Subject: [info_kontras] Abandon “Separatism conflict” paradigm for Justice towards the Papua People

Abandon "Separatism conflict" paradigm for Justice towards the Papua People

We express our regrets towards the rising escalation of violence in Papua, especially happened in Keerom region, Nabire, Paniai, Wamena, Yapen District and a series of shoutout in Timika area. This series of violence had caused life casualties both from civilian and security personels. Therefore the government must seriously reveal this series of violence remembering the context of the incidence occurred moments before and after the presidential election, 8th July 2009.

Beside shooting victim, severeal civilian in Yapen district arrested due to involvement in separatism movement TPN/OPM suspicion. Closely look the violence in Papua, not all have conflict-politics motive, an example is shooting incident towards Melkias Agape in Nabire (25/6) caused by unprofesional act of police personel in dealing with cases in the society, also the shooting cases of Isak Psakor (16) from Kibay village (22/6) by members of TNI from Batalyon Infantri 725 Pos Sungai Bewan that was on patrol.

Violence in Pt.Freeport mining premises was not the first time. The unability of the Government in managing PT.Freeport were the roots of violence in the US owned mining company premises. Even a special committee for Freeport case established by DPR RI 2004-2009, failed to produce satisfactory achievements.

Security in the mining premises, became a "comodity" of PT. Freeport. In their report to the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States, released by International Network for Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, Consultation on Human Rights and the Extractive Industry, (Joint NGO Submission), Geneva, 10-11 November 2005, Freeport admitted have injected fund for TNI in 2001, overly 4-6 million USD. In 2004 the amount increase up to USD 6,9 million. This security fund is larger than the previous two years, that is USD 5,9 million and USD 5,6 million. And in 2004, the security policy was given to the police institution. Well suspected, that PT.Freeport security fund conflict were one of the trigger cause for violence in PT Freeport mining premises.

We urge all parties to wait for the undergoing police investigation. Specially, we request the supreme commander of TNI to halt every statement from members of TNI about suspected violence actors. Without accompanied by strong evidence, TNI statement aiming the suspects towards TPN/OPM will make situation worse. In our opinion, this tendencies is provocatif and leads to a single motive as a separatism conflict.

Separatism conflict paragdigm developed in Papua, is a part of tools in preserving injustice for Papua people. After the shooting incident of Australian, Drew Nicholas Grant (38) than the shooting of a PT Freeport security guard, Markus Rante Allo and followed by a member of police deceased body found, Bribda Marson Freddy Patiteikoni (13/7). Several personnel of TNI point out OPM as the suspect of shootout. TNI statement will only provoke insecurity situation for Papua people, Furthermore it will leads to a false opinion that could influence the ongoing investigation process conducted by the Police.

Based on the fact, shootout incident of Drew Nicholas Grant and Markus Rante Allo also the assasination of Bripda Marson shown trained type of suspect, comprehend geography of the premises, and had a skill of long range firearm usage.

Over this violence incidence in Papua, we the civil society calls for:

1. To the TNI and Government to halt provocatife statements over violence incident occurred in Papua, and gave the police all profesional and open investigation.

2. To the Police, to keep independency from outside intervention in revealing motive as actors of the violence.

3. To all parties, to stop stigmating separatism towards Papua people and start establishing joint solution for ongoing injustice through peacefull dialogue.

4. To the DPR RI 2004 – 2009, to immediately publicly announced the result of the special committee for PT Freeport case, established in 2006

Hereby our statements concludes, we appreciate your attenttion.

Jakarta, 15th July 2009 KontraS – Foker LSM Papua – PBHI - Imparsial - Perkerkumpulan Praxis – Eknas Walhi – JATAM - PGI

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