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Daily Media Review

Wednesday, 07 September 2005

National Media Reports

Wiranto  Statement to CTF

Radio Timor-Leste News reports that the Commission for Truth and Friendship will  ask  former Indonesian military general Wiranto to give his statement in   relation  to  serious  crimes  against  humanity  during  the  popular consultation  in 1999 in TL. Tempo Newsagency Jakarta reported  that former General  Wiranto  is included in the list presented by members of the Truth and Friendship Commission. The Head of the Commission Secretariat, Christio Wahiyono  said  in  Bali,  Denpassar Monday that the Timor-Leste side would focus  more on the information from the  Serious Crimes Unit established by the  United Nations, while Indonesia would focus on the data from the Human Rights Commission and the Prosecutor General.

In the meantime Chrstio Wahiyono confirmed the request for the statement is not  related  to  the  statute  of  each person/individual contained in the information  like  suspects  or  eyewitnesses because the CTF does not have judicial  competence. According to Christio Wahiyono, the CTF wants Wiranto to  state  the  truth  in  relation  to cases of human rights violations in Timor-Leste  in  1999.  Apart  from  Wiranto,  others  named  on  the  list reportedly  include  the former regional Major-General Adam Damiri and Tono Suratman.  The  date for Wiranto to give the statement has not been decided yet,  because  the  meeting from 1-4 September focussed only on procedures. Christio  Wahiyono  said  apart from the officials who would be called, CTF also decided that alternates members are entitled to speak but not to vote. (RTL)

Alkatiri Preparing to "Shut Up" Opposition Liars

It  is  reported  that  criticism from opposition parties of Prime Minister Mari  Alkatiri  endlessly  continue which caused Alkatiri to yesterday once again  launch  another  attack on the opposition parties, saying that he is prepared to "shut up" the opposition liars. Speaking at a preparation event for the Village Elections in Balide, Dili, on Tuesday, Alkatiri stated that the opposition has begun to lie to the people, but that the opposition does not  know what Fretilin is doing for the lives of the people. He added that everyone  is  proud of the past Fretilin resistance movement, and that this is  something  that  no  one  can  deny.  Anyone  that does deny this proud Fretilin  history  is  ashamed  of  the past, according to Alkatiri. (Timor Post)

"Mari Humiliates and Destroys": Guterres

Opposition  MP  Eusebio  Guterres  said that Marxist doctrine should not be used  as  the  politics  of 1975 no longer exists. He added that the use of such  languages  only  humiliates  the  people of Timor-Leste. According to Diario  Tempo,  Guterres  made these comments in response to Prime Minister Mari  Alkatiri's statement on Monday that 'if Partido Democratico (PD) wins the  national  elections  in  2007 then chickens will grow teeth [sic-"pigs will  fly"].  Guterres  said that he did not want to comment any further on Prime  Minister  Alkatiri  as  his  legitimacy  is  in  the  hands  of  the population.  He added that the Prime Minister should not name such comments as the declarations are reminiscent of the politics of 1975. which have now passed.  "He is humiliating himself because he does not know that there has been  great  changes  in  Timor-Leste  and there are many people capable of leading  this  country,"  said  Eusebio  Guterres,  adding  that  the Prime Minister  should   talk more about development, and other issues of concern to  the  country rather than political development to favor himself for the 2007 elections. (DT)

Government Should Not Ask for Proof

Opposition  MP  Antonio Ximenes allegedly said that although a ceremony was held  to farewell the 200 medical students who recently left for Cuba, many MPs  have  refused  to  recognize  the  selection  process,  as  there  was corruption,  collusion  and  nepotism in the process. Ximenes said that the government  should  not  ask the population for proof as the government has the  power  to  establish  a mechanism to stop such actions.  "If it really happened,  the  government  cannot ask for proof because the government has the  power and they must establish a mechanism to detect it," Ximenes said. (DT)

Customs Service Turns Blind Eye to Illegal Trading

It is reported that the population of Dili everyday witness transactions of large  amounts  of  fuel  along the foreshore at Lecidere [East Dili City], being freely carried out without any control from the relevant authorities. When  Timor  Post asked the Chief of the Operational Division of Dili Port, Natalino  Duvel  Nunes  dos  Carvalho, he explained that, according to law, this  trade  in  fuel is illegal as the Department of Ports and Customs has declared  that  motorboats  may  not  transport  fuel.  But,  according  to Carvalho,  another matter of concern is the wooden boats transporting fuel, as  there  is  a risk that their boats may catch fire. Even so, Customs has never  opposed  the  wooden  boats  transporting  fuel  for  the , with the reasoning  that the boats pay a fee to do so, adding and this is income for Customs.  The Port authorities do not allow the wooden boats to dock at the port,  and  thus  they are forced to unload the fuel on the beach. Carvalho maintained  that  this  practice is risky, as the port authorities will not take  responsibility  if something untoward happens. Meanwhile the Director of  Customs,  Olderico  Maria  Rodrigues, declined to reply to Timor Post's questions  without  prior  authorization  from the Minister of Planning and Finance. (Timor Post)

Former Militia Sentences Reduced

The  Court  of  Appeal decided to reduce the imprisonment of two ex-militia members,  Domingos  Ameta  and Francisco Neto, from 7 to 6 years Timor Post reported.  The  report  argued  further that the Court of Appeal decided to reduce  their imprisonment due to evidence that shows that the two suspects were not involved directly in the killing of the victim, Antonio Pinto. (TP)

Police Actions Without Authorisation Considered "Criminal"

MP Antonio Ximenes recently is reported to have said that any actions taken by  the  Police  out  of  working  hours should be considered criminal . MP Ximenes  was reported in the media as making an appeal to market vendors to stop or, if needed, kill any police or anyone else (sic) who threatened the vendors  during hours after dark, Diario Tempo reported. Joana Freitas, one of  four  vendors  whose  goods  and  money  werereportedly lost during the incident in Comoro Market on 6 September when street vendors were allegedly forcibly moved from the market area by Police. She requested that her goods be replaced or compensated or she would take the case further by taking the two  police  officers  to  the  court.  Diario Tempo also mentioned that MP Antonio  Ximenes  had  accompanied Joana to Comoro Police Station to report the  case  as  well  as appeal to the Police to investigate the incident on Tuesday  6  September. It is reported that, according to the vendor, a PNTL officer  had forced her to move from the market area at 3am. A PNTL officer had  reportedly  told  her  that the removal of vendors had been ordered by Dili District Administration. (TP, DT)

Civil Society Participates in Seminar

A  group  consisting  of  representatives  from  various  NGOs is currently participating  in  a seminar in Melbourne focusing on the role of women and development.  The seminar with the theme: Challenges and Opportunities will run  for  three  days  between  9-11  September. According to Mari Angelina Sarmento, the re will be three points of discussion include. One will be on practices  and  the perceptions of international organisations working with Timorese  women,  responses  from Timorese women on these practices and the impact  of  the  international  community  on the Timorese women. HAK, East Timor  Woman and the Globalism Institute Community and Regional Partnership is organising the event. (DT, RTTL)

 National News Sources

Timor Post (TP)
Suara Timor Lorosae (STL)
Diario Tempo (DT)
Diario Nacional
Lia Foun (LF)
Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]
RTL Radio Timor-Leste [RTL]

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