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Aliansa Nasional Timor-Leste ba Tribunal Internasional
Timor-Leste National Alliance for International Tribunal (ANTI)
Secretariat: NGO Forum Timor-Leste
Rua. Kaikoli, Dili, Timor-Leste, Contact: 7284602 / 7318653
An Open letter in response to the CTF report
15 July 2008

Sent to:
1.       Mr. Jose Ramos-Horta, the President of Timor-Leste
2.       Mr. Fernando Lasama, the President of National Parliament of Timor-Leste
3.       Mr. Xanana Gusmão, the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste
4.       Mr. Claudio Ximenes, the president of Tribunal Rekursu of Timor-Leste
5.       Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro, the Prosecutor General of Timor-Leste
6.       Mr. Atul Khare, the UN representative in Timor-Leste (UNMIT)
7.       All Embassies in Timor-Leste
8.       Political Parties in the National Parliament
9.       Public and media

“The truth is there, now we need justice”

In relation to the Truth and Friendship Commission (CTF) which was established by the governments of Timor-Leste and Indonesia in December 2005 and just ended its work in July 2008 after its mandate was extended twice. On 15 July 2008, this commission released its final report and recommendations to the governments of Timor-Leste and Indonesia in Denpasar Bali, Indonesia.

The Timor-Leste National Alliance for an International Tribunal (ANTI) did not agree with the creation of the CTF because there was no public consultation with the victims and their families, was done for establishing The Commission for Truth, Reception and Reconciliation (CAVR), because Timor-Leste as a democratic country should have a way tor doing the consultation. ANTI also sees that the CTF will not deliver justice to the victims.

Most of the victims and their families expected that after they testified to CAVR,  they would receive justice after a process of reconciliation, but in reality, after CAVR finished its mandate, the victims have not yet received the justice which was promised by the CAVR commissioners, and some of those commissioners were hired to be commissioners of CTF.

The process of creating the CTF did not follow the Constitution of Timor-Leste because the agreement signed by the Presidents of Timor-Leste and Indonesia was not ratified by the National Parliament of Timor-Leste, in accordance with article 95 ((3)(f)) of the Timor-Leste Constitution.

ANTI supports the CAVR report “Chega” with its recommendations which emphasize the importance of the reconciliation, justice and reparation, so that people can learn not to repeat the violations of human rights in the future.

Once again, ANTI would like to emphasize that the findings of CTF and its recommendations are nothing new for the people of Timor-Leste, because most of its findings were already written in the CAVR report “Chega”, the Indonesian KPP HAM report, the investigation by the UN High Commission for Human Rights in 1999, and the Special Panels for Serious Crimes (SPSC) all concluded that what took place in 1999 were systematically organized crimes against humanity, according to the Rome statute – International Criminal Court (ICC).

The CTF report assigns Institutional responsibility, not individual responsibility, for crimes against humanity, which is contrary to the principles of international laws which were ratified by the state of Timor-Leste and to Article 160 of its constitution which says that there must be a justice process for crimes against humanity.

It is not new for ANTI that TNI, POLRI and the Government of Indonesia created, supported, trained and funded the militia and provided other facilities including guns, so that they could commit crimes against humanity in 1999. One new thing is that commissioners from both countries acknowledged what ANTI has urged during this time, that there cannot be amnesty for the perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity, and no rehabilitation for them.

ANTI  rejects the recommendation of CTF to create a new monitoring and dissemination commission lasting five years to implement the recommendations of CTF. ANTI thinks this commission is established just to waste people’s money, not to give justice for victims families and survivors, but only to enrich a few groups, while increasing the vulnerability of victims who have already suffered from human rights violations, without any special attention from Government programs.

Therefore ANTI urges to the UN not to provide funding from the Solidarity Fund to support the commission recommended by CTF. ANTI requests that this fund be given to the institution implementing the CAVR “Chega” recommendations, because during this time UN has not supported this Commission. The UN must not wash its hands of crimes against humanity in Timor-Leste, and hold the perpetrators accountable for their crimes in an International Tribunal to make sure that there will not be impunity for Crimes Against Humanity, as the UN’s mission is to protect and promote human rights.

ANTI urges the State of Timor-Leste, especially the National Parliament, to quickly enact a law to implement the recommendations of CAVR  because, according to Constitution, justice must be implemented and there should be a national reparation  program for the victims and their families.

Cases of crimes against humanity should be prosecuted in the courts of Timor-Leste, and advocacy is also necessary to establish an International Tribunal for crimes against humanity in Timor-Leste, as part of guaranteeing that there is no impunity for perpetrators (Constitution RDTL article 160) and according to principles of state in Constitution article 1 (1), to respect people’s dignity as well as to promote and protect the human rights now and in the future.

ANTI asks CTF to present its budget of US$ 2.125 million to the public as part of transparency and accountability, according to the principles of good governance to combat corruption and mal-administration.

Finally, we will support this state in establishing justice for victims and survivors, as our contribution to build justice and peace in our beloved Timor-Leste according to our Constitution.

Signed by,

Board of the Timor-Leste Alliance for an International Tribunal:
Victims’ families, Asosiasaun HAK, HAFOTI, NGO Forum Secretariat, La’o Hamutuk, Fokupers, Luta Hamutuk, Front Mahasiswa Timor-Leste, OPVGJ (Organijasaun Popular Vitima da Guera de Justisa).

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Aliansa Nasional Timor Leste ba Tribunal Internasional (ANTI)
Secretariat : NGO Forum Timor Leste
Rua. Caikoli, Dili Timor Lest, No kontaktu: 7284602

Asuntu: Karta Aberta hodi hatan ba relatoriu CVA

Bodik ba Sua Excelensia:
1.       Sr. Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta, Prezidente da Republika RDTL
2.       Sr. Dr. Fernando Lasama, Prezidente Parlamentu Nasional Timor Leste
3.       Sr. Xanana Gusmao, Primeiro Ministro RDTL
4.       Sr. Dr. Claudio Ximenes, Prezidente Tribunal de Rekursu RDTL
5.       Sr. Dr. Longinhos Monteiro, Prokurador da Republika
6.       Sr. Atul Khare, Sevi UNMIT
7.       Embasador Estranjeiro iha Timor Leste
8.       Bankada Partidu Politiku
9.       Publiku no Media

“Lia los iha tiha, tenke iha Justisa”

Relasiona ho Komisaun Amizade no Verdade (CVA) ne’ebé mak hari’i husi Governu Timor-Leste ho Indonesia iha fulan Dezembru tinan 2005, ne’ebé mak foin remata nia serbisu iha fulan Jullu 2008 depois de hetan prolongasaun dala rua. Ikus mai iha loron 15 fulan Jullu 2008, CVA foin mak hato sira nia relatorio final no rekomendasaun ba Governu Timor Leste no Indonesia, ne’ebé mak halao iha Denpasar Bali Indonesia.

Husi hahu kedas, ANTI la aseita prosesu hari’i komisaun Amizade no Verdade ne’e tamba laiha konsultasaun ho familia vitima no sobrevivensia sira hanesan prosesu hodi hari CAVR, tamba Timor-Leste hanesan nasaun ida demokratiku tenke iha dalan hodi halo konsultasaun. ANTI mos hare katak CVA sei la fo justisa ba vitima sira.

Familia Vitima no sobrevivensia barak hein katak fo tiha sira nia sasin ba CAVR hodi halo rekonsiliasaun depois mak sei iha justisa, maibe iha realidade hatudu katak depois CAVR remata nia mandatu, vitima sira seidauk hetan justisa hanesan buat ne’ebé mak durante ne’e komisaris CAVR sira koalia, no ikus mai lubuk ida husi komisairiu CAVR nian ba tiha sai komisariu CVA.

Prosesu hari CVA mos tuir ANTI katak la-tuir konstitusaun tamba akordu ne’ebé mak Governu ho Presidenti da Republika Timor Leste halo ho Prezidenti Republika Indonesia, la-hetan ratifikasaun husi Parlamentu Nasional Timor Leste tuir artigu 95 alinea 3 pontu (f) ne’ebe mensiona iha Konstituisaun RDTL.

ANTI fó importansia liu ba relatorio CAVR ho nia rekomendasaun “Chega” ne’ebé mak fó importante ba Rekonsiliasaun, Justisa no Reparasaun, hodi nune’e atu  ema hotu bele aprende hodi labele repete-tan violasaun direitus humanus iha tempu agora no futuru.

Dala ida tan ANTI fó hatene katak buat ne’ebé mak fó sai iha relatoriu CVA nian ho nia rekomendasaun laos buat foun ida, tamba barak liu hakerek tiha ona iha relatoriu CAVR ho nia rekomendasaun Chega, no mos relatorio KPP HAM husi Indonesia, relatoriu Komisaun altu ba investigasaun kazu tinan 1999 husi ONU, Panel Serius Crime Unit (PSCU) ne’ebé mak fó sira nia konkluzaun katak saida mak akontese iha Timor-Leste iha tinan 1999, ne’e krime kontra humanidade katak krime ida ne’ebé mak organijadu no sistimatiku tuir Statuta Roma-ICC (International Criminal Court).

Iha Relatoriu CVA nian  temi liu responsabilidade Institusional no laiha responsabilidade komando ho individu ba krime kontra umanidade, ida ne’e kontra prinsipiu lei internasional rasik ne’ebé mak Stadu Timor Leste ratifika tiha ona no mos konstituisaun RDTL nian katak tenke iha prosesu justisa ba krime kontra humanidade hanesan iha konstitusaun artigu 160.

Laos mos buat foun ida ba ANTI katak TNI, POLRI no Governu Indonesia fo suporta no hari milisia hodi fo treinamentu, orsamentu no fasilidade seluk inklui fo kilat hodi halo krime kontra humanidade iha tinan 1999. Buat foun mak ne’e katak komisaris sira husi parte Timor Leste no Indonesia rekonnise dunik buat ne’ebé mak durante ne’e ANTI ejiji katak labele iha amnesti ba autor krime kontra umanidadi no rehabilitasaun ba autor sira.

ANTI la-aseita ho rekomendasaun  CVA nian atu hari’i-tan komisaun foun ida ho durasaun tinan (5) lima nia laran atu halo desiminasaun no monitorizasaun ba implementasaun rekomendasaun husi CVA nian. Tuir ANTI katak komisaun ne’e atu gasta deit povo nia osan hodi la fó justisa ba Familia Vitima no Sobrevivensia sira,  maibe hodi habokur deit grupu balun, halo Familia Vitimas no Sobrevivensia sira ne’ebé mak vuneravel liu, sei terus hela to agora husi violasaun direitus humanus to agora seidauk  iha tau matan special husi programa Governu nian.

Ne’e dunik ANTI husu ba ONU atu labele suporta ba orsamentu husi fundus Solidadridade ba komisaun ne’ebé mak sei hari tuir mai hanesan buat nebe mak mensiona iha rekomendasaun CVA nian. ANTI husu atu orsamentu ne’e bele fo apoiu ba Institusaun de implementasaun rekomendasaun Chega husi CAVR, tamba duranti ne’e ONU rasik la fo apoi ba CVA. Ho nune’e atu ONU rasik atu labele fase liman iha kazu krime kontra humanidade  iha Timor Leste atu lori autor sira ba hatan sira nia halhalok iha Tribunal Internasional atu garantia katak sei laiha impunidade ba krime kontra humanidade, hanesan misaun ONU nian atu proteje no promove direitus humanus.

ANTI ejiji mos ba Stadu Timor-Leste liu-liu Parlamentu Nasional atu halo lalais Lei ida, hodi atu implementa CAVR nia rekomendasaun “Chega”  tamba tuir konstitusaun haruka, hodi hatur justisa iha nia fatin lolos no halo programa reprasaun nasional ba Familia Vitima no Sobrevivensia sira.

Prosesu kazu krime kontra humanidade tenke kontinua iha Tribunal Timor Leste no mos persija advokasia ba stabelese Tribunal Internasional ba kazu krime kontra humanidade iha Timor Leste, hanesan parte ida atu garantia katak laiha impunidade ba autor sira (Konstitusi DRTL artigu 160) no tuir prinsipio stado iha konstitusaun artigu 1 aline 1, atu fo respeitu ba dignidade ema nian. Nune mos atu promove no proteje direitus humanus iha tempu agora no tempu oin mai.

ANTI husu ba CVA tenke hato gastu orsamentu hamutuk Miliaun US$ 2,125.00 ba publiku hodi hatene hanesan parte ida tranpasaransia no akontabilidade tuir governu nia prinsipu boa governasaun atu konbate korupsaun no mal administrasaun.

Ikus liu, Ami sei suporta stadu ida ne’e atu kria dunik Justisa ba Familia Vitima no Sobrevivensia sira, hanesan kontribuisan ba hari justisa, pas no dame iha rai doben Timor Leste tuir konstitusaun.

Husi Ami,
Board ANTI husi Familia Vitima, Asosiasaun HAK, HAFOTI, Sec-FONGTIL, Lao Hamutuk, Fokupers, Luta Hamutuk, Front Mahasiswa Timor Leste, OPVGJ (Organijasaun Popular Vitima da Guera de Justisa).

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