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Winter 2004-05 Issue Online


ETAN Condemns Restoration of IMET for Indonesia; Calls State Department's Certification Fraudulent and a Setback for Justice, Human Rights and Reform

Groups Condemn Planned Restoration of IMET for Indonesia; Normalizing Military Relations Will Undercut Limited Progress on Murder Case and Other Human Rights Efforts

ETAN ALERT: Bush Must Not Use Tsunami to Strengthen Indonesian Military

TAKE ACTION: East Timor still yearns for justice, Only the U.N. can provide it

ETAN: Tsunami Must Not Sweep Away Restrictions on Indonesian Military

Indonesian NGOs on Joint Truth Commission; ET NGOs Response to the Indonesian and East Timor governments to establish a Truth and Friendship Commission; JSMP: 'Truth and Friendship Commission': More Friendship, Less Truth, Impunity from the Law

IFET Writes UN Secretary General on Justice, Truth and Commission of Experts

U.S. NGOs Write Indonesian President on Murder of Munir

La'o Hamutuk Bulletin: October 2004: Special Panels for Serious Crimes; Nigeria Exchange

A Message from Noam Chomsky: Donate to ETAN's Annual Appeal

February 21 - 28
Timor Signals Still Favors "Creative" Boundary Deal
AUSGOV- Background briefing by DFAT officials on Timor Sea issues.
Get on with sea boundaries issues says Rudd

Brazilian teachers arrive March to give Portuguese classes
Officials wary of Great Timor State
Gov't freezes out newspaper over report of famine deaths
East Timor asks Japan to support continued UN peacekeeping mission

Militia fears lead to ban on military clothing on Indon-E. Timor border
Indonesian police to open posts on East Timor border
Fears of Press Control
Cosgrove visits Indonesia's military memorial
A call for action in East Timor

'Too soon' for UN to leave E Timor

UNMISET Daily Media Review 
25 February
24 February
23 February
21 February

Justice and Commissions, Expert and Otherwise

1999 Rights Violations Now Int'l Concern, says Annan
Justice at a crossroads in East Timor
Reconciling East Timor
Truth, reconciliation pose a challenge for the Indonesian government

Justice for Timor war criminals?
1999 E. Timor Rampage- UN to Conduct Inquiry Despite RI-ET Pleas
Truth Commission framework ready by month's end - FM Ramos Horta
Indonesia-East Timor truth commission not to include officials

Truth body to advance even without Timorese consensus - Ramos Horta
Letter from NZ FM Goff on UN Experts Commission
Timorese church opposes Indonesian deal on war crimes

East Timor- Justice for whom?
XN- Horta, Wirajuda to meet on truth commish
Despite criticism, Gusmão backs moves to normalize Indonesia ties
Gusmao visits Indonesian prison

UN: Annan names experts to probe impunity in independence violence in Timor-Leste

S/2005/104 24 February 2005 Letter dated 17 February 2005 from the SG to the President of the Security Council (Timor-Leste - Commission of Experts)
S/2005/97 18 February 2005 Letter dated 26 January 2005 from the President of the Security Council to the SG (Timor-Leste - Independent Commission of Experts)
S/2005/96 18 February 2005 Letter dated 11 January 2005 from the SG to the President of the Security Council (Timor-Leste - Independent Commission of Experts)

JSMP Welcomes UN's Announcement of Appointment of Commission of Experts

YaleGlobal Online: Defining Genocide
Serious Crimes Unit Update 4 February 2004


February 14 - 18
ETimor to release seismic survey data to oil exploration rights bidders
Oil spills, spy platform concern Dili before sea boundary talks
Australia's Woodside sees Timor Sea gas project as viable although stalled

The eyes have it
Dengue hemorrhagic fever death toll rises to 20
Market-imposed hunger adds to Timor misery

Intelligence chief backs E Timor claims
East Timor Judges Fail Their Test
Aru Regency Plans Cooperation With Neighboring Countries

Daily Media Review 
18 February
17 February
16 February
15 February
14 February

Aceh, Relief and Military Assistance

ETAN Condemns Restoration of IMET for Indonesia; Calls State Department's Certification Fraudulent and a Setback for Justice, Human Rights and Reform
ETAN Letters to Christian Sci. Monitor

New Facts Link Indonesian Military to "Terror Attack" on U.S. Citizens; Rice May Release IMET to Indonesia Before Investigation Concludes

ETAN: Tsunami Must Not Sweep Away Restrictions on Indonesian Military

Weekly Standard: Premature Engagement
Indonesia says time ripe to restore military ties with US
After the Tsunami- Military Aid For Indonesia?
U.S. Moves to Reinstate Indonesia Military Aid
Leahy: No Retreating on Indonesia

Oakland Institute: Aceh Abandoned: The Second Tsunami
Human rights abuses in Aceh - TAPOL letter to UK Foreign Office

Open Letter from Aceh Forum to Sec'y of State Rice
Indonesia Hopes for Improved Military Ties with US; Rights Groups Concern
East Timor's lessons for tsunami recovery
Washington Warms to Indonesia's Unruly Army
Winning Friends and Influencing U.S. Foreign Policy

USGOV- Current DOD programs for Indonesia
CONG- Leahy and Bond on Mil. Restrictions
U.S. Seeks Military Ties With Indonesia
U.S. to Revisit Jakarta Army Aid
Letters on military assistance

see also:
Aceh page
U.S.-Indonesia Military Assistance page

Give to ETAN Aceh Relief

February 7 - 12
Report on hunger in Timor-Leste
Timor-Leste Launches a Daily News Service
AHRO: Open Letters to Xanana and Ramo-Horta

Stop stealing East Timor’s oil
Timor Positive Ahead Of Fresh Boundary Talks
E Timor asks Germany to lobby Canberra on gas deal

Letters to Ed: It Takes More Than Elections

Daily Media Review 
11 February
10 February
9 February
8 February
7 February

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Photo by Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05


Insurgent Image: Timor images pre and post © Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05

SG Report on UNMISET Nov 10 2004 - Feb 16 2005
UN: Tangible Progress, but Major Challenges, Security Council Told

Statements at Feb 28 Security Council Provisional Verbatim
UNMISET, Australia, Denmark, Indonesia, Japan, Portugal. U.S.
UN: Statement by SC President

UNMISET: Speech on Challenges for Timor-Leste on Civil and Political Rights

TSJC: Hong Kong Proposal Avoids Basic Issue
TSJC: Fresh Calls for Trust Fund at Timor Sea Talks Resume
TLGOV: Timor-Leste Reaction to the submission made by Australia  to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf
LH: Extractive Industry Transparency in Timor-Leste: Limitations in Practice

TSJC: Television Ads attack Howard Government over Timor Sea 'theft
ANU Asian Analysis: East Timor: Renewed Uncertainty Over Oil
ETLJ: Timor-Leste Maritime Boundary Case
TSJC News update - February 2005

TLGOV: Economic Bulletin: A Quarterly Publication of the Banking and Payments Authority of Timor-Leste Volume 2 Number 4

USGOV: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2004 Timor chapter, Indonesia chapter

JSMP: Report "Statistics on Cases of Violence Against Women in Timor Leste"
JSMP: Decrease In The Volume Of Cases Heard By The District Courts
SCU: Special Panels Acquits Aparicio Guterres

UNDP: UK Assists Rural Development
UNDP: Institutional Capacity Development Support Goes to Next Level

WHO: Dengue haemorrhagic fever in Timor-Leste - Update 1update 2; update 3; update 4
Background on Dengue

Internews Timor-Leste Launches a Daily News Service

USAID: Strategic Plan for E Timor 2005-2009

UN: Security Council 2004 Round-up

Carter Center: East Timor Political and Election Observation, Final Project Report

Amnesty Int'l: Recommendations to Indonesia on election as chair of UN Human Rights Commission

UNDP: GEF Support for T-L
UNDP/TL Office of President: Verification Of Veterans Data Project Launch
World Bank: "First Health Sector Program Makes Good Start:" Health Minister Rui Araujo
World Bank Opens Expanded Learning Resource Center for Timor-Leste (Press Release)

HRW World Report 2005: East Timor chapter, Indonesia
HRW: East Timor: New Law Aims to Stifle Political Dissent

JSMP: Public Access Barred to Decisions from District Courts

January 29 - February 6
Nobel Prize-winning bishop will return to serve as priest
Month-old dengue fever outbreak claims 12 lives, mostly children
J Dunn- Australia's not so tall image when Timor is taken into account

Indonesia embassy to in TL offer legal assistance
E. Timor police beef up border security amid armed incursions
Portugal backs continued UN presence, says Lisbon official
Lisbon military officer to advise Gusmão on new defense body

Australia, Timor Set To Resume Talks In March - Source
East Timor Set to Welcome Oil and Gas Explorers

Daily Press Review 
4 February 2005
3 February 2005
2 February 2005
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