East Timor

Documentary Punitive Damage to be shown on Cinemax April 10
Details on Cinemax site 

Rating TV14 
72 Minutes
Advisories: Adult Content

It became known as the Dili Massacre. Among the 271 men, women and children murdered in East Timor by Indonesian forces was a 20-year-old human-rights activist named Kamal Bamadhaj. This documentary is the story of his mother Helen Todd's anguish...and her hunt for justice after she filed suit in the U.S. against the general who gave the orders that killed her son. All Showings, All Channels 
Mon, Apr 10 6:30 pm MAX East 
Mon, Apr 10 9:30 pm MAX West

Punitive Damage is also being shown at movie theaters. Check for locations.

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