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A Letter from
Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

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WPAT/ETAN Urge Meaningful Pressure on Jakarta for Papuan Rights

Excerpts from Timor-Leste's CAVR Report on the Carrascalao House Massacre (April 17, 1999) East Timorese Deserve Justice! Statement by ETAN on the Anniversary of the Liquiça Massacre

Comments on the U.S. Department of State Country reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008

Obama's Indonesia question: Will the US president continue unrestricted aid to Indonesia’s military?

NGO Letter to UN Security Council on Justice and Accountability (also Tetum)

Groups Write Secretary of State Clinton on Eve of Her Visit to Indonesia (also Bahasa Indonesia)

ETAN urges dropping of defamation charges against Timorese editor

HAK Association: Court Decision in Defamation Case of Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro SH

ETAN response to Admiral Dennis Blair's Statements to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Joint Letter on Recent Papua Human Rights Cases - Buktar Tabuni (arrested) and Mr. Yosias Syet (murdered)

Foreign Policy in Focus - Obama: Stand Up to the Indonesian Military

TAPOL: The Multi-Choice Elections (Indonesian elections 2009: The contenders, parties and candidates)

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April 15 - 25

Foreign Advisors - Remuneration
"B" Alleges Justice Minister used another's company to buy Prison Guard Uniforms

East Timorese WWII help remembered

TIMOR LESTE Former gang members form church choir

Deputy PM Carrascalao- “Every Ministry has Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (KKN)”

East Timor's policy of appeasement towards Indonesia

RI to Push for Common Fund To Help Preserve Region's Coral Reefs
Indonesia, Timor Leste border air space secured

Clinton on Indonesia and W Papua at House Foreign Affairs Committee

Activists' Families Warn Major Parties of Mixing With Rights Violators
Promises, Pitfalls on the Path to End Forced Disappearance
PDI-P Chooses Prabowo as Megawati's Running Mate

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East Timor Legal News

24 April 2009
23 April 2009
21 April 2009
20 April 2009
17 April 2009

I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.a.

Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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April 10 - 16 

Cries for Justice in East Timor

Translation of Press with Dr. Mari Alkatiri in Lisbon
Timor Leste's president of national parliament graces Dagupan 'bangus festival'

Kiwis mourn death of tumour surgery toddler

East Timor Legal News 15 & 16 April 2009

Protection rackets on the rise in East Timor
JRH endorses President Obama’s call for the end of nuclear weapons
ST in East Timor- Tourism Offers Fresh Hope For A Healing Nation

Indonesia is ready and should ratify the ICC
RI told by NGO to renegotiate German loans for warships, as it constitutes an "odious debt"
Suharto Libel Award Overturned [3 updates]
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OilEx - Large Volume Prospects in Timor Sea Confirmed

Groups, gangs, and armed violence in Timor-Leste

Video - Al Jazeera People & Power - East is East

Indonesian Victims ’ Congress: “We Will Never Stop Demanding Justice”

Documents from 2009 Timor-Leste and Development Partners Meeting collected by Lao Hamutuk including statements from the NGO Forum and Rede Foto (Women's Network)

2008 State Dept. Country Report on Human Rights Practices for Indonesia; Timor-Leste
ETAN/WPAT: Comments on the U.S. Department of State Country reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008

East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin - What happens when abortion is illegal (April 5)

Women for Peace Conference March 5-6. 2009 Dili Timor-Leste

Timor Today weekly TV online news service for Timor-Leste

TAPOL protests defamation charges against Timorese journalist

LH: Power Plant and National Electrical Grid Mega-project or mega-problem?

UNMIT welcomes new UNPOL Commissioner

Prospects for Vanilla Agribusiness Development

Women pessimistic about their prospects in Indonesian elections 25 February 2009 - TAPOL press release

Timor-Leste Armed Violence Assessment Issue Brief: An Historical Perspective on Arms in Timor-Leste

Oxfam et al: Timor-Leste food security baseline survey report

Caritas: Tackling food security in East Timor

Diminishing Conflict in Timor-Leste

TLGov: Statement by Emilia Pires to IMF Board of Governors

TAPOL: The Rise and Fall of Military Candidates in the Indonesian Elections

UNMIT Press Briefing with Aniceto Neves: Coordinator for Peace Building of HAK Association

Ramos-Horta Speaks at UN General Assembly (25 September)
UN: T-L entering period of peace, its leader tells high-level

Timor-Leste Armed Violence Assessment
Small Arms Survey: Commentary on the Draft Arms Law in Timor-Leste

April 2 - 13

What happens when abortion is illegal

A Decade On, East Timor Remembers Liquica Massacre [+Families Lament Lack Of Justice]

How E. Timor Smartly Manages Its Oil and Gas Wealth
A decade on, East Timor is still linked to Indonesia
Anniversary of Cuban Medical Brigade Marked in Timor Leste

Indonesian Artist Adopts Local Talents

NCGUB's East Timor trip and plans on transition

Regional press freedom groups alarmed by Timor Leste's draft media laws
Ramos-Horta suspect fears unfair trial
E Timor rice subsidy criticised by bank
East Timor To Learn From Local Elections
Australian Press Council concerned about licensing journalists in ET

Timor Leste interim First Lady comes home to Dagupan
Power Situation Better, But Problems Lie Ahead
35 bags of MTCI rice Illegally Entered Atambua

PDI-P Forms Coalition with Gerindra, Hanura [+PPP; JP Insight; Chaos in Banyumas]
Indonesia's Ex-Generals Seek Comeback - By Vote [+So Is E. Timor Militia Leader]
Aceh Local Parties Seek Full Implementation of Helsinki Pact After Poll Victories
Eleven killed in Papua as series of incidents mars voting day
Basking In A Bilateral Bubble As The Reality Of Indonesia Gets Airbrushed

East Timor Legal News 9 April 2009
East Timor Legal News 2 April 2009

May 2009 (and late April)
March 2009
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Links to ongoing sources of news about East Timor


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