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Daily Media Review

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

National Media Reports

Alkatiri on Improvements in Timor-Leste's Health and Education Sectors by 2015, and Netanyahu as Economic Adviser

According to Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, Timor-Leste will show improvements in its health and education status by 2015. In health, the main focus for progress will be in decreasing the infant mortality rate and improving nutrition, and for education the focus will be on improving the quality of education. Speaking upon return from the United States where he participated in the Millennium Summit, Alkatiri said that this was the message that Timor-Leste gave to the world at the meeting, also relating Timor-Leste's experiences in development and poverty reduction in the past three years. The Prime Minister related the success of the Summit in achieving a consensus on the Final Project Declaration, the objective of which is to mobilize international assistance in reducing world poverty by 2015.

At the same opportunity Alkatiri told journalists that the Israeli Prime Minister has not sent any kind of letter to him regarding the nomination of Israel's former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an economic advisor for Timor-Leste. He said however that he appreciates the willingness of the Israeli government to assist Timor-Leste, and if he received such an offer he would accept. (TP)

Timor-Leste Celebrates International Peace Day

Speaking at a press conference at the airport on Monday upon return from the United States, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said that this is a day of significance for Timor-Leste because wherever there is no peace, there is also no development. He asked all citizens of Timor-Leste to reflect on the day and ask themselves how they may contribute to peace building in Timor-Leste, so that this country may become an example to the world.

Timor Post reports that tomorrow Timor-Leste will celebrate International Peace Day, with a program jointly organised and administered by the Government and the United Nations Office in Timor-Leste (UNOTIL). According to the press release received by Timor Post from the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday, the government has been working together with UNOTIL to involve religious organizations, civil society and the public in the celebrations through a range of activities on the day. They have requested their respective employees to wear an item of white clothing and to participate in a Moment of Reflection at 12 noon, as a mark of their respect for the meaning of the day. The day's activities will begin with mass in churches around the country, followed by a Moment of Reflection to be held at the Peace Park in Lecidere, Dili. Government representatives, the United Nations and its agencies, civil society and other institutions as well as the general public will plant trees in schools and churches as a symbol of peace. The afternoon will involve a peace march beginning at the Hotel Timor and continuing to Democracy Field where a concert for peace will be held in the evening. (TP)

Five Sub-Villages Will Not to Participate in the Village Elections

Five "aldeia" sub-villages (four in Dili and one in Liquica) will not participate in today's village elections, according to the Director of the Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) Tomas Cabral. At a press conference on Monday Cabral said that these aldeia will not participate in the elections because they did not attend the community meetings at the aldeia and suco level. According to Cabral, a member or members of the community must have attended these meetings to be able to participate in the elections. Cabral also told the press conference that both international and local electoral observers would observe the elections. (TP)

MP Branco Laments Lack of Clear Education Policy

President of the Fretilin bench in the National Parliament Francisco Branco has lamented the fact that the Ministry of Education and Culture has not yet presented a clear education policy for Timor-Leste. Speaking in relation to the recent graduation from the Cristal Foundation of 176 graduates with science diplomas, MP Branco said that the issue of quality of education is an issue not only for the government but also for civil society, so that these recent graduates may occupy important posts in this new country, and thus contribute to the development process. (TP)

Regional Media Reports

Princess Anne rages at global pull-out

PRINCESS Anne has hit out at the withdrawal of key British missions worldwide by penny-pinching bureaucrats. She says we're deserting loyal allies such as Tonga, Madagascar and East Timor and letting the Chinese move in to pick up trade deals. Of Tonga, one of her favourite islands, the Princess told pals: "They'd never close their mission in London." Tory vice-chairman Nigel Evans said the posts cost as little as pounds 250,000 a year to run. (The Sunday People-UK)

National News Sources Timor Post (TP), Suara Timor Lorosae (STL), Diario Tempo (DT), Diario Nacional, Seminario, Lia Foun (LF), Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL], RTL Radio Timor-Leste [RTL]

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