recognize the legitimacy of the incumbent government and the AMP has not developed the country but on the contrary to destroy", said Guterres.


Residents continue handing over illegal weapons- Timor Post, 27 August

Residents in the Capital Dili's suburbs, such as Vilaverde and Comoro continued handing over illegal weapons like ambon arrow, knifes and other home-made weapons to the security forces.

Dili district Police Commander, Inspector Pedro Belo, said the resident handed over those illegal weapons to contribute to the peace and stability in the country. The commander said the police team was in coordination with Dili district administrator and villages' chiefs to contact the residents on the recall of the weapons. He added the police's intelligent had identified places were believed to have been hiding weapons and would keep recalling them.


AMP Government afraid of setting up investigative commission- Timor Post, 27 August

Former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri who is also Fretilin current secretary general, said the Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) Government did not want to set up the proposed international investigative commission, because they were afraid of the commission's report findings.

Alkatiri said the international investigative commission was important to investigate the assassination attempt to President Horta on February 11 and said the Parliament had approved the resolution of setting the commission, but was yet to implement.

Alkatiri said if the Government would not implement the resolution, people would not believe the result of the ongoing investigation being held by Prosecution Office, therefore the international investigative commission was important to be established to help support. He added the Government did not abide by the approved resolution and that had showed the Government's arrogance.

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