November 2007

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Winter 2007 Issue Online


Urge UN Secretary-General to Act
 for Justice for East Timor

As Security Council Readies Visit to Timor-Leste, Rights Groups Call For Justice and Accountability

Australian Inquest into Balibo Journalists Killings in East Timor Shows Ongoing Need to Pursue Justice and Accountability

ETAN: An Overview Justice Processes and Commissions for Timor-Leste (Feb.2007, revised November 2007)

IFET: Statement to the Alternative Public Hearing against the Indonesia-Timor-Leste Truth and Friendship Commission (TFC)
Text: English, Tetum

The West Papua Report - November 2007; Back Issues

ET NGOs: Alternative Hearing against CTF Hearing; Terms of Reference

ET NGOs: CTF - Discriminating Between Those Responsible For Crimes And The Victims

ETAN: Letter to U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia on the Joint Indonesia-Timor "Truth and Friendship" Commission

September 2007: Lao Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 3: Vocational Education; Restructuring petroleum regulation; Women's movement workshop, Amnesty law; Timor-Leste Local Content

Report of the Solidarity Observer Mission for East Timor (SOMET) On the Timor-Leste 2007 Parliament Election (English and Tetum)

SOMET Calls for End to Violence and Instability in Timor-Leste (English and Tetum)

Action ALERT from ETAN & West Papua Advocacy Team: Urge Indonesia to Remove Indicted Officer from West Papua  send a fax via ETAN

The UN Right Not to Cooperate with Joint Indonesia-Timor "Truth" Commission Farce

November 25 - December 1

Rights groups urge UN to deliver justice to population

East Timor Soldiers Jailed For Killing Police

UN delegation wants peacekeeping mission in East Timor extended
United Nations is stepping up efforts to tackle with urgency, violence against women.
Building A Tomorrow- Steve Bracks, Gusmao Adviser
EU to give East Timor $A115m in aid

Snowdon grabs portfolio
Fitzgibbon heads Rudd's defence team

TNI Reform:Removing the Restraints
House ratifies Lombok treaty
TNI Businesses- Constricted State Funds Stalls Takeover

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

30 November
29 November
27 November
26 November

Balibo Verdict

Text of NSW Coroner's Report on the Inquest into the Death of Brian Raymond Peters (PDF)

Balibo case revisited
 ABC Radio National Australia Talks: Balibo 5 and war crimes (audio) Downer raises Balibo case with Indonesia's Wirajuda
Debate Continues Over Balibo Five Grave
Balibo Finding Must Be Acted Upon
A fight with Indonesia neither Howard nor Rudd wants
Bad conscience about Balibo
Letter on Balibo sent to editors by Jose Teixeira

Lesson Still Waiting To Be Learnt [Clinton Fernandes]
Killing of newsmen in Timor ruled a war crime
Balibo ruling irks Jakarta, editorials
Ramos Horta pressures Indonesia over Balibo killings
Australia to seek repatriation of Balibo bodies
Balibo Five case closed- Indonesia

ETAN: Australian Inquest into Balibo Journalists Killings in East Timor Shows Ongoing Need to Pursue Justice and Accountability
RSF: Coroner says death of "Balibo five" was premeditated war crime by Indonesian army
CPJ: Step forward in 1975 East Timor murders

'They got a lesson' (Balibo journos) 
Hounded By Guilt On Balibo [Deathbed Confession Of Don Willesee, Ex-Foreign Minister] 
Balibo Five case closed, Indonesia says

November 19 - 23

Fugitive Rebel Soldier Threatens New East Timor Government

Timor Aid- Weaving Together an Unravelling Tradition
Timor Aid Celebrates Nines Years of Development Assistance
EU reaches out to Timor
Timor Leste Appreciates Cuban Educational Aid

Upcoming U.N. Conference On Global Warming Inspires Local Justice And Peace Activists' Meeting
Timor Leste govt urged to issue border-crossing passes

Australia Federal Election - View from Indonesia
Indonesian Air Force Undeterred By Embargo, Shortage

Asean Reports- Aims For Integration; Constitution; Myanmar; Op-Ed- People's Charter
Torture Widespread in Indonesian Prisons- UN Envoy

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

22 November
21 November
20 November
19 November

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November 12 - 17

East Timor marks anniversary of 1991 cemetery killings
Santa Cruz massacre anniversary ceremony
Post-CAVR: Misrepresentation of East Timor truth commission report

Phillip Adams on ET's political leadership
East Timor president says international forces still needed

Children Get Serious Message Through Fun And Games
Portugal, East Timor vow to strengthen cooperation

Man killed by arrow in East Timor gang fighting
ETimor dispute threatens Australia flights
Gusmao holds talks with sacked E Timor soldiers

RI Parliament Ratifies Security Pact With Australia
US High Court Seeks Govt Comment In ExxonMobil's Aceh Human Rights Abuse Lawsuit
TNI Says Navy Expansion On Track

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

16 November
15 November
13 November

I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.

Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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November 2 - 11

UN Security Council to send mission 

ETimor parliament considering CAVR report
On Timor's hard road 
Tas doctors give sight to E Timorese

Woman prevented from taking 23 kids from Timor 

Transcript Background Briefing- Timor's unpredictable rebel 
Voice in the wilderness - Alkatiri 
President Yudhoyono meets with Timor Leste parliamentary delegation 

Shakedown- Australia's Grab for Timor Oil 
East Timor to Review Troop Agreement 
East Timor - ‘We don’t want Australian troops’ 

Activists call on President Yudhoyono to solve outstanding rights cases 
RI Rights Groups Demand Full Access for UN Torture Envoy [+Asean charter-HR body] 
Court To Try Garuda Executive Over Activist's Murder 

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

8 November
7 November
6 November
5 November

Other Links (open in new windows)

AI: Indonesia Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review First session of the UPR Working Group, 7-8 April 2008

Concern: Remembering the Santa Cruz massacre

UNMIT: Successful Weapons' Recovery Operation Concludes in Dili

U.S. Government Millennium Challenge Corporation Timor-Leste FY08

UNMIT: Report on human rights developments in Timor-Leste
UN: Security Council Mission to Timor-Leste This Month

CNN on Peacekeeping and E Timor

Suai Media Space
Concern Worldwide: Timor-Leste Blog

Dili-gence: Dili landmarks in Google Earth update

Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation: Mid term review of TIM 2010: assistance in developing the management of the petroleum sector in Timor-Leste
JICA: Helping rebuild Timor-Leste
World Bank: East Asia & Pacific Update

A Nairn: Vomiting to Death on a Plane. Arsenic Democracy.

Banking and Payments Authority (BPA): Quarterly Report for the Petroleum Fund, covering June-September 2007; press release

Asian Analysis ­ Timor-Leste: Resource Curse or Resource Riches - Petroleum Revenue Management Challenges for the New Government

ABC Background Briefing: Timor's Unpredictable Rebel (audio and transcript)


Late Night Live in Timor-Leste

Late Night Live in Timor-Leste
In early October, Phillip Adams went to Timor-Leste to gather material for a special series of radio programs to be broadcast on Late Night Live starting on Monday 22 October 2007. Find out more...

Connect E Timor - Newsletter Aug- Sep 07

Timor-Leste Millennium Development Goals Profile
UNDP: Offers New Beginning to Survivors of  ‘Black September’
UNDP: Students to Benefit from Internship Plan
Security Council Report: November Forecast

FRETILIN plans March for Peace, may repudiate future IMF/WB loans

Caritas Aotearoa NZ supports Timorese partner
JICA: Struggling to Overcome Decades of Violence and Civil Unrest

Audio: Interview with Rob Wesley-Smith

UNMIT Weekly: Issue No 15 2 November 2007

NZDF: President Ramos Horta visits Kiwi Troops

ADB: Preparation of an Infrastructure Sector Development
ADB: Socially Inclusive and Gender-Responsive Transport

American Bar Association/Rule of Law Initiative (ABA/ROLI) USAID, Freedom House: Rule of Law

UNDP: Coordinating the Environmental Agenda in Timor-Leste
UNDP Takes The Lead In Campaign Against Poverty And Inequality
UNDP: Ministry of Health receives a newly rehabilitated building from UNDP to be used by the National AIDS Commission

Concern marks World Food Day in Timor Leste

Howard's way? Public opinion as an influence on Australia's engagement with Asia

Timor-Leste Between a Rock and a Hard Place: former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri’s visit to Indonesia

Belun/IFES: Election Violence Education and Resolution (EVER) in Timor-Leste FINAL REPORT
JSMP: Electoral Complaints during the General Elections of 2007 in Timor-Leste

G and E Timor Tourism Directory

Arena: Making Modernity in Timor-Leste

Petroleum Fund Consultative Council's letter to the President of the National Parliament

Video - Jeff Winters on E Timor (part 4) all parts can be accessed from this link

Transitional Budget as submitted to Parliament  by the Ministry of Finance, July-December 2007 via Lao Hamutuk see also their collection of documents from Timor-Leste's Fourth Constitutional Government

Audio - Timor Leste's Petroleum fund with Jennifer Drysdale
Thesis: Petroleum Revenue Management in Timor-Leste by Jennifer Drysdale

The IV Constitutional Government program in Portuguese and English

TLGOV: Decree law on structure of new government (in Portuguese)

Petroleum Fund annual report

Timor-Leste's Força 2020 military plan


October 25 - November 3

Indonesia-ETimor commission to ignore UN criticism
Truth body 'may vote' on E. Timor violations
TNI in '99 ETimor- Not Necessary to Deploy Civilian Defense Groups- Analyst [+CTF]

Timor Aid- Peace, Love & Democracy for the Enclave of Oecusse

Bishop Basilio on Struggle And Sacrifice Needed To Attain Peace And Stability
Indonesian Christian communities build bridges with East Timor
Youths Climb Mountain To Promote Brotherhood, End Division

Ministers vow to resolve border issues quickly
Indonesian army chief defends shooting of suspected Timor smuggler

For TNI, It's 'Business' As Usual- Think Tank
Nairn- "Try US, Foreign Officials for Indonesian Military-Police Atrocities"

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

31 October
30 October
29 October

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