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September 19 - 30

September 1 - 4
British media now focusing on Hawk aircraft sold to Indonesia
Pressure to stop British arms sales to Indonesia

Chinese legacy of fear in Dili
Journalist Jonathan Head - "I'm lucky to be alive"
JOURNALISTS UNDER SIEGE - Letter to Indonesian President Habibe from Committee to Protect Journalists
Militiamen Attack U.N. Headquarters In E.Timor

Parliamentarians for East Timor statement on UN Ballot in E Timor
On the Implementation of the Popular Consultation Independent Committee for Direct Ballot Monitoring

Suspend All Non-Humanitarian Aid Until Militias Brought UnderControl - Human Rights Watch
The People of East Timor Vote in the Face of Violence
The Indonesian Torture Industry - MoJo News Wire
No Takers For E.Timor Policing Action
Portuguese PM urges Indonesia to disarm militias
Two UN workers killed Thursday, Indonesia promises troop action
World press condemns Indonesia
20 killed as militia roam Maliana
27 British NGOs call for peacekeeping troops in Timor
Indonesia's financial backers question violence in East Timor
Economic sanctions to pressure Indonesia
E.Timor Votes Overwhelmingly To Break Its Ties With Indon
Indonesian military planning more East Timor violence
"Militia are burning everything" UN Staff Evacuates Some Areas
Pressure mounts for peacekeepers in East Timor
Ramos Horta calls on World Bank, US to impose "comprehensive sanctions"
Text of UN chief Kofi Annan's statement on East Timor
US rejects call for U.N. to send peacekeepers
78.5% vote for independence

Indonesia 'Risks Disaster' To Int'l Reputation - Secretary of State Albright
Australia responsible for E Timor, says US
Evidence of Collusion Between Militias and Military
Indonesia accepts Timor ballot result - President Habibe
Militias can't stop independence - Jamsheed Marker, UN envoy
U.S. citizen shot in East Timor - U.N. sources; Reports of massacre
Indonesia's Test - Washington Post Editorial
Unmasking the business interests behind the pro-Jakarta militias

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

September 5 - 11
Urgent report from IFET-OP

E. Timor terror is an Indon military operation
Catholic Bishops - Injustice that Cries out for Action

100s of heads on poles, mutilated corpses - reports from the terror-stricken
Feared 'Kopassus' unit may be behind Timor terror
Script for reign of terror written in Jakarta
"Ethnic cleansing will empty E.Timor if no aid comes" Bishop Belo
Britons trapped by gunfire describe their ordeal in E.Timor
Interview with eyewitness in Dili - soldiers looting and burning
Timorese massacred in a church
Intervention or "We are all going to die" Timorese bishops
UA-1199 Priests-Nuns Killed URGENT ACTION

Aid agencies warn of Timor 'starvation on massive scale'
Army provokes militia attack on Red Cross and church
Britons trapped by gunfire describe their ordeal in E.Timor
Former commander doubts TNI neutrality in East Timor
Indonesia debt little affected by E.Timor chaos
Interview w-eyewitness in Dili - soldiers looting and burning
Militias attack UN refugee officials inside W. Timor camp

Outraged US senators urge cut off loans, military aid to Indon
Timorese massacred in a church
Timorese bishops - intervention or "We are all going to die"
UNICEF chief deplores barbaric slaughter in E Timor
Vatican official joins calls for peacekeeping force in East Timor
Clinton demands Indonesia accept international force
East Timorese rounded up in Java, says bishop
IMF Fumes As It Waits For Indonesia Scandal Report
Militias kill Xanana Gusmao's father
Nun haunted by terror she witnessed in Dili
Priests and nuns the latest victims of pro-Jakarta militias

Petroz warns of Timor Gap oil project delay
Bishop Belo accuses Indonesia of genocide in E.Timor
Systematic extermination of priests and nuns

UA-1499 Pro-independence leaders persecuted

UA-1099 Disappearances-Death Threats
IMF suspends talks on economic program with Indonesia
New statement from Noam Chomsky on East Timor
UN- Indonesia could be held responsible for crimes against humanity
Army-backed militias now in W. Timor too - Human Rights Watch
Britain suspends sale of Hawk jets to Indonesia
Clinton suspends U.S. military sales to Indonesia
'Stacks of bodies went up to the roof'
TNI unfazed by Western moves to cut military ties
Western intelligence agencies knew of impending slaughter

September 12 - 19
Kissinger's ghost haunts East Timor - Anthony Lewis
E Timor women committing suicide to avoid being raped - Ramos Horta
Indonesia agrees to allow peacekeeping force into East Timor
Indonesia likely to stall, impose unacceptable conditions
Jesuit priest who refused to leave refugees murdered in E Timor
UA13-99 Dare refugees atacked
UN human rights chief calls for E Timor war crimes tribunal
'Blood of victims seeped out of church' - Nun
Rape used over and over as a systematic torture
UA 1499 - Refugee Crisis in West Timor
UA 15-99 - Rev Francisco de Vasconcelos Ximenes confirmed killed
Amnesty I- Detailed testimony from 2 East Timorese refugees
Bodies burn, refugees starve - fears of 'final solution'
Eyewitness hiding in W.Timor - 'great human disaster'looming
Report of Security Council Mission to Jakarta and Dili
ABC transcript - interview w-Alan Nairn under detention in Dili
Campaign For Release of US Journalist Nairn Gains Momentum Nairn family interviewed; letter from Committee to Protect Journalists
OMCT Case IDN-TMP 150999 - East Timor-Indonesia
UN Press Release - SC Authorizes Multinational Force in ET
Appeals for UN mandate to be extended to West Timor
Death List; Refugees Slaughtered; Bombers leaving West Timor - East Timor Human Rights Centre
Fear over Indon plan to move refugees to islands
Half a million displaced in E. and W. Timor - UNICEF
Indonesian Regime to Prosecute U.S. Journalist Allan Nairn Faces Imprisonment
Text of Statement to Security Council - Mary Robinson (High Commissioner for Human Rights
Media Release - Militias- the fall guys? Does the Indonesian army want them talking?
Refugees being hunted throughout Indon islands - aid agency
In Jakarta, News of Timor Is Barely a Blip
Militias Vow To Kill U.N. Timor Troops; New Wave of Massacres Feared
TEXT of UNCHR Report on East Timor
UNHCR chief Ogata to visit Jakarta, possibly West Timor
UN&RC Eyewitnesses Confirm TNI Participation In Destruction

West Timorese rebelling to help refugees - reports
Children executed as militia rampage continues - UN
The Nations Contributing To UN Force
US aided Indon military in covert programme - report
UA-999 Arbitrary Detention of Aniceto Lopes Guterres

September 19 - 30

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Postings of Human Rights Violations in East Timor

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