June 2001
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Early June

June 24 - 30
Now Milosevic. Next?
People to have their say - but so will the UN
Indonesian police step up inquiry into killing of NZ peacekeeper
east timor headlines - 29 June 200
Wahid coy on Manning's killers
Madness For the US to Restore Relations with TNI
Longtime congressional advocate of troubled island to make first trip
Indonesian officials urge East Timor refugees to go home
HIV tests in E.Timor to be optional
Helping the Timorese heal wounds of the mind
Australia, East Timor Close To Treaty On Energy Royalties

Indonesia, UNTAET sign deal on peacekeeper murder probe
east timor headlines - 27 June 2001
U.S., Belgium to supply arms to East Timor army
International Donors Reaffirm Military Aid Commitments
E Timor Refugees Threaten Locals
east timor headlines - 26 June 2001
Embattled Wahid Pledges To Seek Justice For East Timor
Americans threaten to derail Timor oil talks

Refugee Registration

ETAN and CIS Urge UN to Reject
Sham Refugee Registration in West Timor

ETAN/NGO's Criticize Indonesia's Registration of E. Timor Refugees 
Leading West Timor aid worker slams refugee registration process
Democracy Now!- Interviews on Refugees, Justice

Indonesia Hopes E Timor Refugees Return Home Despite Vote

Indonesian gov't extends service term of E. Timorese refugees task force
Manipulation suspected in registration of E. Timor refugees
U.S. State Dept briefings- East Timor refugees
98.2% E Timor refugees opt to remain in Indonesia- Final Figures
East Timor refugees make the ultimate choice
More East Timor refugees prefer to stay in Indonesia

Refugees in West Timor face critical conditions
Indonesia Poll Of Refugees A Sham -E Timor's Ramos-Horta
Indonesia claims 97.65 percent of E. Timor refugees want to stay
E Timor Refugees In W Timor To Choose Their Own Future

Most refugees want to stay in Indonesia, results show
Fears over returning East Timor refugees
E. Timor refugees afraid to choose to go home
Tight Indonesian security to safeguard Timor refugee roll-call

Timor and the dilemma of development
Sixteen Parties Registered by Deadline for First Elections
Sampaio in New York, Discusses East Timor with Powell
Ruak at the Opening Session of the Defence Donors Conference
Nation builder to leave foundations for success
Gusmao asks Jakarta to continue refugee repatriation
east timor headlines - 25 June 2001
End of beginning for East Timor
CONG- Senators write Powell on Refugees
Australian to sue UN in land row
E Timor Nat'l Survey of Voter Knowledge
East Timor's New Ally- Dr. Death
Agus Widjojo says TNI rejects human rights training

June 17 - 23
ET NGO's Briefing Paper to Donors' Meeting in Canberra

UN Probe Jordan Troops In E Timor Over Alleged Misconduct; King Abdullah Visits
Revealed- When Australia was forced onto war footing
No Recognition of US Firm's Timor Gap Concession Claims - Dili
E. Timor registration nearly finished as vote nears
east timor headlines-22June2001
And justice for all - Dili backs international war crimes tribunal
Japan mulls peacekeeper position in East Timor
east timor headlines-21June2001
East Timor's First Soldiers Graduate To Form New Military

UN blames Australia for Timor Gap treaty delay
east timor headlines-20June2001
Democracy Now!- Interviews on Refugees, Justice
CONG Record- Senate passes resolution on murder of UNHCR workers in W Timor
Time US 'renewed ties' with region
Radio and TV Help Inform Voters in Remote Areas
Crimes Against Humanity Must Be Heeded
The Age- Feature- Timor's Lost Children
National Council Votes Down Law on Transition Administration
Indonesia unable to help all Timorese refugees- Min. Erna Witoelar
Indonesia Rejects Pressure on Refugees and Promises Discreet Support 
Peacekeepers, Militias Skirmish Near Border
Next Donors Conference Set for Oslo in December

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 3: June 2000 with a focus on "IMF in East Timor."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at http://www.webactive.com/pacifica/demnow.html

June 10 -16
East Timor chapter from Child Soldiers Global Report 2001, Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers
UN turns up heat on Indonesia to prosecute military for E Timor atrocities
Ramos-Horta - East Timor Is Worthy of Your Help
East Timor's new army - Former guerrillas turn regular
World Bank urges donors to meet East Timor promises
Trial of East Timor human rights cases delayed

Int'l NGO statement on Justice for East Timor
Cash-Strapped E Timor To Rely On Aid For Years -Economists

New Zealander Appointed to Replace Cady in UN Hierarchy
Campaigning for Aug. 30 Election to Begin on July 15

U.S. Senate/Leahy & Kennedy - Economic Assistance for E Timor

Early June
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