Subject: east timor headlines/25June2001

Bahasa Indonesia headlines ­ Monday 25 June 2001

1. Lautem hit by flash floods 
2. Youth group to nominate Xanana as country’s president 
3. Luciana Mancini: Civic education campaign will be through the media 
4. Udayana Commander to meet UNTAET over refugees

1. Lautem hit by flash floods (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline)

Continuous rain for 24 hours in Lospalos district caused widespread flooding which washed away at least 100 houses and several bridges. At least 570 people are now homeless.

This was ststed in a press release issued by the PKF headquarters late Saturday.

“PKF members from Korea are assisting in relief efforts for the flood victims and are cooperating with UNTAET through the Lospalos district administrator,” said Captain Jeff Squire in the press release.

The PKF spokesperson said the Korean battalion (ROKBATT) also deployed a rapid response team to help evacuate 200 people who were trapped by a landslide. The rapid response team also administered medical aid to the victims.

Because of the floods, ROKBATT had to cancel their Korean War Memorial Ceremony scheduled on 23 June to concentrate on providing aid and medical help to the Lautem flood victims.

2. Youth group to nominate Xanana as country’s president (Suara Timor Lorosae, front page second lead)

The youth organization Juventude Maubere Timor Loro Sae (JHS-Ojumatil), for the thrid time, nominated Xanana Gusmao as Timor Lorosae’s first president.

The written statement, signed by JHS-Ojumatil coordinator Alfredo da Conceicao, also supported the dissolution of CNRT.

“We support the dissolution of CNRT and the handing over of the political process to the political parties taking part in the 30 August election. The party which has the largest number of votes will play a big role in forming the new government. However, we want the party concerned to nominate Xanana Gusmao as the country’s first president,” said the statement.

The youth organization also made a call for the quick ending of the transition period so that the Timorese people could begin to run their own administration.

“We must shorten the transition period so that full independence can be achieved. Only then will the wheels of economic development turn and only then can we enjoy the fruits of our struggle for independence.”

3. Luciana Mancini: Civic education campaign will be through the media (Suara Timor Lorosae, front page third lead)

The National Information Coordinator for Civic Education Luciana Mancini said on Friday that her unit had made full preparations to disseminate information on civic education -- namely issues with regard to the political transition; problems concerning democracy; and voter education ­ to the people.

“The programs will be made available through VCDs and television and advertised through the print media and other outlets to catch the people’s attention,” said Luciana in a press conference.

Luciana said the civic education program, in Tetun, will kick-off between 24 June till 1 July in all the districts.

Among the events planned in the civic education program for the week are a photography exhibition by Timor Lorosae photographers and a poster competition.

“These events are being planned with the Independent Electoral Commission based on the theme ‘Why It’s Important To Vote; Why It’s Important To Cast Your Vote’,” said Luciana.

4. Udayana Commander to meet UNTAET over refugees (Suara Timor Lorosae, front page fourth lead)

The Indonesian Udayana Commander Maj Gen William da Costa will meet UNTAET’s Chief of Staff Parameswaran Nagalingam in Kupang today to discuss the registration of refugees.

In a press conference, Deputy West Timor Governor Dr Johanis Pake Pani said though 98 per cent of the refugees opted to stay behind in Indonesia during the 6-7 June registration, they might, however, change their minds.

“Because of this all parties concerned must be able to facilitate their return back home and UNTAET, too, must create conducive conditions in Timor Lorosae for their return,” said Dr Johanis.

Dr Johanis said Maj Gen William da Costa’s meeting with Parameswaran will concentrate on these issues.

He said the West Timor government could only support 6,000 refugee families because of the province’s limited resources.

“In West Timor it is difficult to get land for new settlers and there is little possibility that scarce land will be given to these refugees,” added Dr Johanis.

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