October 2007

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Winter 2007 Issue Online


Urge UN Secretary-General to Act
 for Justice for East Timor

ETAN/WPAT: Letter to Secretary of State Rice on Iwanggin Sabar Olif

The West Papua Report - November 2007; Back Issues

East Timor & Indonesian NGO statements in solidarity with Burma

Background on Sexual Violence Against East Timorese Women During the Japanese Occupation

IFET: Statement to the Alternative Public Hearing against the Indonesia-Timor-Leste Truth and Friendship Commission (TFC)
Text: English, Tetum

ET NGOs: Alternative Hearing against CTF Hearing; Terms of Reference

ET NGOs: CTF - Discriminating Between Those Responsible For Crimes And The Victims

ETAN: Letter to U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia on the Joint Indonesia-Timor "Truth and Friendship" Commission

September 2007: Lao Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 3: Vocational Education; Restructuring petroleum regulation; Women's movement workshop, Amnesty law; Timor-Leste Local Content

Report of the Solidarity Observer Mission for East Timor (SOMET) On the Timor-Leste 2007 Parliament Election (English and Tetum)

SOMET Calls for End to Violence and Instability in Timor-Leste (English and Tetum)

Action ALERT from ETAN & West Papua Advocacy Team: Urge Indonesia to Remove Indicted Officer from West Papua  send a fax via ETAN

The UN Right Not to Cooperate with Joint Indonesia-Timor "Truth" Commission Farce

Report of the Solidarity Observer Mission for East Timor (SOMET) on the Timor-Leste 2007 Presidential Elections (also in Tetum)

ETAN: An Overview Justice Processes and Commissions for Timor-Leste

Bush Administration Grants Unlimited Military “Aid” to Indonesia Betrays Military’s Victims and End-Runs Congress
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October 17 -27

Border death recalls E Timor's past
E Timorese border crosser shot dead
Indonesia, Timor Leste academicians to hold seminar on border problem

Timor truth & friends commission gives U.N. another chance
TNI 'armed' East Timor civilians
Former Indonesian general denies rights violations in East Timor

Australian Defence denies bashing of East Timor men

Al Jazeera on Brimob with Allan Nairn
Crusader for West Papuan cause: THEY have been interrupting our TV viewing for months
Munir Case A Measure For Presidential Candidates Commitment To Reform [+Regeneration]

UNMIT Daily Media Review

26 October
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October 14 -21

Unity and Divisions under New Leadership
Timor president swears in state council

Former foes seeking truth and friendship

Of pebbles and ice cream: Voice of a Timorese poet

Following Violence In Baucau, Church Offers Youths Peace Training
Activists Slam Neo-Colonialism in the Pacific

Ken Fry - Politician on a mission for Timor

Cast-off computers are finding a second life bringing Third World

UNMIT Daily Media Review

15 October
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Late Night Live in Timor-Leste

Late Night Live in Timor-Leste
In early October, Phillip Adams went to Timor-Leste to gather material for a special series of radio programs to be broadcast on Late Night Live starting on Monday 22 October 2007. Find out more...

UNMIT: UN Staff Member Testifies before Court in Timor-Leste

UNDP: Coordinating the Environmental Agenda in Timor-Leste
UNDP Takes The Lead In Campaign Against Poverty And Inequality
UNDP: Ministry of Health receives a newly rehabilitated building from UNDP to be used by the National AIDS Commission

Concern marks World Food Day in Timor Leste

Howard's way? Public opinion as an influence on Australia's engagement with Asia

Timor-Leste Between a Rock and a Hard Place: former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri’s visit to Indonesia

Belun/IFES: Election Violence Education and Resolution (EVER) in Timor-Leste FINAL REPORT
JSMP: Electoral Complaints during the General Elections of 2007 in Timor-Leste

G and E Timor Tourism Directory

Arena: Making Modernity in Timor-Leste

Petroleum Fund Consultative Council's letter to the President of the National Parliament

Video - Jeff Winters on E Timor (part 4) all parts can be accessed from this link http://youtube.com/results?search_query=winters+gontha&search=Search

Transitional Budget as submitted to Parliament  by the Ministry of Finance, July-December 2007 via Lao Hamutuk see also their collection of documents from Timor-Leste's Fourth Constitutional Government

Audio - Timor Leste's Petroleum fund with Jennifer Drysdale
Thesis: Petroleum Revenue Management in Timor-Leste by Jennifer Drysdale

Audio - Tim Anderson: Timor Leste (Cuban doctors,Petroleum,ADF

UNDP: Ministry of Health receives a newly rehabilitated

AUSGOV: Diplomatic Appointment - Ambassador to East Timor

Late Night Live in East Timor blog
Asia Foundation: From Timor-Leste: Fostering a New Generation

Security Council Report: Peacebuilding Commission Special Reportl
UN: Timor President Calls on UN To Stay on to Help Country

RDTL: Organic law for new gov't structure

Inside Indonesia: Aceh - Two Years of Peace (special issue)

USGOV: Foreign Military Training: Joint Report to Congress, Fiscal Years 2006 and 2007

United Nations System in Timor-Leste - Briefing Kit
OCHA: TL Humanitarian Update 21 September - 03 October 2007
IFRC: Timor-Leste: taking health messages into communities

NZDF: A coffee drinker’s mission to Timor-Leste

ADB: Country Operations Business Plan 2008-2010
IFC: Doing Business project Timor page
Interpeace Timor-Leste programme highlighted by Bill Clinton

Friends of Aileu September 2007 Update

LH: RDTL Appeals Court finds Clemency Law unconstitutional
LH: New gov't Natural Resource Policies

The IV Constitutional Government program in Portuguese and English
TLGOV: Decree law on structure of new government (in Portuguese)
Fretilin: Statement by Aniceto Guterres on the Occasion of the Closing of Discussion of the Gov't Program

NZGOV: Timor-Leste leads talks with Portugal
ADB/WB: Economic and Social Development Brief

AID/Watch: ADF Operating Illegally In East Timor
East Timor: DSP calls for Australian troops’ withdrawal

Dili In Black And White

UNMIT: Int'l Peace Day Message

Connect East Timor - Newsletter
Timor-Leste Health Sector Resilience Study
UNDP: Australia Scales Up Its Support to Parliament
UNDP Timor-Leste: News Monthly September 2007
AAI focuses on the island of Ataruo
Footy promoting peace in East Timor
IDMC: Timor-Leste: unfulfilled protection and assistance needs hamper the return of the displaced

Petroleum Fund annual report

Timor-Leste's Força 2020 military plan

October 7 -13

ETimor passes transitional budget

Timorese gangs paid to kill

Progress 'very slow' in truth and friendship body

Bidders sought again for mature East Timor oil fields

UN: Petitioners on W Sahara talk Timor

More Than 100,000 Timorese Remain in IDP Camps
For East Timor's displaced, the return home is slow

Reform of Indonesian military still too slow: NGOs

UNMIT Daily Media Review

8 October
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11 October

I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.

Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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September 27 - October 6

Former militia leader admits killing two nuns, priest 
Commission on Truth and Friendship Hearings in Dili 
Truth and Friendship Commission winds up hearings 
The Commission of Truth and Friendship Instrumenting Impunity

East Timorese Set To Become World Citizens 
A transitional budget in East Timor 
East Timor probing grenade blast close to Australian embassy 
East Timor arrests alleged hit squad leader 

Relations with a new nation, How far South East is New Delhi prepared to go? 

Oil: Timor's Double-Edged Sword
Timor Leste speeds up imposition of border crossers pass

West Timor's forgotten crisis 
TNI Reports- Violence Against Civilians; Prostitution Racket [+Pace of Reforms]

UNMIT Daily Media Review

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