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Daily Media Review

Tuesday, 24 January 2006

National Media Reports

UN Secretary-General: T-L still needs UN assistance

Speaking to the UN Security Council, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan stated that the current UN mission in Timor-Leste, UNOTIL, scheduled to end on May 20th, should be followed up with a UN Political mission. The recommendation comes as a result of Presidential and Parliamentarian elections scheduled to take place in 2007 which will require an international presence and support. (STL)

Lu Olo: Indonesian authority are shocked with CAVR report

The President of the National Parliament, Francisco "Lu Olo" Guterres, told media on Monday, that President Xanana Gusmão's presentation of the CAVR report to the UN Security Council Commission was fueled by internal policy of the Timor-Leste Government and that there's no need for the Indonesian Government to react to the CAVR report since it has nothing to do with bilateral ties between Timor-Leste's and Indonesia. (STL)

Horta on the accuracy of CAVR report

Timor-Leste's Foreign Minister, José Ramos Horta, reportedly confirmed the accuracy of the CAVR report which stated that 183,000 Timorese lost their lives during the Indonesian occupation from 1975 to 1999. The report said that Indonesians either killed or starved the population to death. Minister Horta also emphasized that the presentation of the report is not to accuse Indonesia but to help everyone understand the cloudy past and to make sure that the same tragedy is never repeated. ( STL, TP)

Eurico G: There is no militia in the border

Former militia commander, Eurico Guterres denied a statement made by T-L Foreign Minister Ramos Horta that members of the militia still exist on the border between Timor-Leste and Indonesia. Guterres claims that the militia groups referred to by Minister Horta were formally dissolved in 1999 in an official ceremony held in Haliwen (Atambua), West Timor at which time most of the guns brought over from Timor-Leste were handed over to the local authority. Eurico Guterres made those statements at a Press Conference held in Atambua, West Timor on Wednesday, 18 January 2006. (TP)

José Luis to be Secretary-General of Fretilin

There are speculations among Fretilin party militants that the next Secretary-General of that party will be José Luis Guterres. According to information gathered by STL through Fretilin Central Committee or CCF, it was discovered that José Luis Guterres is one of the figures who is liked by the locals as much as the international community. (TP)

MPs React to Ramos-Horta and Gusmão's Statement

The assertion made by both Foreign Minister Ramos-Horta and President Xanana Gusmão that the number of Timorese (102,000) that died during the 24-year Indonesian occupation is not as crucial as the need for the event to be analysed to prevent its repetition has elicited mixed reactions within the Parliament. MP Leandro Isac (Independent) reportedly criticized the two Timorese leaders as no longer feeling the pain and suffering of the population claiming they have lost their sensitivity. "Once again I demand moral responsibility from the leadership to feel the pain of the people. If the national leadership no longer cares about the people's feelings, they should be brave enough to resign. I'm brave enough to say that they should resign if they are no longer sensitive to the people's suffering," Isac stressed. Commenting on Ramos-Horta's statement that an international tribunal would not be feasible, Leandro Isac said the decision on an international tribunal rests with the UN, as this is the body responsible for the 1999 referendum. He hopes that the Security Council, especially Secretary-General Kofi Annan, will hold on to the fundamental principles of the UN, which have been consistent in its support of Timor-Leste. MP Branco (Fretilin) agrees with both leaders pointing out that CAVR was an independent commission and that President Gusmão followed the procedures established by UNTAET in presenting the report to the Secretary-General. Branco added that whatever recommendation the UN Secretary-General provides, it will be based on the Security Council decision. (TP)

MP Gonçalves: PSD to take Fretilin militant to court following lowering PSD's flag

João Gonçalves wants to take the Head of the village of Vemasse in Baucau District, Carlos Freitas, to court for lowering his party's flag. Gonçalves said he would also like to take the police officers to court, allegedly responsible for providing protection to Freitas. He criticized the actions of the Head of the village saying that he was violating the political parties' legislation currently in force in the country, which stipulates that every party is entitled to present their program, ideologies, leader's identity and party's symbol. " Every citizen from the President of the Republic to the Heads of villages and hamlets must obey this law. You are not above the law just because you are the Head of the village. We cannot create another law. This is in violation of party legislation," João Gonçalves said. He added that prior to raising his party's flag there, he informed Freitas who refused to cooperate saying that he was in charge of that area and that he makes the decisions. Carlos Freitas reportedly told Goncalves that he did not want the PSD flag raised in that area. MP Elias Freitas said the flag was lowered because members of the party did not inform the Head of the village, and that flag raising was not part of the party clarification session program for that day [weekend]. The President of the National Parliament, Francisco Guterres, said he has not received any information yet on the case but noted that the laws also say there must be coordination between local authorities before any flag raising takes place. (TP)

TVTL News Monitoring

The meeting of CCF

The Central Committee of FRETILIN (CCF) held a meeting on Saturday last week to prepare the internal regulations for the party's National Congress to enable the participation of districts' delegations. The Secretary General, Mari Alkatiri, stated that the National Congress of Fretilin is very important for everyone and asked the party's cadres to be prepared. Alkatiri reportedly added that the congress will begin in the districts so that the people can feel that Fretilin belongs to them.

The capture of three Indonesians in the border

The PNTL Border Patrol Unit (BPU) was reported to have captured three Indonesian citizens who allegedly crossed the border into Timor Leste illegally. The General Commander of PNTL, Paulo Martins, said that the three originated from Betun, East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia and allegedly entered Timor Leste in the area of Wekaba in Covalima District on 22 January. Martins further stated that the three are currently under investigation.

Interior Minister parades at PNTL HQ

The Minister of Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato held an annual parade with members of PNTL at the Police Headquarters on Monday. Speaking there, the Minister stated that the parade is one way to inform the members of PNTL that they can implement the rules with good conduct. Later, speaking to journalists at his office, he also said that his Ministry would carry out the promotion of some senior PNTL officers in the near future.

Regional Media Reports

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