Subject: TNI Announces Year-End Reshuffle

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[Note Maj. Gen Suhartono Suratman, indicted on crimes against humanity charges in Timor-Leste, appointed as the new Tanjungpura Regional Military Commander overseeing the four provinces of Kalimantan. TAPOL]

The Jakarta Post

Friday, December 21, 2007

TNI Announces Reshuffle at Year-End

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The Indonesian Military (TNI) headquarters is reshuffling or retiring 159 high and middle ranking officers in its three military forces, an official said.

On Wednesday the head of the TNI Information Center, Col. Ahmad Yani Basuki, issued a statement announcing a decree from the TNI Commander, as reported by and

Officers being promoted or retired included at least 13 officers from the TNI headquarters, 53 from the Army, 43 from the Navy, 40 from the Air Force, six officers of the Defense Ministry and four officers of the National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas).

Among those transferred to new jobs within the same ranks were Maj. Gen. Markus Kusnowo, the new Commander of the Bukit Barisan Regional Military Command overseeing North and West Sumatra, Jambi and Riau provinces.

He will replace Maj. Gen. Y. Surjo Prabowo, who will be the new Jakarta Regional Military Commander.

Other appointees were Commander of the TNI's Military Police headquarters Maj. Gen. Hendardji Soepandji, the new Security Assistant to the Army Chief of Staff; Maj. Gen. Darpito, the new Diponegoro Regional Military Commander overseeing Central Java and Yogyakarta provinces; and Maj. Gen Suhartono Suratman the new Tanjungpura Regional Military Commander overseeing the four provinces of Kalimantan.

Suratman will fill in the post left by Maj. Gen. G.R. Situmeang, who will be the new Commander of the Udayana Regional Military Command overseeing the provinces of Bali, East and West Nusa Tenggara.

Among the 58 officers being promoted were Commander of the Navy's Elite Forces, the Marines, Maj. Gen. Nono Sampono, who will be appointed Commander of the TNI military academy; Maj. Gen. Lilik AS, the new Inspector General of the TNI; Brig. Gen. Sularso, new logistics assistant to Army Chief of Staff; Brig. Gen. S. Simandjuntak, the new Chief of the Army's Territorial Command; Commodore Pandji Utama Iskaq, the new Chief of the Air Force's Air Defense Command; and Commodore Teuku Djohan Basyar, the new deputy to the chief of the TNI's Strategic Intelligence Agency (Bais).

Among the 39 retiring officers were TNI Inspector General Vice Marshall M. Basri Sidehabi, Deputy to the TNI Inspector General Maj. Gen. Djoko Setijono, Expert Staff Coordinator to the TNI chief Maj. Gen. Maryoto, logistics assistant to the Army chief Maj. Gen. Kardijono, Commander of the Diponegoro Regional Military Command Maj. Gen. Agus Soeyitno, operational assistant to the Army chief Maj. Gen. Iwan Ridwan Sulandjana and Director for Budget Implementation at the Defense Ministry's Defense Planning division, Commodore Mulyono Herlambang.

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