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May 1 - 14

May 15 - 21
House members write Albright on militia violence
Guns and Terror
Resistance says it will only hand over weapons to UN
ETISC - Getting Away with Murder 4 part report
Catholic church in East Timor to be neutral in August vote
Japanese envoy asks Habibie to assure stability in East Timor
Press release by UN spokesperson in Dili
Pro-Indonesia militias attack houses in East Timor capital
Resistance leader says people cannot vote freely
Timorese guerrilla leader criticizes UN over New York accord
Bitter harvest as murder gangs strip fields of men
Half of militias from W Timor Horta
Jakarta says restoring security in East Timor a priority
Indonesia to purchase radar equipment from Netherlands
Suratman Deplore UN Press Release
Timor militias force 35,000 to flee
ETAN/US Sues New York City Center for Constitutional Rights

East Timor Group Files Suit over Refusal to Rename Street NY Times
Indonesia still responsible for law and order in E Timor
Letter - Work to Do For E Timor Washington Post
Low-profile election campaign starts in troubled East Timor
Timorese resistance does not believe guerrillas attacked soldiers

AI EXTRA 62-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety
East Timor referendum budget to total 53 million dollars
ETHRC- UA 5-99 Disappearances in Bazartete
ETHRC UA 4-99 Violations in Suai, Bobonaro & Ermera
U.N. Says Timor Militias Training For More Attacks
Unions plan industrial action over Timor
Caught red-handed- Jakarta's assassins
Indonesia Moves E. Timor Referendum Up A Day To Aug. 7

On Indonesia moving consultation date
Ireland's Andrews on E Timor
Ramos-Horta seeking Suharto's arrest
Statement of the East Timorese Students
Timor militia attack 'stalled by UN presence'
UN mission biased, says Indonesia
Observer sceptical of military's neutrality
A Doctor in E Timor - Diary of an Eyewitness

May 22 - 30
"Eurico Guterres should be arrested"
"We will accept a 51 percent victory"
USGOV - Albright on E Timor
UN Press Briefing - May 21, 1999
Indonesian troops paying militias in dud notes  - priest claims
UN- SG Report to Security Council - May 22, 1999
20 ETimorese students remain missing in wake of militia attack
Alatas rejects Aust. as venue for Dare 2
AI EXTRA 62-99 EAST TIMOR Torture - ill-treatment
AI UA 117-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety

Kopassus accused of Timor slaughter
Nobel laureate Horta launches Pinochet-style suit against Suharto
'Show me proof' of rogue military - Habibie
UN to send some 280 police advisers to East Timor
UN- G. Assembly Comm. Authorizes up to $35 million to start
UNHCR visits East Timor
UN- May 24 Press Briefing Transcript
AI UA 120-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety
AI UA 121-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety
Six foreign envoys hold talks with jailed ETimorese leader
Timor cry for help as UN flies in - Bishop Nascimento
Wiranto says troops blameless
Belo denies church wanted new ballot date
Five percent of East Timorese refugees - aid worker
Photos reveal violent history
UN warns East Timor pro-autonomy groups of campaign rules
Australia to open East Timor consulate
UN falls out with Australia in row over guns for police advisers
East Timor resistance 'still too scared to campaign'
Exclusive interview with Ramos-Horta
Killings-Disapperances in Atara
Religious procession fired on - 1 dead
US Delays Arrival of UN Police Monitors
Former general admits he led attack on Balibo
Timor church plea as 200 feared killed
UN Sec.Council DRAFT resolution on UNAMET
A New Kind of Hell
ET Voices of Terror

May 1 - 14
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