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Daily Media Review

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

National Media Reports

PM Alkatiri: Indonesia to admit its wrongdoing and T-L does not violate human rights

Speaking to media after launching the opening of the Faculty of Law at Timor-Leste National University, PM Mari Alkatiri stressed that Timor-Leste's BPU did not violate any human rights during the recent border shooting incident on January 06. STL reported that BPU officers had to defend themselves because the three former militia member or Indonesians intended to kill Timor-Leste's BPU officers. Reacting to that statement, PM Alkatiri questioned journalists if it is a violation of human rights if police defend themselves in a life threatening situation. He stated that Indonesia should admit to wrongdoing if it is found to be responsible for the incident. In a separate report, the Indonesian National Broadcasting Service, Antara, quoted the spokesperson for the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Desra Percaya, as saying that the Indonesian government has refused to seek further international ways of addressing the recent border incident since it is completely a bilateral matter between Timor-Leste and Indonesian Government. (STL, TP, ANTARA News, TVTL)

Wirahjuda: Indonesia wants traditional border management with T-L

Following the border shooting incident, Indonesian Foreign Minister, Hassan Wirahjuda told media "actually, Indonesia wants to see the creation of a traditional border management with the Government of Timor-Leste to avoid the repetition of the recent incident that cost the lives of three Indonesians." Minister Wirahjuda added that the traditional border management system, including traditional border crossing, would allow the population residing along the border from both Timor-Leste and Indonesia sides to cross the border without a passport. When asked about the time frame to implement the traditional border crossing system, Minister Wirahjuda answered, "actually, it is Timor-Leste's side that is hindering the process from happening". Minister Wirahjuda also reportedly confirmed that 97 percent of the border demarcations are under agreement. It is only a small percentage that needs to be addressed. (STL)

President of T-L National Parliament asked Indonesia to handle the case of 2 beaten Timorese students according to legal procedure

The President of Timor-Leste National Parliament, Francisco Guterres 'Lu Olo', made an appeal to the Indonesian Government to handle the case of two beaten Timorese students, according to existing law in Indonesia. 'Lu Olo' made the above appeal in response to the reports on the beating of Lino Ximenes and Egidio Thomas de Vasconcelos, by Indonesian Timorese. (TP)

Result of Reconstruction Shows Ex-Militias Crossed Border

Following results of the reconstruction of the border incident last Friday, Prosecutor General, Longuinhos Monteiro said the former militias crossed a long distance over the border into Timor-Leste territory. When questioned if he was aware of their intention, Longuinhos said that according to the Indonesian media report, the militia's intention was to go fishing but, he said, it's clear that this was not the case because the area where the incident took place is like a swamp. He also pointed out that the only items that were found, apart from the machete in the bag, were papaws and bananas. They did not have nets or fishing gear. He added that the investigation of the four UPF members has continued for almost one week already and that on Monday investigation of the three police eyewitnesses began. The Prosecutor General said the reconstruction is important to have an idea of how the shootings occurred and that it had been based on the four UPF members' statements and the autopsy examination, which would be evaluated by the international prosecutors. Questioned on the reaction of the Indonesian Police Liaison Officer, Minton Mariaty, who also participated in last Friday's visit to the scene, Monteiro said there was nothing to hide as SRSG Hasegawa together with 13 UN observers were present in the area of the shootings. And Timor-Leste was following the criminal procedures just like any other nation. (TP, STL)

MP Menezes: PD is waiting for PM Alkatiri to take Lasama to Dili district court

MP Rui Menezes, (PD) said his party is waiting for the court proceedings on the allegation of defamation against Prime Minister Alkatiri by Fernando Lasama Araújo. Menezes said the court procedures against the party's President by Alkatiri is not juridical as there are no laws in place within the penal code on defamation and the President of RDTL Xanana Gusmão has not yet promulgated it. Menezes reportedly said that the accuser is the company, Oceanic Exploration ,which has registered the case in America, and added that "if the PM wants to enhance his sovereignty, dignity and credibility, he must take this company to the court to respond to the charges."

Timor Post reported Fernando Lasama Araújo as saying that he is not scared of going to court to face Prime Minister Alkatiri and to learn how far the Prime Minister's political power will go. Lasama said he would not present proof, as it is the Prime Minister's obligation to present proof to the public and this nation of his innocence regarding charges by Oceanic Exploration. Lasama added that the public must know about this case and of the negotiations on the Timor Sea. (STL, TP)

T-L National University opens Faculty of Law

The solemn opening of the Law lecture project in Dili was attended by diplomatic corps, members of the Government and Parliament and President Xanana Gusmao who stressed that "it is a challenge which will end up fruitfully for the Timorese society". Among the 68 students are members of the Government and MPs. The course will last 5 years. The first segment will focus mainly on the Portuguese language, the judicial culture and information tools. The project has been supported by the Portuguese cooperation programme and the Portuguese University Foundation will be responsible for all the expenses. (TP, Lusa, TVTL)

TVTL News Monitoring

17 January 2006

Prime Minister Mari Alkateri: PM Mari Alkatiri was reported by RTTL of expressing his confidence that the Great Sunrise pipeline will be channelled to Timor-Leste. PM Alkatiri made the above statement following concerns expressed by various parties before the signing of the Greater Sunrise Agreement.

PD Party ready to go to the court: TVTL reported that Fernando La Sama, President of PD stating that PD is ready to be at court if Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri wishes to proceed with the court procedure in relation to the issue of defamation. Timor Leste is a state of right (estado de direitu), therefore, it needs to be proven in the court to discover the right and wrong doings. Lasama also stated that Partido Democratiku has the complete data or proof in relation to his published statements regarding PM Alkatiri, RTTL reported.

President Xanana: Seminar does not just criticize: TVTL reported that Syndicate President Xanana opened the Seminar for Gas and Oil, yesterday. In the seminar, President Xanana stated that the purpose of the seminar is not to criticize but to help our government to convey some proposals in relation to oil and gas revenue. Jose da Costa, President of the Syndicate for Oil and Gas agreed that the purpose of the seminar is to help the government develop idea for gas and oil revenue implementation.

The Opening of Faculty of Law at Timor-Leste National University: President Xanana Gusmão launched the opening of the Faculty of Law at Timor-Leste National University. The opening ceremony was attended by PM Mari Alkatiri, other Timor-Leste Government officials as well as diplomatic and UN agency representatives. PM Alkatiri stated that this is the next Faculty to be opened at Timor-Leste National University following the opening of the Faculty of Medicine.

Regional Media Reports

East Timor plans to trade with Fiji

EAST Timor says it will consider Fiji as a customer when it improves its gas and oil business. East Timor Foreign Minister and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr Jose Ramos-Horta said there was no trade relation between the two countries at the moment.

"At the moment, we are just starting our oil and gas exports. Second to that is coffee, which I say is the best in the world," said Dr Ramos-Horta.

"Timorese students have benefited from studying in Fiji because of the higher education system. "The students like it because it is close to home.

"AusAID pays for our students' tuition fee but the East Timor

National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional

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