Subject: East Timor Press headlines/18April2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines -- Wednesday 18 April 2001

1. Xanana to present "liberation movement of East Timor" 
2.Horta seeks reconciliation in two areas

1. Xanana To Present "Liberation Movement Of East Timor" (Timor Post/18/4/01)

Dili - Baring obstacles, CNRT President Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, Wednesday (18/4) will speak at the conference "Indonesia Next" that is organized by an international NGO in Jakarta. Other speakers at the conference include Prabowo Subyyanto and Wiranto. Xanana Gusmao will speak on "The Liberation Movement of East Timor."

Speaking to reporters on Monday (16/4), the independence leader said that his speech at the conference will not raise the question of the border with Indonesia or Human Rights violations that involved a number of Indonesian Generals, including Prabowo and Wiranto.

Xanana said, " As the conference is held by an organization and not by the government of Indonesia, and is not an official meeting between Indonesia and East Timor, it is not appropriate to use the conference to discuss questions of border security."

When asked what would he say to Prabowo and Wiranto, who are being investigated for Human Rights crimes in East Timor, if he met them at the conference, Xanana said, " I am only one of the speakers at the Conference. Therefore I am not going with a special mission. For example, there is a saying that if we want to catch fish, we should not cook maize in the sea. Also another saying that, if we go to the mountain, we do not expect to eat fish there."

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2. Horta Seeks Reconciliation In Two Areas (Timor Post/18/4/01)

Dr. Jose Ramos Horta, one of the political leaders of East Timor, thinks that reconciliation among the people of East Timor must be carried out in two areas i.e., political reconciliation and criminal reconciliation.

The Secretary-General of UNTAS, Filomena de Jesus Horany Political said on Tuesday in Kupang, that reconciliation will be carried out according to East Timor culture, whilst criminal reconciliation will be carried out at the proclamation of the independence of East Timor around 2002. Filomena de Jesus Horany disclosed this when he presented the result of the visit of the UNTAS team to East Timor two days ago, at the invitation of the UN Transitional Administration.

Filomena also said that according to Ramos Horta, there would be a general amnesty or total pardon in 2002, for all the people of East Timor who had committed crimes from 1975 till today. After that, all the people of East Timor would take a traditional oath and celebrate a pardon mass together. "This is a personal idea of Horta and he admits that he has not spoken to Xanana or other people about it," said Filomeno.

Filomena also said that UNTAS' stand in principle, is that the global solution to the problem of former Indonesian colonialism can only be through total reconciliation without condition. Through unconditional reconciliation, all people can unite and build the future of an independent and sovereign nation together. During its visit, UNTAS team met with Bishop Belo, Xanana Gusmao and other political leaders.

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