Subject: Lusa: Indonesian officer accidentally shot in border incident


East Timor: Indonesian officer accidentally shot in border incident

Dili, April 21 (Lusa) - An Indonesian security officer was accidentally wounded by East Timorese police Thursday when border patrols from both countries were attempting to arrest smugglers near Timor's frontier with West Timor.

The incident occurred Thursday morning when the Timorese border police and an Indonesian military patrol chased the group of presumed smugglers on the road from Maliana to Balibo, about 70 km west of Dili.

An Indonesian lieutenant was inadvertently shot in the leg during the joint pursuit by the Timorese patrol, who did not immediately admit their negligence to the Indonesian authorities.

Consequently, to defuse tension between forces either side of the border separating Timor Island, the United Nations` Dili envoy, Sukehiro Hasegawa has called a meeting Friday between Indonesian and Timorese commanders, as well as UN military observers.

The borer zone where the accidental shooting occurred is frequently used for the smuggling of fuel, tobacco, drinks and particularly sandalwood.





April 22, 2005 9:59pm Antara

Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), April 22 (ANTARA) - First Lieutenant Tedy Setyawan, commander of the military border post in Makir, Belu district, East Nusa Tenggara province, which shares the border with Bobonaru district of East Timor was shot in Malibaca.

"On Thursday, at about 08:45 local time, eight Indonesian soldiers of the artillery battalion 8 tasked to maintain border security particularly in the area along the Malibaca river in NTT, spotted nine East Timorese border crossers during their patrol," border task force commander Lt Col Art Yul Aviandi said here on Friday.

When the border crossers were entering Indonesian territory, they brought nothing. But 20 minutes later, they showed up carrying some jerrycans of kerosene.

At that time, when the soldiers tried to stop them, a woman among them cried. Three of them then brandished their machetes against the soldiers, while the others to threw rocks at the soldiers.

At the same time, shots were heard coming from East Timor and hit the thigh of First Lietnant Tedy Setyawan," he said.

On Thursday evening, the victim was evacuated to Kupang and according to a plan, he would be flown to Jakarta for more intensive medical treatment.

Because of this incident, East Nusa Tenggara government asked the border task force commander to meet East Timor's Prime Minister Mari Al Katiri and some officials to come to the border area, but the request was rejected.

"We have to postpone the meeting with East Timorese officials, as our side will inspect the area along Malibaca river. Then, we will be ready for a meeting with them (East Timorese officials)," Yull Malibaca said.

With this incident, Yul said the men under his command will tighten security along the border and will take firmer action against illegal border crossers.


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