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Daily Media Review

Friday, 09 September 2005

National Media Reports

FUN Criticises Fretilin Due to Stress: Alkatiri

It  is  reported  that  Prime  Minister  Mari  Alkatiri  has  said that the criticisms  made  by  the  President  of  the newly established group, FUN, Marito  Reis  against  Fretilin  and  the  Government shows that people are highly  stressed.  At  the launch of village elections in Dili, PM Alkatiri said  that  new organizations such as UNDERTIM and the National Unity Forum (FUN)  are  only  composed  of  the  opposition.  He added that Reis as the President of FUN, should not criticise Fretilin and the Government as it is a  united  forum.  In relation to Mari Alkatiri's comments, a member of FUN called  Domingos  August (aka Deker) said that Fretilin's Secretary-General knows  that  those  who established the forum are not frustrated people and that  he  is the frustrated person for making such statements, reported the media  on  Friday.  In a separate article, Timor Post quoted FUN President, Marito  Reis  as  reportedly  saying  that his organisation purports not to bring down the Government but for the Government to recognize its mistakes. Reis  pointed  to  several traits of the Government in recent years such as hate,  vengeance,  accusations, intrusion and arrogance but noted that such attitudes have recently reduced. (STL, TP, DT)

PD Should First Clean Its Backyard : Alkatiri

Speaking  at  the  opening  of the electoral campaign for village elections with Fretilin members and supporters in Dili, Secretary-General of Fretilin Mari   Alkatiri   reportedly   stated  that  before  criticising  Fretilin, opposition  parties  such as Democratic Party (PD) should first clean their own  backyards.  Therefore,  he  said,  there is no need for any opposition party  to  be  worried  about  Fretilin  as  there is unity within Fretilin itself.  "I  heard  recently that if PD won the election, priority would be given to the ordinary people. If that is the case, then I will congratulate them for being able to perform miracles," Alkatiri added. (TP)

UNDERTIM Will Form Government of National Unity

The  Timor  Resistance  and  Democratic National Unity Party (UNDERTIM) has declared  that  if  they  win  the  2007 General Elections they will form a "Government  of  National  Unity".  Vice-President  of  the party Francisco Salsinha   or  'Metin',  speaking  at  a  press  conference  at  UNDERTIM's headquarters, reportedly explained that such a Government of National Unity would  be  "free  of discrimination in race and colour, and would aim to be composed  of intelligent people who can serve and educate the people well". He  emphasized  that UNDERTIM's political stance is that of serving and not reigning  over  the people, and that the new 'resistance' party is not only open  to  former  resistance  and  guerrilla  members, but to all Timorese. Responding  to doubts as to whether UNDERTIM had completed the registration process and had already prepared a party statute, Metin said that his party has  completed  this process and that doubts among the population as to the legitimacy  of  the party are due to misreporting on the part of the media. He  added that the party will choose a party Secretary-General at its first congress, and that UNDERTIM follows a Presidential structure. (STL)

Xanana promulgates four laws

Timor-Leste President Xanana Gusmao on Wednesday promulgated four laws, the Statute  of  Public  Administration, the Legislative Authorization on Penal Matters, Legislative Authorization on Penal Procedure and the Authorization on   Civil  Procedure.  The  Acting  Chief  of  the  Department  of  Social Communications  for the President's Office, Lusitana Lopes, stated that the President  signed  the laws on the 4 August, and that they will now be sent for  promulgation  in  the  State  Gazette,  when  they  will  then  become applicable as law.

Ramos-Horta Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Foreign  Minister  Dr.  Jos?nbsp; Ramos-Horta received an honorary doctorate in international  regional  development  studies  from  Toyo  University  on 7 September  in  Tokyo.  In awarding the doctorate degree, President Tomonori Matsuo  of  Toyo  University  cited  the major contribution made by Dr Jose Ramos-Horta   in  struggle  for  independence  until  1999  and  democratic governance  since  Timor-Leste  regained  its  independence in 2002. In the afternoon,  Dr  Ramos  Horta  gave  a  keynote  speech  at an international symposium  on  a  new  paradigm  in  international  cooperation held at the University.  UNOTIL  SRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa also delivered a keynote speech identifying  the contributions made by both the International Community and the  people  and the leaders of Timor-Leste to make possible the remarkable progress   made   in  laying  the  foundation  for  sustainable  democratic governance." (Pres, Release, STL)

China Donates Equipment to PNTL

Chinese  Ambassador to Timor-Leste Chen Duqing made a symbolic hand over of equipment  to  the  National  Police  of  Timor-Leste,  PNTL to Minister of Interior  Rogerio  Tiago  Lobato yesterday. Speaking to the media after the handover  ceremony, Minister Lobato said that the donation of equipment was based  on  the  agreement  made  during  his  visit  to  China in 2004. The equipment  donated included uniform, boots and communication materials such as radio and antenna. Moreover, Lobato said that it was important that with such donations provided by China, the budget provided by the Government for purchasing the uniforms for PNTL can be allocated for other expenses. (TP)

 National News Sources

Timor Post (TP)
Suara Timor Lorosae (STL)
Diario Tempo (DT)
Diario Nacional
Lia Foun (LF)
Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]
RTL Radio Timor-Leste [RTL]

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