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Urge UN Secretary-General to Act
 for Justice for East Timor

ETAN: Bush Administration Trains Members of Indonesian Terrorist Groups; Abandons Human Rights for Indonesia to Train Kopassus, Brimob

ETAN: Guide to U.S. Security Assistance to Indonesia and East Timor

As Security Council Readies Visit to Timor-Leste, Rights Groups Call For Justice and Accountability

Australian Inquest into Balibo Journalists Killings in East Timor Shows Ongoing Need to Pursue Justice and Accountability

ETAN: An Overview Justice Processes and Commissions for Timor-Leste (Feb.2007, revised November 2007)

IFET: Statement to the Alternative Public Hearing against the Indonesia-Timor-Leste Truth and Friendship Commission (TFC)
Text: English, Tetum

The West Papua Report - December 2007; Back Issues

ET NGOs: Alternative Hearing against CTF Hearing; Terms of Reference

ET NGOs: CTF - Discriminating Between Those Responsible For Crimes And The Victims

ETAN: Letter to U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia on the Joint Indonesia-Timor "Truth and Friendship" Commission

September 2007: Lao Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 3: Vocational Education; Restructuring petroleum regulation; Women's movement workshop, Amnesty law; Timor-Leste Local Content

Report of the Solidarity Observer Mission for East Timor (SOMET) On the Timor-Leste 2007 Parliament Election (English and Tetum)

SOMET Calls for End to Violence and Instability in Timor-Leste (English and Tetum)

Action ALERT from ETAN & West Papua Advocacy Team: Urge Indonesia to Remove Indicted Officer from West Papua  send a fax via ETAN

The UN Right Not to Cooperate with Joint Indonesia-Timor "Truth" Commission Farce

November 22 - 31

Aid restrictions are killing the women of East Timor
Youths reflected on past actions in preparing for Christmas
SBY to install TNI chief today
Human Rights Violations 'On Rise' in Jakarta- Legal Aid Institute
Short Shrift for Human Rights in SE Asia
President tells ETimor to forget past, unite in peace
Hope in hunt for graves of East Timor massacre

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November 15 - 21

TNI Announces Year-End Reshuffle
There's method in China's peace push
Eight New Deacons To Reach Out To Young People, Other Parishioners
Secretary of Garuda pilot says she falsified letter
RI-Australia Relations Turn New Page, But Clouds Loom On Horizon
ICRC- Timor-Leste - Appeal No. MAATP001

War Crimes Tribunal for East Timor Lacks U.N. Support
Church reiterates human rights as fundamental to peace and order
NT helping E Timor establish first marine park
East Timor leader gives rebel soldier last chance to surrender
Komnas-HAM to investigate forced church closures

I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.

Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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UNMIT Daily Media Review

21 December
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AI: Indonesia Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review First session of the UPR Working Group, 7-8 April 2008

Concern: Remembering the Santa Cruz massacre

UNMIT: Successful Weapons' Recovery Operation Concludes in Dili

U.S. Government Millennium Challenge Corporation Timor-Leste FY08

UNMIT: Report on human rights developments in Timor-Leste
UN: Security Council Mission to Timor-Leste This Month

CNN on Peacekeeping and E Timor

Suai Media Space
Concern Worldwide: Timor-Leste Blog

Dili-gence: Dili landmarks in Google Earth update

Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation: Mid term review of TIM 2010: assistance in developing the management of the petroleum sector in Timor-Leste
JICA: Helping rebuild Timor-Leste
World Bank: East Asia & Pacific Update

A Nairn: Vomiting to Death on a Plane. Arsenic Democracy.

Banking and Payments Authority (BPA): Quarterly Report for the Petroleum Fund, covering June-September 2007; press release

Asian Analysis ­ Timor-Leste: Resource Curse or Resource Riches - Petroleum Revenue Management Challenges for the New Government

ABC Background Briefing: Timor's Unpredictable Rebel (audio and transcript)


Late Night Live in Timor-Leste

Late Night Live in Timor-Leste
In early October, Phillip Adams went to Timor-Leste to gather material for a special series of radio programs to be broadcast on Late Night Live starting on Monday 22 October 2007. Find out more...

Timor-Leste's Força 2020 military plan

November 7 - 15

Troops will stay, PM promises Dili
Letter to Secretary General
Imparsial appeals lawsuit against a senior Indonesian intelligence official
Giving Voice to Papua's Aspirations
Fugitive Reinado misses last chance for negotiation
Australia, U.N. pledge support for E. Timor security

Foreign Missioner Uses Traditional Medicine To Treat The Sick
Balibo prosecution 'not issue for A-G'
The Balibó Five atrocity...the first step - Shirley Shackleton
Nun Briefs NZ Parliamentarians On Timor-Leste Crisis

Smith seeks Timor peace on oil and gas
Slow year for human rights, say activists [+Editorial- Truly Malaysia]
Indonesia, Cambodia confront cruel past in different ways
Statement by Deputy PM at Climate Change conference in Bali
Presidential Message on HR Day
ETimor capital dirtiest in world, says president
Protesters say Indo government reluctant to solve past rights violations
Asia, Pacific countries (inc. TL) to push coral reef into Kyoto mechanism

UNMIT Daily Media Review

13 December
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November 30 - December 8

E Timor calls for an extended UN mission
Local Bishops Discuss Security, Unemployment With Visiting U.N. Delegation
President Ramos Horta Asks Indonesia to be Responsible for Balibo Case
Reasons Behind CTF in Dili

Magic And Mayhem- Gang Culture Threatens E.Timor
East Timor's independence moves to an international beat

Caritas Spreads AIDS Prevention Message To Rural Youth On World AIDS Day

A Nairn: It Takes (Out) a Village- Illegitimate American Power
A Nairn: Knowing Where the Bodies Are Buried. The Indonesian Generals -- and Putin -- Laugh

Calls for ETimor rebel to surrender as trial begins
Call for Australia to work with Timorese
"Hush hush boys' mystery unveiled
Timor Aid: Do You Know How To Speak English?

The 8 Munir Demands- New NGO Alliance Starts Rights Battle
Soeharto Rights Cases Reopened [+Journalists Protest Police Violence]
House Should Be Out Of Legal Process 

UNMIT Daily Media Review

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