April 2001
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Early April

April 22 - 30

Timor militiamen slow to sell arms back to military
Refugees destroy local teak-forest in W. Timor
East Timor press Headlines-27April2001
Promises on East Timor fall victim to 'crisis syndrome'
NGOs Criticize Gusmao's Stance on International Tribunal
New panel set up to seek input from civil society
East Timor press headlines-26April2001
Who Will Be Tried?

Jakarta's war crimes in E.Timor revealed
Torture evidence mounts against Indonesian general
Timor Trial's Devil Is In The Details

NGOs Criticize Gusmao's Stance on International Tribunal
U.N. unhappy with Indonesian court on East Timor
Indonesia says tribunal will hear pre-ballot crimes in East Timor
Militia leaders to skip trials for East Timor violence
Indon gov't establishes ad hoc human rights tribunal

Attorney-General says aid donors press Indon on W. Timor, Manulife
U.N. urges Indonesia to judge E. Timor killers
Komnas HAM Sec.Gen supports International Tribunal for Timor

UN Under Pressure To Try Men Behind Timor Terror
Wahid bowing to military pressure in avoiding Timor trials- activists
Conspiracy By Generals Led to Timor Killings- UN 
USGOV- Requirements for Renewal of U.S. Military Sales And Training Assistance

Prime Timor Suspect Damiri inspects troops for Aceh

International court must be set up in Timor Lorosae as fast as possible
Timor Trials Seen Compromised

UN- Women and Human Rights report - Timor sections
Indonesian general accused of rape

Dunn Report
Timor report to be used in trials
UN Distances Itself From Report On East Timor War Crimes
Old friend of Timor says what others will not
Indonesian forces plotted Timor destruction

see Human Rights Issues page

East Timor press Headlines-25April2001
Key player abandons parliament
Indon court unable to try killer of UN soldier
East Timor press Headlines-24April2001
E.Timor parents beg for their stolen children

W. Timor's 'refugee' town feels the strain
Mary Robinson supports repatriation of Timorese 'war prize'
East Timor press headlines-23April2001
Horta accuses Inodonesia of inflating refugee number
East Timor Bishop thanks South Australia for support
Briefing Notes on political parties and groupings
Gusmao Calls for Reconciliation in Jakarta Speech
East Timorese Police Soon to Replace Gusmao's Brazilian Bodyguards
Anti-independence Militia Leader Wants Amnesty on Rights Abuses
Timor Gap Negotiations

Timor Gap negotiation comments
Phillips Petroleum warns over Timor Gap Treaty impasse
Oil, gas and money- Tiny Timor talks tough
Australia Trying 'Blackmail' in Timor Gap Talks - Dili Negotiator
East Timor eyes off oil's billions
UN takes tough line on Timor Gap negotiations

Timor Sea Petroleum- APPEA keynote address by Peter Galbraith of UNTAET

April 15 - 20
I'm doing fine, says bruised teenager taken by militia chief
Prabowo Salutes, Hugs Xanana Gusmao

East Timor press headlines-20April 2001
Gusmao- Pro-Indonesian Militias Still A Threat (and TNI statement)
Academics to discuss West Pacific Forum proposal in Jakarta
No decision yet on UN returning to West Timor refugee camps
Malnutrition and diarrhea epidemics still plague East Timor refugees
East Timor headlines-19April2001
East Timor assembly set to become parliament - UN
ADB says E.Timor GDP to grow 15 pct in 2001
Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 4: 31 December 2000 with a focus on "The World Bank in East Timor."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at http://www.webactive.com/pacifica/demnow.html

East Timor Press headlines-18April2001
Gusmao Proposes Three-way Meet with Wahid and Megawati
Gusmao Concerned about Civil Registration and Civic Education
Foreign relief workers are free to return to West Timor
70 percent of East Timor refugees want to leave Indonesia

Elections Set/Xanana Resigns Council

Interview w- Xanana and Kirsty Sword Gusmao Also - RealAudio link

Veteran Pro-Independence Leader To Head E Timor Assembly
Xanana: “I Left NC Because I Felt Hurt Politically”
Xanana Gusmao Won't Seek East Timor Title
Timor's independence leader Gusmao will be president- Ramos Horta

Ramos-Horta replaces Gusmao as Timor leader
E Timor Independence Leader Rules Out Becoming President
National Council Rejects Bill on Constitutional Commission

Timor schedules first democratic elections for 30 August
NGOs Urge Security Council To Slow Independence Pace

Xanana speech at signing of electoral regulation
Bishop Belo: Do not choose party that destroys Timor
National Council Members Explain Rejection of Quotas for Women  
UN fears sabotage of East Timor elections
E. Timor independence may be delayed -Ramos-Horta

National Council Approves Election Law, Rejects Quotas for Women
East Timorese Group Calls For Election Postponement

E. Timor NGOs protest UN police predictions of election violence

East Timor press Headlines-17April2001
NGO leader warns Indonesian government of delay in registering E. Timorese refugees
East Timor Press headlines-16April2001
ET press headlines, 16 April
East Timor suffers under weight of world plans
Lisbon Aid Chief Brings Help to Muslim Minority

Early April

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