July 2008

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LH: RDTL doubles budget in mid-year

Invitation to All Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)on Clemencies

ETAN Protests Promotion of New Kopassus Commander

International Coalition Urges UN to Take Active Role Promoting Justice for East Timorese

Congressmembers Urge Greater U.S. Commitment to Promote Justice for Timorese Call for U.S. Response to CAVR Report

JSMP: Presidential Pardons:
No Substitute for Justice

United States should support justice, not endorse impunity, says ETAN; Administration Should Respond to CAVR Report, Not Endorse CTF

 ETAN: An Overview Justice Processes and Commissions for Timor-Leste (revised April 2008

Senators Write U.S. State Dept. on Training Kopassus and Brimob

Background on Kopassus and Brimob

Joint T-L Civil Society Petition: Dissolve the CTF, Try the Perpetrators of Crimes and Provide Reparations to the Victims!

ETAN/WPAT: Comments on the on the U.S. Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2007

Joint T-L Civil Society Petition: Dissolve the CTF, Try the Perpetrators of Crimes and Provide Reparations to the Victims!

Statement by NGOs to Timor-Leste Development Partners Meeting

Urge UN Secretary-General to Act for Justice for East Timor

Groups write to Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates on Indonesia

Read the ETAN leaflet that former U.S. Amb. to Indonesia Edward Masters called "scurrilous." Remembering A Shared History: Suharto and the United States

July 18 -25

Shame of Timor's forgotten people; horrific conditions in refugee camps on our doorstep

Balibo widow wants remains brought home

Press statement Core Group on on Transparency on Economic Stabilization Fund
Lessons From East Timor- what value Australia’s intelligence apparatus?
Catholic Lay Group Uses Sports To Bridge Youth Divide
Timor advisory body calls for budget amendments

Fretilin party says ETimor failed to consult on biofuels
East Timor hit by dollar woes

Komnas HAM to Launch Papua Rights Probe
Indonesia Investigates Suharto Era Killings

UNMIT Daily Media Review

25 July
23 July
22 July
21 July

Commission on Truth and Friendship

ETAN on the Report of Joint Commission of Truth and Friendship, Calls for Meaningful Justice for Victims of Indonesian  Occupation

Joint NGO Statement on the Handover of the Report of the Commission of Truth and Friendship; Bahasa Indonesia translation

Timor-Leste Alliance for an International Tribunal: An Open letter in response to the CTF report, also in Tetum

CTF Commission Report Ignores Justice, Church Says
Crimes against East Timor
Do Not Put Too Much Hope On RI-E Timor CTF

Audio - UN Calling Asia program on CTF
Justice Not Served by Truth and Friendship Commission
Remorse without reform - Interview with human rights activist Usman Hamid
CTF Reports- Individuals May Seek Justice
Australia ready to assist RI, Timor Leste in implementing CTF recommendations
U.S. praises RI-Timor Leste solution

Report blames Indonesian military for atrocities
TNI Responsible- Djoko [+2 Op-Eds; Pro-RI Refugees]
Jakarta Regrets ... [+Interview With Jose Ramos Horta]
Former Indonesian President Supports War Crimes Tribunals

Prospects for justice over Timor violence fading by the day
Licensing Plan For East Timor's Journalists [+Award]
We need to clarify Timor role
War of words color CTF commissioners' lives
Timor Leste case`s closed case
RI-E.Timor CTF Updates - The silence of the dead demands the voice of an apology
Rights Abuser Prabowo Up For Office in Indonesia
E.Timor PM satisfied with Indonesia's regret

RI-E.Timor CTF Reports- Victims Want Justice; No Prosecution; Wirayudha- Case Closed
Joint Statement of the heads of state of the Republic of Indonesia and Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Indonesia regrets 1999 violence in Timor
Indonesians rebuffed Timorese call for amnesty recommendations in atrocities' investigation

Truth and justice for Timor - James Dunn
Timor militia chief Joni Marques accuses generals
Timor Militia Chief Accuses RI Generals; Quiet Punch From CTF Report; No Sorry; Op-Ed- Australia's Shame
E Timorese student protesters released - but under conditions
Defence Minister Juwono Sudarsono defends Wiranto

RI, T. Leste Both Involved in 'Gross Rights Violations'- CTF
Wiranto Looms As Poll Threat
Jakarta to accept blame for East Timor
Quotes from East Timor Indonesia truth report
Indonesia To Blame For Timor Mayhem; Truth Out, Harder Than Expected [+Balibo]

July 13 -20

In West Papua, 41 Nabbed For Hoisting Morning Star Flag

Police in raids over E Timor shootings
Flawed truth and fatal consequences - Hamish McDonald
JRH to thank pope for concern
Parole & Pre-trial Detention

Woodside heralds dawn of new era in Timor Sea
Indonesian army appoints Timor accused as new Aceh area commander
Balibo Film Gives Voice To Timor Victim

Horta pushes amnesty laws for 2006 violence 

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UNMIT Daily Media Review

16 July
16 July
15 July
15 July

I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.

Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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July 7 - July 12

East Timor petroleum fund under review
Dili students petition delivered July 6
Some East Timor students released following protest

Food Security – The Facts
Fuel costs undermine agricultural assistance
East Timor PM Under Fire For Rice Import Deal
Government bet on the production of bio-fuels
Biofuels to increase poverty among Timorese

Downer diplomacy- if you don't succeed, bully again
Brazil's president meets with East Timor leaders, pledges support
A Country at the Crossroads of Asia and the Pacific
Timorese pilgrims take in sights

Criminal case against former general a first in Indonesia

UNMIT Daily Media Review

11 July
10 July
09 July
08 July
07 July

June 30 - July 7

Gusmao's $15m rice deal alarms UN
Fresh doubts over Ramos Horta shooting
Questions over East Timor's budget review

East Timor's Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao wants gun law change
Alexander Downer in retrospect
Push for Timorese to join workforce
East Timor- Hard rock, soft water

Activists Slam RI, ETimor Over CTF Report Delay
Film producer vows to tell truth about Balibo Five

Clemency decrees upset E Timor victims
President’s Crisis Amnesty Scheme Flawed
Justice and compassion in East Timor

Australia's Indonesian Relationship

UNMIT Daily Media Review

July 4
July 3
July 1

Other Links (open in new windows)

Late Night Live (Audio): Interview with JRH
SBS Audio - LH on national petroleum authority (in english)
LH: Proposed new legislation to regulate petroleum activities in Timor-Leste and the Joint Petroleum Development Area

LH: Power Plant and National Electrical Grid: Mega-project or mega-boondoggle?
LH: Agrofuels Projects in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste Immigration Website

AustraliaNetwork Video: UN flags East Timor troop withdraw
UN: GA Approves $7 Billion in Financing for 15 Peacekeeping Missions

TLGOV: Minister of Finance addresses parliamentary vehicle purchases

UN: Timor-Leste to review security sector with UN help
Asia Foundation: In Timor-Leste: Is the National Police Force Ready?

Fretilin: Alkatiri urges continuing US support for Timor Leste
Fretilin: Key aspect of Gusmao gun law defeated in Timor Leste parliament

TLGov: Budget Execution Report, First Quarter January - March

OCHA: Humanitarian Update Timor-Leste 31 MAY TO 13 JUNE

Oecusse Environmental Awareness Program

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan visits Timor-Leste
UN: To support Timorese economy, UN mission aims to increase local purchasing
UNDP: Building Trust In The Post Conflict Phase
New Zealand to support capacity developmentof civil society
AusAid: Making Land Work

OCHA: Humanitarian update 31 May - 13 Jun 20088
UNMIT: UN says Australia and New Zealand to play a key role in Timor-Leste

UN: Human Rights Council Adopts Outcome of Universal Periodic Review on Indonesia
Documents from the UPR
USGov: Trafficking in Persons Report 2008 - Timor; Indonesia

Audio: Timor Leste - Jim Dunn reports on his recent visit
Audio/Video: JRH on The road to nationhood

UNDP: Dealing wit the Scourge of Corruption in Asia
UNDP: How alternative energy is changing lives and saving forests
Timor-Leste: Humanitarian update 10 - 30 May 2008

Buy Local Timor-Leste Blog
UNMIT Weekly Bulletin

BPA: JPMorgan Australia appointed custodian of Petroleum Fund

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