Subject: AN: Hand Over of Bodies of Three Indonesians Not smooth

Also - Media Indonesia editorial: Border issue with East Timor


Jakarta, Jan 11 (ANTARA) - The handing over of the dead bodies of three Indonesian citizens shot by East Timorese border police on Tuesday did not proceed smoothly as the Timor Leste government only returned the remains of Candido Mariano and Stanis Maubere, while Jose Mausorte would be buried in East Timor.

Jose Mausorte's relatives wanted his body to be buried in Cailaco, Bobonaro district, his native village, while the other relatives in Belu regency wanted the deceased be buried in his hometown of Haekesak in Belu regency.

The East Timor government represented by Hermani F. Coelhos, eventually asked the representatives of the two governments to sign a document on the transfer the bodies of Candido Mariano and Stanis Maubere, while the documents for Jose Mausorte could be signed later after the relatives of the deceased from Cailaco and Atambua held a consultation.

The three civilians shot dead by at a spot on the Indonesia- East Timor borders were identified as Stanis Maubere, 48, Jose Mausorte, 38, and Candido Mariano, 26.

On Monday (Jan 09) Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Hassan Wirajuda said the Timor Leste government seems to agree to the establishment of a joint investigation team on the recent shooting incident on the two countries' border that killed three Indonesians.

"There are indications the Timor Leste government will agree to the establishment of a joint investigation team and now they are arranging the return of the bodies," Hassan said after a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono here Monday.

Hassan said the government had conveyed a strong protest to the high-handed action of Timor Leste police personnel in fatally shooting the three Indonesians.




Border issue with East Timor

Jakarta's Media Indonesia:"...The violence taking place in the borders between Indonesia and Timor Leste is a long way from the slogan which [East Timor] President Xanana Gusmao has often voiced, namely, reconciliation. The incident in the Malibaca River, Belu Regency, shows that Xanana's spirit of reconciliation has not spread to the police along the borders. Or have the national police of Timor Leste got their own agenda which has been designed to foil Xanana's programmes?... We would certainly object if this republic is turned into a 'battle zone' for fellow brothers of Timor Leste..." (Editorial) (12)

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