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Watch The Act of Killing on PBS
Take Action for Justice on U.S. Support for Mass Violence in Indonesia

Sign ETAN's Petition: Release the Records, Acknowledge the Crimes of 1965/66 Mass Violence in Indonesia

Sign ETAN's Petition to U.S. Government

Release the Records, Acknowledge the Crimes of 1965/66 Mass Violence in Indonesia


ETAN Backgrounder
Breaking the Silence:
The U.S. and Indonesia's Mass Violence  

ANTI: Welcome to Timor-Leste SBY! “Don’t wash your hands of the Crimes Against Humanity that occurred between 1975-1999 in Timor-Leste”

ETAN Statement on 2014 Indonesian Election

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Groups Urge Any New Government of Indonesia
to Pursue Justice and Respect Rights

Rilis Media: Kelompok-kelompok yang Mendesak Pemerintah Baru Indonesia  untuk Mengejar Keadilan dan Menghormati Hak Asasi

Allan Nairn and Prabowo:

Prabowo, Part 3: The NSA, Militia Terror, Aceh, Servants, and "Slaves"

Breaking News: Indonesian Special Forces, Intelligence, in Covert Operation to Influence Election;
Bahasa Indonesia: Operasi Rahasia Kopassus dan BIN Untuk Mempengaruhi Hasil Pemilu

Prabowo, Part 2: "I was the Americans' fair-haired boy." The Nationalist General and the United States;  
Bahasa Indonesia: Prabowo Bagian 2: “Saya anak kesayangan Amerika.” Sang Jenderal Nasionalis dan Amerika Serikat.

Part 1: "Do I have the guts," Prabowo asked, "am I ready to be called a fascist dictator?";
Bahasa Indonesia: "Apa saya cukup punya nyali," tanya Prabowo, "apa saya siap jika disebut 'diktator fasis'?"

Nairn on Democracy Now!: Nairn Threatened for Exposing Indonesia Pres. Candidate’s Role in Mass Killing

Timorese journalist José Belo protests media law.

LH, ETAN, et al: Timor-Leste President
Urged to Veto Restrictive Media Law


ANTI: 34th Commemoration of the Marabia Incident (10 June 1980) and International Widows Day

ANTI: “Families of the Victim continue to live with uncertainty”

ANTI's Observations of the 2014 Commemoration of the Liquicsa Massacre

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postcard to World Bank, found deep in the archives. #taok

latest postcard from the deep archives This one a thanks to Time Magazine

Postcard to ExxonMobil, found deep in the archives. #taok

TNI writes Freeport McMoRan a note of thanks.

'Thank you cards' from Indonesia found buried deep in the archives, well in the back of a file cabinet. Click on each to read and for more information and background.

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ETAN projects images from the Oscar-nominated documentary THE ACT OF KILLING on World Bank headquarters

 Jaringan Aksi Timor Leste dan Indonesia/East Timor and Indonesia Action Network menyorotkan film unggulan Oscar, “Jagal”, di dinding kantor pusat Bank Dunia

Photo by Dakota Bell.

Attention media: For high quality photos and video footage of the action, contact John M. Miller, +1-718-596-7668

The Act of Killing
Order the documentary here and support ETAN

Join the Say Sorry for 65 Campaign

Blu-Ray (2 discs) DVD (2 discs)

West Papua Report August 2014 West Papua Report September 2014: Timor and West Papua, Journalists detained, Bintuni Bay, Jokowi prospects, freedom of expression

West Papua Report August 2014: Jokowi and Papuan rights, Papua votes and doesn't, activist flees, political prisoners released, Freeport deal, students protest in Java, new anti-reform Army Chief of Staff

Rights groups call on MSG to allow West Papuans to claim their Melanesian identity

Free Papua Political Prisoners
Support the Appeal of Filep Karma's Daughter
Sign the petition

Indonesia and the School of the Americas

President Obama cancelled his trip to Indonesia, because of the budget crisis in the U.S. Our criticisms of U.S. policy toward Indonesia remain; the policy must change.

ETAN Urges President Obama to Put Human Rights at Center of U.S.-Indonesia Relations During Upcoming Visit to Indonesia

West Papua Advocacy Team Open Letter to President Obama

Hold Kissinger Accountable leaflet: Educate about Kissinger's role in Indonesia's illegal and brutal invasion of East Timor and Indonesia's annexation of West Papua Print out and distribute at future demonstrations (PDF)

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The West Papua Report
News and analysis from the West Papua Advocacy Team and ETAN

West Papua map

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West Papua Report (monthly)

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Background on East Timor & U.S. Policy

In 2012, ETAN was awarded the government of Timor-Leste's highest honor - Ordem de Timor-Leste.

Special Honors and Awards to ETAN and ETAN activists

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ETAN is a U.S.-based grassroots organization working in solidarity with the peoples of Timor-Leste (East Timor), West Papua and Indonesia. ETAN provides information about, and ways to help, Timor-Leste, which was invaded and subjugated by U.S. ally Indonesia in 1975. East Timor chose independence in August 1999 and was soon destroyed by the Indonesian military. Timor-Leste finally became independent on May 20, 2002.  ETAN educates, organizes, and advocates for justice for historic and ongoing crimes against humanity, war crimes, and human rights violations in East Timor, West Papua, and Indonesia. ETAN supports democratic reconstruction of Timor-Leste. ETAN supports restrictions on military assistance to Indonesia in order to support democracy and justice.

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