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Key UN Websites

Security Council Report provides regular briefings on Security Council action on Timor-Leste

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see here for issues of the UN and Justice and Accountability

Xanana Gusmao (center) with Sergio de Mello (rt.) UN Photo.  
Xanana Gusmao (center) with UNTAET head Sergio de Mello (rt.)
UN Photo.

The UN in East Timor

see also La'o Hamutuk (LH) assessments and evaluations


U.S. Reps urge fully-integrated Timor mission (10/2406)

Commission of Inquiry Report Can Help Timor-Leste Overcome Divisions, But Context of Recent Violence Needs Attention (10/17/06)

Int'l Federation for East Timor Urges Fully Integrated UN Mission Calls for Australian troops to forego separate command (8/25/06)

Statement of Civil Society Supporting a UN-led security presence in Timor-Leste (8/06)

LH: The Paradox of Aid in Timor-Leste (6/06)

LH: Suggestions for the Next United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste (6/06)


LH: Assessment of UNMISET Advisors (8/05)

Randall Garrison, “Who should harvest the fruits of victory: Constitution Building in Timor-Leste (May 16, 2005)

LH : Open Letter to UNMISET (7/03)
Putting Gender Mainstreaming into Practice: Experience and lessons learned in UNTAET (2003)

Ben Terrall, The UN in East Timor: Lessons for Iraq?, RADICAL SOCIETY Vol. 30, Nos. 3-4 (2003) 01-02

LH: Evaluating the UN in East Timor (May 2002)
Jarat Chopra, Building State Failure in East Timor,* Development and Change (2002)

Curt Gabrielson, First Impressions of the UN in East Timor (April 2001)

Chopra, The UN's Kingdom of East Timor,* Survival (Autumn 2000)

more to come

Other Key UN-Related News

USETS- Letter on extending UN mission (May 2006)
Timor Alliance for International Tribunal: Statement to the Technical Assessment Mission from UN Headquarters, New York (Jan. 15, 2004)
ETAN Congratulates Country on UN Membership, Calls on UN to Work for Justice for New Nation (September 26, 2002)
UN: East Timorese Youth Speaks to Security Council (May 2002)
UN General Assembly Decides to Remove East Timor From List of Non-Self-Governing Territories on Independence (see also Security Council Meets on E Timor)

Summary of ETAN's UN Press Conference with Filomena Barros dos Reis
East Timorese woman addresses UN Security Council; UN: Women & Peacekeeping (October 30, 2001)

Documents Related to 1999 U.N. vote

The United Nations and East Timor: Self-determination through popular consultation  

Order From ETAN

The United Nations and East Timor: Self-determination through popular consultation


Agreement Between Indonesia and Portugal on East Timor May 5, 1999
UN Secretary-General's Expectations Regarding Agreement
ANNEX to the agreements signed by Portugal and Indonesia at the UN
Modalities for the Popular Consultation of the East Timorese Through a Direct Ballot
Popular Consultation Agreement Regarding Security
IFET letter to Kofi Annan The International Federation for East Timor points out the major flaws in the UN process.(see International Federation for East Timor IFET website for other vote related statements)
Security Council Welcomes Portuguese, Indonesian Agreement

UN's International Commission of Inquiry on East Timor
- Human Rights Commission report on vote related violence 

The UN has an archive of the UN Mission in East Timor (UNAMET) material on the August 30, 1999 plebiscite

Security Council and General Assembly Resolutions (pre-1999)
United Nations Security Council Resolutions on East Timor  (1975-76)
General Assembly Resolutions on East Timor (1975-1982)
UN General Assembly Votes on East Timor (1975-1982)
UN Human Rights Commission Resolutions (1992, 1997)

Links to more recent UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions 

Decolonization Committee Testimony
Statements to the Committee on Decolonization July, 2000
Statements to the Committee on Decolonization
June, 1999
Statements to the Committee on Decolonization June - July, 1998

See also the UN's Decolonization site

Extract from Decolonization - the Task Ahead, a book published by the U.N.

Other UN-affiliated Websites

Detailed documents and analysis of UN actions on East Timor are contained in Geoffrey Gunn's book East Timor and the United Nations: The Case for Intervention

Links to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN's media kit:

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