Subject: USGOV: Current DOD programs for Indonesia

From Congressional Record. (Senate - February 01, 2005) Page: S734-5

Leahy: I ask unanimous consent that a Defense Department document from our Embassy in Jakarta, which describes the many programs and other contacts we currently have with the TNI, be printed in the RECORD at the end of my remarks.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered. ...

Exhibit 1


(Allocated FY 04 $599,000; Requested for FY 05 $600,000.)

The International Military Education and Training (IMET) program continues to be restricted for Indonesia. However, training is allowed with IMET funding for Expanded-IMET (E-IMET) courses for both military and civilians.

E-IMET courses have included a wide-range of programs, including seminars, in-country Mobile Education Teams, and Masters Programs at Naval Postgraduate School. Topics have included defense management, national security affairs, defense restructuring, civ-mil relations, resource management, military law, peacekeeping operations, and other important topics.


Largest CTFP Program in the world. (Allocated FY B04 $500,000; Supplemental $386,826; FY B05 Allocation $600,000.) (Allocated B02 ``No Year'' funds in 2002: $3.7 million; Current Remaining $702,000.)

Note this Remaining B02 money is Programmed through FY 05 and FY 06.

In the FY02 Defense Appropriations Act, the Regional Defense Counter-Terrorism Fellowship Program was established under section 8125.

Both civilian and military officers participate in a wide variety of courses and seminars under this program designed to improve the professionalism and management skills of TNI. CTFP training programs include intelligence cooperation, national level decision-making, civil-mil cooperation in combating terrorism, and maritime security, as well as Indonesian attendance at US Staff Colleges, War Colleges, National Defense University, and English language training and materials.


(Funding provided from various sources per event.)

Indonesian is an active participant in U.S. Pacific Command TSCP activities, to include regional workshops and seminars promoting cooperation on security issues, Counter-Terrorism seminars and workshops, peacekeeping workshops, and Subject Matter Expert Exchanges.

Activities are limited to non-lethal, non-combat related events.

In close cooperation with both the ODC and the Defense Attache Office, PACOM has developed a more robust TSCP program over the next two years in order to broaden our engagement with TNI and other agencies within GOI.

Indonesian participation has increased from Zero events in FY 00 to more than 85-events in FY 04, and more than 132 programmed in FY 05.


Foreign Military Sales (FMS): Remain frozen by USG policy. There remain 38 active cases with an FMS balance of $ 3.5 mil.

Foreign Military Financing (FMF) and other grant programs, such as eligibility for Excess Defense Articles (EDA), remain restricted by legislation.

($11.3 mil requested for FY 06; $6 million recommended by interagency for FY 06; focus is maritime security and C-130 parts.)

Direct Commercial Sales (DCS): USG policy has established ``carve-outs'' for specific categories of defense hardware, such as C-130 spare parts, non-lethal equipment, and ``safety of use'' items for lethal end items (an example would be CAD/PADs, propellant cartridges for ejection seats on fighter aircraft). ($928,709 released by DSCA from FMS funds 04 Jan 05 for Tsunami relief/repair of C-130s.)

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