Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring,12 February 2003

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring

Dili, 12 February 2003

STL: Judicial Support System in Timor-Leste Is Very Weak

Referring to criticism according to which UNTAET did not pay attention to the judicial area, mainly on what capacity building is concerned, Cirilo Cristovão, a judge of Dili Court told STL that one of the priorities of UNTAET was the establishment of the judicial system, that the mission tried hard but did not succeed. Capacity building, Cirilo José Cristovão said, is one of the problems faced by the Timorese judges in the last three years.

STL:Jorge Teme Ambassador to Australia

The nomination of Foreign Affairs, Vice Minister, Jorge da Conceicão Teme has been approved and he will soon leave the country to become the first TL Ambassador to Australia. Teme told the media on Sunday "he was ready to take on his new duty and work hard to promote TL in Australia", reported STL.

STL: Timorese Must Pay Entry Visa

Timor-Leste residents who wish to visit their relatives in West Timor must pay an entry fee visa. STL reported that a West Timor (Atambua) Immigration Official named Romelus Bukang gave the information. He said Timor-Leste has not been categorized as a free visa country therefore Indonesians visiting Timor-Leste must also pay a visa fee.

STL: Suai Court Doesn't Have Public Defender

The Chairman of Suai Court, Francisco Agustinho Pinto said that the Court has not been operating efficiently because it does not have a permanent public defender. He said there are court-hearing proceedings by the judges and prosecutors who returned to Dili soon after the hearing, making it impossible for the judges to make a decision on a case because there are no public defenders.

Timor Post/STL:National Dialogue Final Report

The organizing commission of the National Dialogue held on January 25 has put together the final report of the event. The report will be handed out to the Government, Parliament, UNMISET and CPD-RDTL. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, the coordinator of the Dialogue, Miguel Manetelu, said it is up to the Government to distribute it to the people. He added that the report is based on what was discussed on that day and does not have a conclusion. He noted, " The success of the dialogue was not from the team but from the collaboration of UNTAET [UNMISET], CPD-RDTL and the sovereignty bodies like the President, National Parliament, and the Government."

STL:Antonio Aitahan Matak: UNMISET is the "Boss" in TL

In an interview by STL, Antonio Aitahan Matak, the coordinator of CPD-RDTL said that his organisation, formed on 11 September 1974, is the one that carried the process of national liberation to the end, unlike Fretilin, which was formed in Australia on 20 August 1998. Matak told STL that CPD-RDTL held on to Movement Fretilin, which defended the proclamation of independence on 28 November 1975. He also said that the dialogue of 25 January was meant to be with UNMISET because the mission is the "boss" of Timor-Leste. He said UNMISET has violated the resolutions and the UN declarations. He also said that Timor-Leste is still a federated state with the UN and United States of America through the SOFA agreement. He added that many Timorese currently living in Indonesia have not returned because the process of the country is not according to CPD-RDTL. The coordinator of the group reminded that 5 May [1999] agreement did not represent the wishes of the people. But one should not be mistaken by the Special Autonomy with Indonesia, or UN, presented by United Nations, Portugal and Indonesia to the Timorese. He noted that his organisation is represented in five continents and would present a case against UN through UNMISET office because CPD-RDTL would like to amend the international law regarding the activities of UN, which is now practicing in Iraq, wrote the newspaper.

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