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Mai Kolia Tetun - A Beginner's Course in Tetum-Praça, the Lingua Franca of East TimorB30 Mai Kolia Tetun - A Beginner's Course in Tetum-Praça, the Lingua Franca of East Timor  SOLD OUT!

By Geoffrey Hull. 18 lessons in a self-taught course to teach basic vocabulary and structure.
3rd edition. 1999.

Published by Caritas Australia and the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council. 342 pp. $75


B31 CDs to accompany Ma Kolia Tetun
18 lessons and pronunciation guide to accompany the above book, on three one-hour audio cds.
University of Sydney Language Centre, Australia. 1996. $60

Tetun Dili: A GrammarB97 Tetun Dili: A Grammar of an East Timorese Language
by Catharina Williams-van Klinken, John Hajek and Rachel Nordlinger

This grammar describes the basic structure of Tetun Dili (a first language in Dili, East Timor and the lingua franca throughout country), covering phonology and morphology, as well as phrase-, clause- and sentence-level syntax. It is based on a corpus of both spoken and written texts, supplemented by elicitation. While the focus is primarily on the spoken language, comparisons are made with both written and liturgical varieties. In contrast to the more conservative Tetun Terik variety, Tetun Dili shows strong Portuguese influence after centuries of contact, particularly in its lexicon and phonology.

Pacific Linguistics. 2002. 132 pp. $40

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Standard Tetum English DictionaryB68 Standard Tetum - English Dictionary     SOLD OUT!
by Geoffrey Hull

A comprehensive and modern Tetum-English dictionary, with over 28,000 entries. Dictionary is one direction: Tetum to English.

Allen Unwin. 1999. 340 pp. $50


Tetun English Word FincerB83 Word-Finder, English-Tetun/Tetun-Ingles
A pocket-size mini-dictionary of Tetun/English. With some 4500 Tetun entries and 4900 English ones, it is aimed at beginner and intermediate level learners of both languages. It includes mainly words of general interest which are widely used in everyday life. Sentry Lingua, Dili Institute of Technology, 2008. 147 pp. $10

Short English -Tetum DictionaryB53 Short English -Tetum Dictionary
by Geoffrey Hull

2nd expanded edition, 2003. Sydney: SAS Project. 110 pp. $30


Concise English-Tetum DictionaryB99 Concise English-Tetum Dictionary
by Geoffrey Hull

Comprehensive dictionary containing concise, up-to-date definitions, making the vocabulary of Tetum accessible to English speakers, and providing speakers of Tetum with a user-friendly guide to English. All Tetum words are printed in official standard spelling. Dictionary is one direction: English to Tetum.

Sebastiao Aparicio da Silva Project. 2006. 379 pp. $75

Tetum Reference GrammarB98 Tetum Reference Grammar
by Geoffrey Hull and Lance Eccles

The Tetum Reference Grammar presents a comprehensive description of the language in a clear and accessible format designed for the student and the general reader, with minimal linguistic jargon and plenty of examples to illustrate the various points of grammar. With glossary. Revised edition.

Sebastiao Aparicio da Silva Project and Instituto Nacional de Linguista, Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa'e.
2004, 246
pp. $60


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