Subject: U.S. Won’t Resume Ties with Kopassus Just yet

also US Special Operations Commander Promises To Restore Cooperation With Indonesia

The Jakarta Post [web site]

May 21, 2010

U.S. Won't Resume Ties with Kopassus Anytime Soon

The United States on Friday clarified that a recent Indonesian media report of an impending restoration of a cooperation between the US armed forces and Indonesian Army Special Forces (Kopassus) was false.

In a press release, the US Embassy in Jakarta said the reports were inaccurate.

Quoting US Rear Admiral Sean Pybus, commander of Special Operations Command Pacific (SOCPAC), who visited Jakarta recently, the media had said the US would soon restore ties with the Indonesian elite forces.

"The US Government is reviewing its policy on Kopassus but has not yet made a decision," the press statement said.

It added that the US government continued to urge the Indonesian government to transparently investigate allegations of human rights abuses committed by members of the Indonesian military, including Kopassus, and to hold perpetrators accountable.

Pybus met with Indonesian officials here to discuss the US-Indonesia military relationship.


BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific May 19, 2010

US Special Operations Commander Promises To Restore Cooperation With Indonesia

Text of report by Indonesian government-owned news agency Antara website

[Unattributed article: 'AS Janjikan Normalisasi Bagi Kopassus']

The United States Government has promised to soon restore bilateral cooperation between US and Indonesian Special Forces, especially with the Indonesian Army's Special Forces Command (Kopassus).

The news was revealed by the Special Operations Commander from the US Pacific Command, Rear Admiral Sean A Pybus, during a meeting with Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Commander General Djoko Santoso, according to a written statement by the Head of the TNI Information Centre Major General Aslizar Tanjung received by Antara on 18 May 2010.

At the closed-door meeting, Pybus expressed his appreciation for the internal reform efforts carried out by TNI which had been running well. He also expressed his appreciation for TNI's role in helping the Indonesian National Police fight terrorism.

Pybus also praised TNI's capability in the handling of national security problems, which has subsequently helped ensure stability in Southeast Asia.

Pybus said he would make efforts to assure US Congress and Senate members that TNI in general, and its Special Forces in particular, were US strategic partners that could ensure regional security stability.

Pybus said he would report the results of the meeting to the commander of the US Pacific Command for the immediate implementation of cooperation to improve the capability of TNI Special Forces including Kopassus, the Navy's Jala Mangkara Detachment (Denjaka) and the Air Force's [Bravo Detachment] from its Air Force Special Troops Corps (Korpaskhas) in dealing with terrorism.

Rear Admiral Sean A Pybus (left) and General Djoko Santoso at TNI Headquarters (TNI: 19 May 10)

Source: Antara news agency, Jakarta, in Indonesian 0000 gmt 18 May 10

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