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In Memoriam

Nathan Osborn


Support Justice for Murdered Indonesian Activist Munir; Contact Your Representative to Sign Congressional Letter Today

U.S. Groups Call on Congress to Maintain Restrictions on Military Aid to Indonesia; Urge Conference Committee to Adopt Senate Provisions of Foreign Aid Bill
U.S. Catholic Bishops on Military Aid to Indonesia Members of Congress Urge President Yudhoyono of Indonesia to Open up Access to West Papua; Ongoing Human Rights Abuses Condemned

ETAN, other NGOs Write Security Council and Secretary-General on Commission of Experts & Timor Justice

Members of Congress Urge President Bush Not to Normalize Military Ties with Indonesia; Rewarding “Half-Steps” to Reform Undeserved

La'o Hamutuk Bulletin: August 2005 - UNMISET Support for Public Administration; CPLP; Justice

E Timor National Alliance for an International Tribunal: Victims Want An International Tribunal

ETAN Praises U.S. Senate for Upholding Commitment to Human Rights for Indonesia, Timor; Bill Would Maintain Restrictions on Indonesian Military Assistance

Protest Urges Fair Deal for East Timor: Colorful Demonstration Planned at Invite-Only Dinner for Australia's Prime Minister Howard

ETAN Supports UN Commission’s Call for International Involvement in Justice for East Timor; Executive Summary of COE Report

E Timor National Alliance for an International Tribunal: Happy Independence Day to USA

ETAN Accuses House of Representatives of Selling Out Rights, Reform; Bill Would Lift Restrictions on Military Assistance to Indonesia
The Question of U.S. Military Assistance for Indonesia
More Than 50 Groups Urge Bush Not to Offer Military Assistance to Indonesian President

Announcing the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network: ETAN Changes Name and Mission Statement; Group’s Current Work and Goals More in Focus
ETAN Advocacy Days 2005 Report and Pictures
Seattle High Schoolers Help E Timor School

A Message from Noam Chomsky: Donate to ETAN's 2005 Appeal

September 26-30

Russia Eases RI Way to More Guns

Talk of the town: East Timorese visitors capture local interest
Australia: Defence chief urges close military ties with Indonesia

ConocoPhillips Pumps First Bayu-Undan Gas

Ramos-Horta refuses to replace Kofi Annan

BBC FM relay station launched in East Timor


Daily Media Review 
24-26 September
27 September
28 September
29 September
30 September

September 20-25
Witness to Balibo Five killings dies
East Timor launches fund to house oil revenue
Father Francisco Fernandes Humanitarian 1936-2005

Daily Media Review 
17-19 September
20 September
22 September
23 September

September 12-19
In These Times: Brothers in Arms
Borderline security means no limits for smugglers [+fuel smuggling]
RI to Timor Leste fuel smuggling goes unabated

Australia expects East Timor gas pact in months
Have mask will travel to East Timor

For Survivors of E. Timor Massacres, Justice Still Elusive
City, friends lament massacre victims and pave way for future
Timorese Justice Deputy Minister In Luanda For Conference
I fear Indonesia will make the same mistakes' (Indonesia truth commission)

Shadows on the wall for President Susilo

Daily Media Review 
13 September
14 September
15 September
16 September

September 4 - 11
Natarbora Agricultural College restoration report
David Gallan reports on his visit to Timor Leste
Indonesia: Oil Smugglers Buy Low And Sell High
RH Visited Kisar Island with Indonesia's Knowledge

Asian Countries Ask UN Help On Disease Alerts, Vaccines
Aceh: A Special Case

September 1 - 3
Review of A Not-So-Distant Horror
A reluctant leader dons the mantle of elder statesman (Xanana)
Justice in East Timor
Judge Rapoza in East Timor (part 2)
East Timor launches oil, gas roadshow
Indonesia Looking To Co-Produce Missiles With China

Daily Media Review 
3-5 September
7 September
8 September
9 September

Photo by Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05


Insurgent Image: Timor images pre and post © Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05

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TLGOV: Paul Wolfowitz and Condoleezza Rice praise the Government of Timor-Leste,

Watch Indonesia: Scapegoating common enemies Comment on INFID Newsletter "UN Reform, the USA, and Our Position"

JSMP: More Support and Consideration Required for Continuation of Serious Crimes Trial
JSMP: Recent Oecussi District Court Decisions
JSMP: Application for Habeas Corpus Granted
JSMP: Continued Trial of Serious Crimes Suspects

IFRC: Timor-Leste: Food Insecurity Minor Emergency No. 05ME017
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA: Curtain Call

The Works: Dan Groshong's East Timor Photographs (TV segment)

'Timor-Leste 2005 - Millennium Development Goals'

UNDP: Vocational Training to enhance the skills of youth
WB: Doing Business in 2006: East Asian Economies Lag in Encouraging Businesses with Regulatory Reforms

WB: Better Transparency of Timor-Leste Government through the Launch of the Office of the Inspector General Website
UNDP Country Fact Sheet Timor-Leste

Agatha Schmaedick: Freedom Fighter of the Month

WB: DHS Surveys says Timor-Leste has Highest Birth Rate and Child Mortality has Declined 50%
WB: Timor-Leste's Many Achievements Deserve Equal Billing to the Challenges it Faces, says the World Bank

Young East Timorese in Australia: Becoming Part of a New Culture and the Impact of Refugee Experiences on Identity and Belonging

USGOV: U.S. and Indonesia Wrap Up Security Dialogue

TLGOV: website of Office of Inspector General
Sebastião Aparício da Silva Project (new web address)



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