February 2010

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ETAN To Obama Administration: U.S. military assistance will harm reform and set back human rights

HAK Association: Human Rights Situation in Covalima and Bobonaro (February 18)

Timorese Groups write UN Security Council on Justice with international support (February 2)

WPAT/ETAN: Naming of Senior Kopassus Officer as Indonesia Military Commander Undermines West Papua (January 23)

Indonesian General Sjafrie Sjamsuddin Not Fit for Civilian Defense Post (January 9)

ETAN/WPAT: Statement on Killing of Papuan Leader Kelly Kwalik (December 19)

Dili Insider blog shuts down due to threats (December 19)

Malaysia's Mahathir and Timor (December 10)

WPAT/ETAN: Flawed History -What Goes Un-Noted in the State Department's "Background Notes" on Indonesia (December)

Brad Simpson: Denying the ‘First Right’: The United States, Indonesia, and the Ranking of Human Rights by the Carter Administration, 1976-1980 (PDF)

Purwanto's Balibo revelation, Indonesian censors ban film (December 8)

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ETAN Press Releases and Statements

February 21 - 27 
UN extends East Timor peacekeeping mission, cuts police ahead of possible pullout

New Matilda- Are We Really East Timor's Heroes?

Xanana says no cabinet reshuffle
Call To Hire Maids From Papua, Timor Leste

Balibo media executions cover up an ‘awful blot’ on Australia’s history
A rally reborn, and open now- Darwin to Dili Rally
Dalai Lama's Autonomy proposal to China is similar to that of Ramos-Horta of Timor-Leste

Famine Looms In NTT Due To Drought, Grasshoppers

HRW Urges Obama to Examine Indonesia’s Rights Record
Obama Has the Power to Help Papua, the ‘Weak Man’ Under Indonesian Rule (by Andreas Harsono, HRW Consultant)

Timor Newsline

26 February
24 February
22 February

UN Renews Mission

Ameerah Haq, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Timor-Leste  
Ameerah Haq, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Timor-Leste briefs the UN Security Council. 23 February 2010. UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras  

Timorese Groups write UN Security Council on Justice with international support (February 2)

Amnesty International: Timor-Leste: Open letter to all members of the Security Council: The situation of justice in Timor-Leste

Letter from La'o Hamutuk to the UN Security Council analyzing Secretary-General's report on UNMIT

La'o Hamutuk: Editorial: Rejecting impunity, moving towards justice and other articles

UN Secretary-General: Report on UNMIT (for the period from 21 January to 23 September 2009)

UN: Security Council extends UN mission in Timor-Leste for another year; text of resolution

UN: Timor-Leste Has Made ‘Remarkable Progress’ Since Violent Events of 2006, but Still Faces Difficult, Long-Term Challenges, Security Council Told

February 8 - 20

Interview with Geoff Robinson on his book: If you leave us here we will die

Prosecutors seek big jail terms for E.Timor rebels
Defence concerns in East Timor political attacks trial

East Timor has difficulty achieving Millennium Development Goals
East Timor Confronts Religious, Cultural Stigmas in Controlling Rising Birth Rate
Water supplies running on empty
Australian Potato network feeds Dili's communication needs

Activists Ask Obama to Pressure RI for Justice in Munir Case
Families of 1997-98 Missing Students and Activists Increase Pressure for Ad-Hoc Tribunal

Timor Newsline

19 February
16 February
15 February

February 4 - 13

East Timor's anti-graft chief rejects concerns over position
Council of Ministers Legislative Agenda
Committe A- Law against Domestic Violence on top of the Parliamentary Agenda

Timor-Leste- Choosing Between Asean and Burmese Reform?

NZ must act on Balibo deaths- activists
EU - ICTJ Launch a Project to Promote Accountability to Strengthen Peace in Timor-Leste

Aussie expert adds to Timor case doubts

Munir Murder Case Process ‘Strange’- Rights Body
Number of Indonesian Generals Banned by the U.S. Declines

East Timor says yet to award Sunrise downstream contract

Justice for military in Timor has flaws
Australian military chief admits East Timor lapse
Dili meeting to cement Top End ties with Timor-Leste

Timor Newsline

12 February
11 February
10 February
9 February
8 February

Other Links (open in new windows)

Peace of Wall: Street Art from East Timor

LH: Cornerstone laid for Hera heavy oil power plant

USGov: US military engagement in TL - 2009 review (PDF)

Sacred Cloth and Development in Timor-Leste (PDF)

HRW: Unkept Promise: Failure to End Military Business Activity in Indonesia

Timor-Leste's Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Report

Small Arms Survey: Sexual and gender-based violence in Timor-Leste Issue Brief No. 5

Lao Hamutuk: The tenth anniversary of the 1999 referendum that ended 24 years of brutal, illegal Indonesian military occupation of Timor-Leste is an opportunity to assess where the country is now, reflecting on the past and looking to the future. La'o Hamutuk has written several background papers which assess progress over the last decade, look at the current situation, and suggest what still needs to be done.

Timor-Leste Armed Violence Assessment: Electoral violence shadows Timorese politics: new report (17 June 2009); Issue Brief 3: Electoral violence in Timor-Leste: mapping incidents and responses (June 2009)

Papua National Consensus 
Report To The United States On The Papuan Consensus

OilEx - Large Volume Prospects in Timor Sea Confirmed

Groups, gangs, and armed violence in Timor-Leste

Video - Al Jazeera People & Power - East is East

Indonesian Victims ’ Congress: “We Will Never Stop Demanding Justice”

LH: Power Plant and National Electrical Grid Mega-project or mega-problem?

February 1 - 8

East Timor appoints corruption commissioner
Interview-East Timor anti-graft tsar sees long fight ahead

Naughty ninjas in Timor-Leste

New Matilda The Pebble In Gareth's Shoe
Australian army denies compensation claim in Dili death

Timor cane toad search draws blank

Timor-Leste Government’s position on domestic help to Malaysia
East Timor Declares War on Leprosy

Indonesian forces tighten border security near East Timor, Australia
Minister, TNI chief to hand over 1,000 more houses for E. Timorese

Indonesian Journalists Call for End To Defamation Charge

Timor Newsline

5 February
4 February
3 February
2 February
1 February

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