Subject: East Timor to Review Troop Agreement

East Timor to Review Troop Agreement

Prensa Latina ­ 8 November 2007

Dili - The Parliament of Timor Leste will review the agreement allowing International Security Forces in the country, after repeated complaints about inappropriate behavior presented by the opposition.

The attitude of those troops, led by Australia, has been a dishonor to our nation, Antonio Cardoso, of the opposition Revolutionary Front of Independent Timor Leste, said on Thursday.

Cardoso accused the soldiers of that force of the death of two young people in March, in a displaced persons camp near the Comoro Airport.

Parliament Vice President Vicente Guterres, of the National Council for Timor Leste Reconstruction, said they would hear the concerns of parliamentarians in that respect.

We will continue meeting to determine if there is any possibility to revise the agreement related to the actions of the International Security Force, exactly as the parliamentarians demand.

The legislators also insist that those troops be put under the UN flag.

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