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Winter 2004-05 Issue Online


IFET Letter to UN Commission of Experts

On Anniversary of East Timor Church Massacre UN Must Take Responsibility for Justice

Groups Urge Indonesian Cooperation with UN Commission of Experts

Background on Paul Wolfowitz, Indonesia and East Timor

Truth Known, East Timorese Need Justice; Accountability for Rights Crimes Remains an International Responsibility

NGOs of Timor Leste and Indonesia: "Political deals" were made over the Establishment of the Commission of Truth and Friendship

Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Rep. Faleomavaega Urge U.S. Secretary of State and UN Secretary General to Support West Papua

Congress Urges Expeditious Talks on Permanent Maritime Boundary for East Timor; Calls on Australia to Create Trust Fund for Disputed Revenue

ETAN Condemns Restoration of IMET for Indonesia; Calls State Department's Certification Fraudulent and a Setback for Justice, Human Rights and Reform3

A Message from Noam Chomsky: Donate to ETAN's Annual Appeal

April 20 - 30
Aid donors praise 'impressive progress', pledge continued support
UN sets up one-year political mission to replace its peacekeepers

First lady pleads for East Timor
No resolution over Timor oil
Digger rallies for Timor ’s oil - WWII vets soldier on for Timor campaign - Downer cautions [lies] East Timor on boundary

Indonesia 'open' to work with U.N. Commission of Experts
Indon Military Picks Indicted General As Spokesman
Indo Govt Advised To Lobby China, Russia on UN Experts Commission
Concern over selection of Truth and Friendship Commission members

50 long-time East Timorese refugees to be expelled
More than 1,400 East Timorese get visas
Indonesian gov't assists refugees

Habibie invited to ET independence anniversary
TNI will not reinforce Timor border
Indo gov't reminded not to ignore TL border security
Indonesia Urged to Probe Soldier's Shooting on E. Timor Border
Indonesian military says Timor violates norms

Suara Timor Lorosae's background on eviction from the building

UNMISET Daily Media Review
27 April
26 April
25 April

Church and State in East Timor

Gusmão meets Catholic demonstrators, predicts solution to crisis
E Timor may reconsider religious education ban
East Timor settles education dispute with Catholic Church- PM
Coverage on the Differences between the Church and the Government
Church leaders say anti-gov't protest will continue

E Timor PM refuses calls to step down
Catholic bishops studying PM Alkatiri's invitation for crisis talks
Row in East Timor over religion in schools
Gusmão says he won't allow Catholic protest to topple Alkatiri Gov't
Church activists call on Timor PM to resign
PM Alkatiri welcomes new pope, wants dialogue with local church
Catholics, Gov't lower their rhetoric as Church protests continue
Catholic E Timor hails appointment of "accessible, charming" pope
E Timor's Catholic church rallies thousands in anti-government protest

RC church leaders behaving like 'opposition party', says PM
Catholic bishops blast gov't for causing 'great offense' to church

East Timor mourns 'catalyst' Pope

April 16 - 23

Dili Must Get Fair Share of Disputed Gas, Oil Deposits
Timor Sea Talks Focused On Creative Solution
WWII vets soldier on for Timor campaign; Downer not happy

UN to remain committed to support E. Timor, UNMISET chief says
Malaysian court date in suit vs. police for 1996 APCET conference
Peace Prize Winner Talks to Santa Fe Youth

Indonesian officer accidentally shot in border incident
ET yet to issue border passes
Human rights activists protest against new Indonesian defence head

UNMISET Daily Media Review 
22 April
21 April
20 April
19 April
18 April

Indonesia's President Visits East Timor

Dili Protesters attacked at cemetery
More Antara coverage of SBY visit
Indonesian president calls for cooperative ties in East Timor address

Indonesia and E Timor to Discuss Maritime Borders

Susilo Lays Wreath, Prays at Site of 1991 E. Timor Massacre
Indonesian Presidential Visit to Timor Ends, Demonstrators Moved
Indonesia, East Timor heal wounds with historic border pact

GLW: EAST TIMOR: Protesters attacked at cemetery

April 10 - 16
ICTJ: Time for Action
Indo rights groups urge gov't cooperate with Commission of Experts
Indonesia to Bar Entry of UN Experts Investigating Timor Crimes [3 updates]

Juwono Seeks Civilian Support for TNI Reforms
Australia, Indonesia Hold 1st Military Exercise For 6 Yrs

Timor sends message on Irish aid
E Timor to open its first Mideast embassy in Kuwait
Mossie disease experts to help E Timor
From dark to daggy, with everything in between

UNMISET Daily Media Review
15 April

14 April
13 April
12 April
11 April

Photo by Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05


Insurgent Image: Timor images pre and post © Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05

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TSJC: Progress at Timor Sea talks as public pressure mounts

ICTJ: Serious Crimes Unit and Special Panels Mandate Must be Extended To Preserve Hope of Accountability

UN: Security Council Establishes One-Year Political Mission in Timor-Leste, UN Office Will Remain until 20 May 2006, Supporting Development of Police, Border Patrol, Other Critical Institutions

UN: Continued Assistance Crucial to Timor-Leste’s Long-term Security, Stability, Says Secretary-General in Message to Dili Meeting

Friends of Same Newsletter April/May 2005

UNDP Timor-Leste launches new website

WB: East Asia Update April 2005
TLGOV/WB:Documents from TL Development Partners Meeting 24-26 April

TSJC: Unions urge fair go for East Timorese in Timor Sea talks; ACTU: Unions urge fair go for East Timorese in Timor Sea talks
APHEDA: Justice for East Timor in Oil & Gas Negotiations
TSJC: Infant mortality compels Aussie Doctor to Support Timor Sea TV ads
TSJC: Bandaid for East Timor a real 'Downer'

UN: World’s youngest country becomes newest applicant to join UN tourism agency

JSMP: Analysis Of Decisions In Cases Involving Women And Children Victims
UNMISET to support Timor-Leste’s Office of the Provedor for Human Rights and Justice

TAPOL: Yet more obstacles in the way of justice for East Timor
JSMP: Submission to the United Nation's Commission of Experts
KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives - Ending Impunity and Defending Human Rights in Timor Leste and Indonesia

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

Teaching in East Timor - A Diary

Alola Foundation: Report to Friends - Volume II, Issue 1 - March 2005

ADB: Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Projects

TSJC: Howard betrays ANZAC spirit: WWII Vets in TV campaign

Internews: Timorese Journalists Concerned About Proposed Media Law

JSMP: Dili District Court Acquits three PNTL Officers in Rape Case
JSMP: Report: Torture and Transitional Justice In Timor Leste
JSMP: Suai And Oecuss District courts
JSMP: Appeal In Murder Case Highlights Lack Of Coordination

ADB: Reduced International Support to Hit Timor-Leste Economy in Short-Term

USAID: Communities Tackle Security Sector Issues

ABC Asia-Pacific TV: Editors: Justice Denied?

APHEDA: East Timor Country Strategy

Timor-Leste: Background Paper On Human Rights, Refugees And Asylum Seekers

USGOV: Supporting Human Rights and Democracy: The U.S. Record 2004 - 2005; State Dept. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor

UN: Timor Joins Decolonization Committee

Friends of Baucau Update Feb-March 2005
Report from Baucau
Friends of Aileu Update no 3, March 2005

Xanana Gusmao Reading Room Activity Report 2004

University of Hawaii Language Documentation Center: Waima'a, Kemak

IFRC: Timor-Leste Food Insecurity minor emergency No. 05ME017

April 1 - 9
100s call for U.N. commission to investigate abuses in E. Timor
Rethinking Justice in East Timor
Indonesia refuses visa to UN experts

Howard didn't want Timor free
SBY: Political Chameleon with a Mixed Record

Whatever it Takes

East Timor Prepares to Launch Landmark Oil Licensing Round
PM Alkatiri upbeat on success of oil talks with Australia
Networks face court over Timor ad ban
Indonesia to sell oil to East Timor

Alatas appointed UN envoy
E Timor welcomes Wolfowitz appointment to World Bank presidency

UN Lowers West Timor Danger Index
TNI Deployed to E. Timor Border in Anticipation of "Territorial Claims"

New Zealand Ban On Indon Military Ties Will Remain- PM
Rights Activists Slam TNI Promotions- Endang Linked to Aceh Killings

UNMISET Daily Media Review
8 April
7 April
6 April
5 April
4 April


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