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July 05, 2010

*PM Gusmão asks foreign affairs ministry to investigate TNI’s threat to residents *Televizaun Timor-Leste, July 3, 2010 language source: Tetun

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão has asked Foreign Affairs Minister, Zacarias Albano da Costa to hold investigation into information saying Indonesia’s TNI soldiers threaten and set deadline for the local residents of Naktuaka, in Oecuse. Acting Foreign Minister Mario Viegas Carrascalão and the State Secretary for Defense Julio Tomas Pinto made the comments in the National Parliament. “I just want to clarify that PM Gusmão has called on the State Secretary for Autonomy Region of Oecuse Jurge da Conceicao Teme, the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Administrator of Oecuse District to seek for solution to resolve this case as soon as possible,” Carrascalão said. Meanwhile, State Secretary Julio Tomas Pinto said that PM Gusmão has called on the Foreign Affairs Minister to consult with the other ministries to seek for better solution to resolving the problem. At the same time the Parliamentary Committee B for Defense and Security President, Duarte Nunes, said they would hold a visit to Oecusse shortly to observe the real situation in the area to find out whether the TNI really threaten the local residents and set deadline for them to leave the place. Secretary General for Foreign Affairs Ministry Vicky Chong has confirmed that the Foreign Affairs Ministry has sent a team to investigate the case and the result showed that the Indonesian state leaders had never instructed the TNI to do so. While, State Secretary for Autonomy Region of Oecusse, Jorge da Conceicao Teme, conformed that the local residents of Naktuka were living under the intimidation of the TNI at this time, because the TNI continue passing the border and intimidating them.

*Carrascalão calls on Govt not to ask additional state budget yearly *Televizaun Timor-Leste, July 3, 2010 language source: Tetun

Deputy Prime Minister for Management and Public Administration, Mario Viegas Carrascalão has called on the Government not to ask additional State budget yearly, because it would only be wasting time. Carrascalão made the comments last Friday after participating in the discussion of the Government’s proposal of additional state budget in the Parliament. “It is wasting the time to ask additional state budget. It is portent for the Government to set enough budgets in order to avoid the additional budget,” Deputy Carrascalão said.

*30 officers of F-FDTL trained by Brazilian force *Televizaun Timor-Leste, July 3, 2010 language source: Tetun

30 officers of the Timorese Defense Force (F-FDTL) were participating in a training provided by the Brazilian Force. The F-FDTL Commander, Major General Taur Matan Ruak said the objective of the training was to better capacitate and improve human resources within the F-FDTL institution. “Cooperation between Timor-Leste and Brazilian force is focusing on training. We sent five officers to do their study in Brazil with sergeant post, adding that we have sent at least fifteen officers since 2006,” General Ruak said. He added, “We also have an agreement with them in which they will provide the F-FDTL trainer coming to train our Military Police.” Meanwhile, the State Secretary for Defense Julio Tomas Pinto is pleased with the cooperation between Timor- Leste and Brazil and hoped it would be continued for the defense force’s better future.

*30 military police participate in training *Radio Timor-Leste, July 3, 2010 language source: Tetun

Thirty of the Timorese Defense Force (F-FDTL) military police officers have started joining military training. The training is held by six Brazilian military police officers in Dili for five months. The F-FDTL Commander, Major General Taur Matan Ruak said this training was important to professionalize his soldiers. “Brazil is cooperating with us and is sending its military officers to train our military police,” Ruak said. The training materials are about security to the authority and investigation into act of crime, as well as physical training.

*Timor-Leste obedient to EITI *Radio Timor-Leste, July 3, 2010 language source: Tetun

Timor-Leste has officially been obedient to the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) on the first of July this year. Timor-Leste is the third country in the world and the first in the Pacific Asia of being obedient to the EITI after fulfilling 18 criteria by launching its first report. State Secretary for Natural Resources, Afredo Pires said this was a success and victory to the Timorese people for strengthening transparency and accountability of the petroleum at both national and international level. Pires added that it had showed that system of using the petroleum fund was solid and was transparent

*Guterres: “Three districts will receive security responsibility this month” *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

The State Secretary for Security, Francisco Guterres has confirmed that the National police of Ermera, Aileu and Likisa will receive security responsibility from the United Nations Police this month. “We are hopping that security responsibility should have been handed over to the three districts in this month and onward we are preparing to hand over the responsibility to Suai and Maliana districts,” Guterres said. Meanwhile, the Timorese Operational Police Commander, Superintendent Chief Mateus Fernandes said the UN Police would continue cooperating with the National Police for security maintenance as it was guaranteed in the supplementary agreement. “The supplementary agreement tights us, but we will make efforts to cooperate with the UN Police to find out good way for responding situation and resolving problem appears in the country,” Fernandes said.

*Australian Govt does not put hands into Greater Sunrise pipelines building *Diario Nacional, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

President Jose Ramos Horta said the Australian Government had never put hands into the decision of the Woodside Company to implement its floating plant for the Greater Sunrise gas and oil field. Horta stressed that the Australian Federal Government had never cooperated with the Woodside Company, but with other companies and said these companies did not want to build pipelines to Darwin. Horta also said his purpose of visiting Australia was to neutralize and calm situation of the Greater Sunrise, so that these two countries could not create problems. Horta added that he could not put hands into the Government’s policy, but he preferred defending the country’s interest.

*Fretilin urges Govt to resolve Naktuka problem *Diario Nacional, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

Fretilin bench has urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to use diplomatic ways to resolve the recent threat by Indonesia’s TNI soldiers that has set deadline for the Naktuka local residents to leave the place. MP Francisco Miranda Branco said this case would affect the local residents lives, therefore the Government should resolve it as soon as possible. Branco said the Government should not let such situation, but should make effort to resolve it, otherwise people would say the Government was incapable of protecting its people. Meanwhile, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Zacarias da Costa denied the recent rumors mongering that the TNI soldiers had threatened the local residents of Naktuka. Da Costa added that border demarcation of Naktuka had not been set up yet and said high level negotiation with Indonesia was good, he did trust that the TNI soldiers would not threaten the local residents in Naktuka.

*Horta to learn additional budget before promulgating it *Diario Nacional, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

President Jose Ramos Horta said he would learn the additional state budget which had passed through the Parliament before he promulgated it. The Government’s proposed additional budget passed with 39 votes in favor, 17 votes against and 3 abstentions. ”Before I promulgate it, I will learn this budget profoundly whether it meets with people’s needs or not,” Horta said. Meanwhile, Parliamentary President Fernando “Lasama” de Araujo called on the prime minister to guide well his ministers to serve the country’s people well. In response, Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao who was in tears said his Government would really spend the money the country’s people.

*F-FDTL waits decision from public prosecution: Ruak *Diario Nacional, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Timorese Defense Force (F-FDTL) Commander, Major General Taur Matan Ruak said his side was currently waiting for decision made by the Public Prosecution to hand over the weapons seized by the International Stabilization Force (ISF) from the slain rebel leader, Alfredo Reinado Alves to the FFDTL). Ruak was referring to the recent letter from the Public Prosecution about the weapons which were still with the ISF. Ruak stressed that he really received a letter from the Public Prosecution about the weapons and was now waiting for its decision.

*PM Gusmão pledges to execute well additional state budget *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão has pledged to execute well the additional state budget for 2010 with total amount US$177,985 million. PM Gusmão said the objective of asking the additional state budget was to complete general state budget for 2010, adding it was also intended to free people who were living in poor conditions. “We have committed to improving and serving our people although there are some mistakes appear during the discussion of the additional state budget in the National Parliament,” PM Gusmão said. PM Gusmão made the comments Friday after the approval of the additional state budget for 2010 presented by the Government.

*Parliament to discus draft law of CAVR *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

The National Parliament has planned to discus draft law of CAVR [Commission of Acceptance Truth and Reconciliation] No. 35/2009 about legislative process law of CAVR/CVA including save house for war victims in 1975-1999. MP Fernanda Borges who is also the Parliamentary Committee A for Constitution and Justice President said producing law for CAVR/CVA was very important as it would guarantee victims rights particularly for those who struggleed for the country’s liberation from 1975 up to 1999. “The law will guarantee the Government on how to decompensate the victims,” MP Borges said.

*Capacity building is important for leaders *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

Former crew leaders for Portuguese Lucitania Ship, Rui Marques said it was important for the state leaders to better improve their skills in order to better serve the country in the future. “It is important to capacitate ourselves through proper plans, implementation and assessment. No one has plans to lead a country when he/she born, but it is important to learn from the other people as it is part of capacity building,” Marques said. Marques made the comments on Friday after he met with the country’s security council and the National Police and Army leaders. He called on the leaders to make a proper decision in the future as it would be positive for the country’s development.

*Woodside falsify cost of pipeline building Timor-Leste *Timor Post, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

President Jose Ramos Horta said that the Woodside Company had falsified the cost of pipeline building from the Greater Sunrise to Timor-Leste. President Horta alleged the Woodside of falsifying the cost, because he [Horta] had consulted with some experts from Indonesia Singapore and they said the Government could only spend US$13 billion to finance process of pipeline building to the country. “I Have heard options of the company and they said that cost of pipeline building to the country costUS$19 billion and I do not know whether it is true or not. But I personally do not believe with this cost, although it is not my competence to talk on this issue, but I have to defend national interest. I have consulted with many experts from Indonesia and Singapore and they said they did not believe that it needs US$19 billion to be spent for pipeline building. Most of them said it will spend US$13 billion only to finance pipeline building process,” President Horta said. President Horta made the comments Saturday at the International Airport of Nicolau Lobato when he returned from visiting Australia. President Horta added the Australian Government stated they would not put hands into the policy of LNG pipeline installation from the Greater Sunrise to the country.

*Oppositions threat to bring additional state budget to the court *Timor Post, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

MP Manuel Tilman from KOTA said he would take the additional state budged for 2010 to the court of appeal as some proposal approved by the Parliament were in contradiction with the petroleum fund law. MP Tilman stressed that the Government should not withdraw money through deficit fiscal as it did not allowed by the petroleum fund law. “I will consult with other friends to make appeal to the court of appeal. The petroleum fund law does not allow it,” Tilman said.. Meanwhile, MP Fernanda Borges from the National Unity Party (PUN) called on the Government to clarify it to the parliament about the 3% of money withdrawn from the petroleum fund which would spend for developing the country for a long term purpose.

*Residents continue concerned about PNTL’s response *Timor Post, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

A student, Sequeira Lemos, said that he was concerned about the National Police in responding to situation, because they were not rapidly to respond to criminal act that had appeared so far. “I am a member of martial art but could not say from what martial art group I belong to, but just want to say that some problem appear is created individually and latter they link it to martial art and it is not good to do so,” Lemos said. Lemos stressed hat problem always occur in some places such as in Delta IV due to the police response to the case was late, adding that the case appear every where due to lacking of control from the national police.

*Foreign Minister da Costa: Dead line set by TNI is false *Timor Post, July 5, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Timorese Foreign Minister, Zacarias Albano da Costa has confirmed that the recent information widespread saying that the Indonesian TNI had set up deadline to Naktuka local residents leave the area was false. Minster da Costa said he had consulted the Timorese Consultant in Bali and Kupang to take a look close at situation in the area, but the situation was normal and said the information widespread was a falsehood. “There is much information widespread in the country about Naktuka of Oe-cusse. It is important to confirm whether the information is true or not, because we do not have information from the Indonesia’s TNI and Government about the deadline set for the local residents in Naktuka to leave the area, sometimes the information widespread has impacted the residents as it is a threat to them,” Minister da Costa said. Minister da Costa added the houses destroyed by the TNI recently due to they were built in the land dispute, adding that the Government was yet to make an agreement on that dispute of land in the border. 

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