Subject: Daily Media Review Monday, 26 May 2005

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Daily Press Review

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Daily Media Review
Thursday, 26 May 2005

Legal practitioners fail evaluations

None of the Timorese prosecutors and public defenders who have been undergoing training since January have passed their latest evaluations. The results of the evaluations were announced by the Appeals Court President Claudio Ximenes yesterday at the Judicial Training Centre in Caicoli, Dili. According to Ximenes, none of the prosecutors or defense lawyers received the score of 10 needed to pass the training. He said that as none of them have passed and they will continue to attend training at the Centre for another two years. Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos Horta who attended the announcement of the evaluations said that the time that had been lost in the past five years would not have occurred if UNTAET had established a judicial training system in the very beginning.
(Timor Post, STL)

Lu-Olo - Undisciplined MP's should resign

President of the National Parliament Francisco Guterres (Lu-Olo) has asked those Members of Parliament who do not attend Parliament sessions regularly and who are unable to carry out their tasks as representatives of the people, to resign. According to Parliament regulation, those MP?s who expect that they will be absent from Parliament for any reason must submit their justification beforehand. However, according to Lu-Olo, the reality is that some MP?s attend Parliament sessions whenever they feel like it, without a proper justification for their absences. (STL)

Democracy and stability threatened

The terror and intimidation toward the community carried out by Fretilin members and sympathizers in the last few months is a threat to the developing democracy and stability in the country, according to Riak Leman an MP from the Social Democrat Party (PSD). Speaking to journalists at the Parliament on Wednesday, Riak said that the terror and intimidation such as occurred in Uatulari sub-district in Viqueque last week, only began after the martial arts group KORK merged with Fretilin. Leman warned that if this behaviour continues, confrontation may arise between the people themselves, as has been the situation in the past. Leman said that for these reasons PSD does not accept martial arts organizations as part of its party membership. (STL)

Timor-Leste to participate in ILO conference

Secretary of State for Labour and Solidarity will request continued assistance from the international community for the development of Timor-Leste?s labour force at the upcoming International Labour Organisation Annual Conference to be held in June in Geneva. Arsenio Paixao Bano, who will lead Timor-Leste?s delegation, said that the Timor-Leste delegation will request assistance for Timor-Leste from other member countries of the ILO particularly in the area of professional training.

Meanwhile, speaking to journalists on Wednesday Bano said that unemployment in Timor-Leste is close to 80%, of which 20% is in Dili and 60% in the rural areas. However Bano said that much unemployment is of an informal nature, so formal unemployment may be closer to between 200 000 and 300 000 people. He said that he is hopeful that by 2012 the Government will be able to significantly reduce the number of unemployed, and that the fact that Timor-Leste has not borrowed money means that inflation is still low and national income is increasing, which is helping to create employment. Bano added that it is now important for the Timorese people to begin to lose their mentality of dependency. (Timor Post)

Pertamina accused of illegal fuel smuggling

Commander of the TNI Wirasakti Regional Command in East Nusa Tenggara Colonel Amir Hamka Manan says that he believes there are some Pertamina officials involved in the illegal import of fuel into Timor-Leste. Speaking from Kupang, Manan said that the tanker Buana Raya is an unofficial Pertamina agent which delivers about 300 tonnes of fuel to Timor-Leste about three times per week. Manan said that the only way the tanker can operate freely in its fuel operations in Timor-Leste is if there is involvement from Pertamina officials. He added that the lure of fuel imports to Timor-Leste is the high price that such fuel brings in Timor-Leste?s dollar economy. (STL)

Japan trains PNTL on bomb dismantling

In order to increase the skills of the PNTL, the Japanese Government, through the Japanese NGO the De-mining and Reconstruction Assistance Centre, has contracted three Japanese military veterans to train 42 members of the PNTL in dismantling unexploded ordnance. The course, considered a dangerous and risky course, began yesterday. (Timor Post)

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