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Daily Media Review

Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

National Media Reports

CNE Investigates PSD Allegations

One  of  the  Commissioners  of  the  National  Electoral  Commission (CNE) Carmelita  Moniz  has  told  reporters that the Commission is investigating allegations   brought  by  the  Social  Democratic  Party  (PSD)  regarding manipulation  of  PSD  candidate  lists  for the village chief elections in Comoro, Dili. Speaking to journalists from her office on Monday, Monis said that  the Commissioners have been investigating the case since Saturday, by carrying  out  'cross-checks'  with  relevant  persons,  in  an  attempt to substantiate  the allegations.  Moniz asked the population to be patient in waiting  for  the results of the investigation, as the CNE is attempting to manage  a  wide range of tasks with limited human resources. She added that the Commissioners are working on a voluntary basis, and must be mindful not to neglect their paid jobs. (TP, STL)

Women's Caucus Provides Training to Women Candidates

The  Women's organization "Women's Caucus" last Friday provided training to Democratic  Party (PD) women candidates for the upcoming village elections. PD  has  nominated  five women candidates for the elections, as village and youth  representatives.  Speaking  to  journalists  on  Monday, Candidature Coordinator  Rui  Menezes  explained  that  the  training  focused  on  the candidate's future participation in the village councils, as well as how to prepare   effective  campaign  strategies.  He  added  that  the  principle objective  of  the training was to teach the women candidates about the key problems  and  issues  relevant  to running campaigns at the village level. According  to  Caucus  Director  Teresinha  M. N. Cardoso, some of the most useful campaign techniques include door-to-door visits and holding campaign functions  in  public  places.  She said that this kind of training is very important  for women, as women face many obstacles to political involvement including  a  lack  of  access to information. Cardoso added that PD is the only  political  party  so far to have requested Caucus to provide training directly to their women candidates. (TP, STL)

Three Ex-Militia Remain in Detention

The  detention  of  three ex-militia members, Mariano Barros (35), Lino dos Santos  (25),  and  Bartolomeu  Godinho  (22), from the group Hametin Merah Putih (HMP), who recently illegally entered Timor-Leste territory from West Timor  while  looking  for  wood,  was extended on Friday by the judge. The defence  lawyer  for  the  three  ex-militia  stated  to reporters that his clients  became  members  of HMP in 1999, against their will.  According to the  defence  lawyer, his clients were not involved in any murder, arson or other  crimes  during  the 1999 crisis, and that they simply witnessed what others  were  doing. He reportedly added that they were brought to court in relation  to  1999  crimes,  and  not  due  to  their  illegal  entry  into Timor-Leste  territory,  and that he is unhappy with the extended detention order. (TP, STL)

No Casualites Following Incidents at the Border

Speaking to the media on Monday, PNTL's Deputy Commander Ismail Babo stated that the recent actions taken by some Indonesian citizens residing near the border between Oecussi and Kefamanu (West Timor) against the technical team conducting  the  border-line demarcation caused no casualties. According to Babo, the actions were due to the fact that some Indonesian citizens in the border  area were not quite sure of the process of border line demarcation, adding that they presented their concerns by protesting against the work of the  technical  team.  Moreover, Babo said that due to the collaboration of the security team of both Timor-Leste and Indonesia, the situation remained under control. (TP, Diario)

Request to Increase Military Police Numbers

F-FDTL  Military  Police  Commander Abel da Costa alias Niky has reportedly said  that  he  requested  the  Chief  of Staff, Colonel Lere Anan Timor to increase  the  number of military police for the First Battalion. Niky said that  legislation  must  be established in order for the military police to carry  their duties, adding that this is one of the problems in addition to the  lack of communications and transports. He stressed that these problems limit the work of the military police and so far they have attended to four cases  involving  F-FDTL  officers adding that PNTL remains responsible for civil cases in the meantime.  (TP, STL)

Regional Media Reports

East Timor National Soccer Federation Joins FIFA

The  East Timor Football Federation (FFTL) was admitted Monday as the 206th member  of  FIFA  at  a  congress of soccer's world governing body. Timor's national  football  association  was  formed in 2001 and the world's newest nation  was  affiliated  to  the  Asian Football Confederation in 2002. The FFTL,  with  some 13,000 members in a country of about 800,000 inhabitants, was backed by 198 FIFA delegates, with one vote against. (Lusa)

 National News Sources

Timor Post (TP)
Suara Timor Lorosae (STL)
Diario Tempo (DT)
Diario Nacional
Lia Foun (LF)
Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]
RTL Radio Timor-Leste [RTL]

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