Subject: More Australian reserve troops in Timor

also New Zealand Halves Military Deployment To East Timor

The Age

More troops in Timor

May 22, 2010

THE number of Australian Defence Force reservists serving in East Timor will increase dramatically before the end of the year.

After hinting at the move in the federal budget, the government yesterday confirmed reserve soldiers would make up 40 per cent of the peacekeeping force in East Timor during the next troop rotation, a huge increase on the current level of 8 per cent.

The parliamentary secretary for reserve support, Mike Kelly, said the increased involvement of part-time soldiers in Operation Astute would raise their number from about 30 to 160 by August. If the deployment was successful, the government would consider giving reservists the lead role in the mission, he said


via Joyo News

New Zealand Halves Military Deployment To East Timor

May 18 (AFP) -- New Zealand is cutting its military deployment to East Timor by half as security conditions in the impoverished nation improve, Defence Minister Wayne Mapp said Tuesday.

"We have increasing confidence in Timor-Leste's journey towards permanent stability," Mapp said.

A contingent of 75 New Zealand troops -- almost half the 140 sent on previous rotations -- will leave on Wednesday for East Timor, which is officially known as Timor-Leste.

International security assistance was still needed in East Timor but the nature of the assistance was changing and fewer defence personnel were required, Mapp said.

New Zealand has been contributing a light infantry company to security efforts led by the United Nations since violence erupted in 2006, following the official ending of 24 years of occupation by neighbouring Indonesia in 2002.

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