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Daily Media Review
Friday, 27 May 2005

Government delays budget approval
Even though the implementation of the 2005-06 budget will begin in July, the Government has not yet sent the budget proposal to the National Parliament for discussion and approval. Manuel Tilman, MP and President of Commission C for Economy and Finance, said that usually it takes the Parliament three months to discuss the upcoming budget, and thus in the current situation most MPs will simply approve the budget with 'their eyes closed' as there is now not enough time to do a proper assessment. (Timor Post)

Instability forecast for 2007 elections

President of the Democrat Party in the Parliament Rui Menezes has said that the terror, threats and intimidation surrounding the village chief elections is an indication that the 2007 general elections will be implemented in an atmosphere of instability and lack of democracy. Speaking to journalists at the Parliament on Thursday, Menezes said that Fretilin won the second and third stages of the village chief elections because the elections were implemented in an atmosphere of terror and intimidation, with the result that the population were frightened not to vote for certain candidates. (STL)

Peace Memorial inaugurated

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos Horta and the United Nations Special Representative for Timor-Leste Sukehiro Hasegawa yesterday inaugurated the Peace Memorial in Lecidere, Dili, for the victims of the 1999 tragedy. Participants at the ceremony included the diplomatic corps, members of the government and officials from the Serious Crimes Unit of the UN. Speaking to journalists after the inauguration, Horta said that the Peace Memorial is intended to honour those who gave their lives, and a reminder to Timorese not to forget the sacrifice of these heroes. (STL, Timor Post)

Legal practitioners experience language difficulties

The prosecutors and defense lawyers who have not passed their evaluations for the second time in six months of training, are struggling with the language medium of the training. According to Alexander Cortereal, member of the National Parliament, the criteria that the Superior Council of Magistrates uses for the evaluations does not concern the actual capacity of the candidates, but rather their Portuguese language abilities. Speaking to journalists at the Parliament, Cortereal said that the trainers all teach in Portuguese, and thus the training mechanism is the problem, and not the issue of capacity of the candidates themselves. (Timor Post)

Ramos-Horta to visit Cuba

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos Horta will visit Cuba after accompanying Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri on his trip to Europe. A press release from the Ministry says that Horta has received an official invitation from the Cuban government, and that the objective of the visit is to further strengthen relations between the two countries. (Timor Post)

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