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Alphabetical by Author  (links take you to descriptions and to order)

A Boy and the Crocodile: The Legend of East Timor Unfinished Nation: Indonesia Before and After Suharto Tetun Dili: A Grammar Xanana by Sara Niner Peace of Wall Beloved Land: Stories, Struggles and Secrets from Timor-Lete Tetun English Word Fincer

B99 - A Boy and the Crocodile: The Legend of East Timor; Labarik Ho Lafaek: Aik-nanoik id husi Timor-Leste

B83- Word-Finder, English-Tetun/Tetun-Ingles

B104- Laura S. Abrantes & Beba Sequeira, Secrecy: The Key to Independence  2012, 102 pp. $45

B15 - Mark Achbar, editor, Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media 250 pp. Black Rose Books, Montreal, 1994. $22

B11 - George Aditjondro, In the Shadow of Mt. Ramelau: The Impact of the Occupation of East Timor
. Well-documented articles by courageous Indonesian professor. 96 pp. Netherlands, 1994. $20

B12 - Amnesty Int'l, Power and Impunity: Human rights under the New Order 126 pp. UK, 1994. $8

P31 - APCET, Suharto-ism is Alive and Well  special issue of APCET's Estafeta newsletter with contributions from CDPM, ETAN, ETISS, Constancio Pinto, PNS, PRD, Taur Matan Ruak, and more.APCET, June 1998. 35 pp. $5

B88 - Karin Arts and Pedro Pinto Leite (eds.), International Law and the Question of Western Sahara IPJET (International Platform of Jurists for East Timor. 2008. 352 p. $40

B40 - Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, The Road to Freedom: A Collection of Speeches, Pastoral Letters and Articles from 1997-2001 Caritas Australia and the Centre for Peace and Development Studies - East Timor. 2001. 72 pp. $5 paperback.

P25 - Frida Berrigan, Indonesia at the Crossroads: U.S. Weapons and Military Training, World Policy Institute . 2001 $3

B26 - Ross Bird, Inside Out East Timor. 168 pp,130 photos. Herman Press, Australia. July 1999. $60 hardcover, $40 paper

B49 - Elaine Briere - East Timor Testimony Photographs by Elaine Briere. 64 duotone photographs and original essays by nine authors, including Noam Chomsky, Charles Scheiner, Constancio Pinto, James Dunn, Ines Martins and Carmel Budiardjo. $35 

B56 - Canberra Union Voices, Songs of East Timor & Oceania 2005. 52 pages, spiral bound with audio CD. $25

B5 - Peter Carey and G. Carter Bentley, East Timor at the Crossroads: The Forging of a Nation Cassell/U. Hawaii, US, 1995. 259 pp. $20

B68 - CAVR, Chega! The Report of Commission on Reception, Truth and Reconciliation, CAVR, 16 pp. $5.

B69 - CAVR, Executive Summary of Chega! The Report of Commission on Reception, Truth and Reconciliation, CAVR, 215 pp. $15

B73 - CAVR, Rona Ami-nia Lia - Hear Our Voices 32 pp. $8 

B70 - CAVR, Timor-Leste: Women and the Conflict - National Public Hearing April 28-29, 2003, CAVR, 64 pp. $8

B71 - CAVR, Timor-Leste: Massacres - National Public Hearing, November 19 -21, 2003, CAVR, 64 pp. $8

B72 - CAVR, Timor-Leste: Forced Displacement and Famine - National Public Hearing July 28-29, 2003 CAVR, 64 pp. $8

B80 - Paul Cleary, Shakedown: Australia's Grab for Timor Oil, Allen and Unwin. Australia. 2007. 304 pp. $35

B35 - Noam Chomsky, Rogue States The Rule of Force in World Affairs South End Press, 2000, 264 pages 2000. Paperback $16.00

P2 - Noam Chomsky, Allan Nairn, Constancio Pinto and Reed Brody, Transcript of 12/95 program at Columbia University $4 

B89  Jude Conway (editor), Step by Step: Women of East Timor, Stories of Resistance and Survival Charles Darwin University Press 2010. 241 pp. $44

B6 - Steve Cox, Generations of Resistance: East Timor Photographs, with a 45-page historical introduction by Peter Carey. Cassell, UK, 1995. Large format, 120 pp. $39.50 

B87 - Irena Cristalis, East Timor: A Nation's Bitter Dawn Zed Books. 2009 384 pp. $35

B39 - Irena Cristalis, Bitter Dawn: East Timor - A People's Story Zed Press. 2002. 306 pp. $25

B58 - Irena Cristalis and Catherine Scott, Independent women. The story of women’s activism in East Timor CIIR 2005 198 pp. $25

B83 - Dili Institute of Technology, Word-Finder, English-Tetun/Tetun-Ingles 2008. 147 pp. $10

B103 Ros Dunlop, Sounds of the Soul: The Traditional Music of Timor-Leste/ Lian Husi Klamar: Musika Tradisional Husi Timor-Leste
with Lafaek Holds a Party coloring booklet

B43 - James Dunn, East Timor: A Rough Passage to Independence Longueville Press (Australia). May 2003. 424 pp. $35 paperback


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P15 - East Timor Human Rights Centre, "Escalating Violations in East Timor: Is a Peaceful Solution Possible?" Annual Report of Human Rights Violations in East Timor, 1998. Australia, February 1999. 46 pp. $5

P12 - East Timor Human Rights Centre, Human Rights Deteriorate in East Timor: Semi-Annual Report of Human Rights Violations, January - July 1997 Australia$4 

P18 - East Timor Human Rights Centre, Human Rights in East Timor: Indonesia Defies UN & the International Community Biannual Report of Human Rights Violations in East Timor January-June 1999. Australia, August 1999. $5 

P11 - East Timor Human Rights Centre, East Timor Human Rights Centre, Breaking the Cycle of Human Rights Violations in East Timor: Annual Report of Human Rights Violations, 1997 Australia, February 1998. 44 pp. $5

B62 - Geoffrey C. Gunn and Reyko Huang, New Nation: United Nations Peace-Building in East Timor Hong Kong, 2006. 209 pp. $25

P13 - ETAN, East Timor: A Matter of Faith. Resolutions by national US religious institutions on East Timor. ETAN, 1997. 12 pp. $1

P24 - ETAN, The Indonesian military occupation continues for East Timor's refugees... 2 years after choosing independence 2001 $3

P17 - ETAN, Paramilitary Violence in East Timor: Testimony from two Congressional hearings. ETAN, U.S., May 1999. 16 pp. $1

P9 - ETAN, Global Exchange, and Justice For All, Indonesia and East Timor: On the Verge of Change? Report from March 1998 fact-finding delegation. US. 15 pp. $4 

B18 - European Network Against Arms Trade, Indonesia: Arms Trade to a Military Regime Amsterdam, 1997. 124 pp. $8

B94 -Steven Farram (editor), Locating Democracy: Representation, Elections and Governance in Timor-Leste, Darwin, Australia, 2010, 70 pp. $30

B75 - Charles E. Farhadian, photographs by Stephan Babuljak, The Testimony Project: Papua, Penerbit Deiya. 2007. 125 pp. $20

B60 - Juan Federer, The UN in East Timor: Building Timor Leste, A Fragile State, Darwin. 2005. 134 pp. $40

P27 - Herb Feith, The East Timor Issue Since the Capture of Xanana Gusmao, December 1993 $5

B101 Clinton Fernandes, The Independence of East Timor: Multi-Dimensional Perspectives - Occupation, Resistance, and International Political Activism 2011, 274 pp. $35

B81- Clinton Fernandes, Reluctant Indonesian: Australia, Indonesia and the Future of West Papua Scribe. 2006. 138 pp. $22

B52 - Clinton Fernandes, Reluctant Saviour: Australia, Indonesia and the independence of East Timor Australia, 2004. 144 pages. Paperback. $25

B48 - Amy Goodman with David Goodman, The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media that Love Them. 2004. 352 pages. Hardcover $22; Paperback $12.

B64 - Dan Groshong, Timor-Leste Land of Discovery TAYO PHOTO GROUP Ltd. 2006. Hardcover, large-format, 189 pages. $50

B63 - Geoffrey C. Gunn, Complicity in Genocide: Report to the East Timor "Truth Commission" on International Actors Tipgrafia Macau Hung Heng. 2006. 242 pp. $25

B3 - Geoffrey C. Gunn, East Timor and the U.N.: The Case for Intervention Africa World Press, 1997. 240 pp. $20

B59 - Xanana Gusmão, Timor Lives! Speeches of Freedom and Independence, 2005. 250 pages. Longueville Press. $35

P8 - Bill Hartung & Jennifer Washburn, U.S. Arms Transfers to Indonesia 1975-1997: Who's Influencing Whom? Detailed report on US arms sales, World Policy Inst., 1997. 17 pp. $4

B36 - Christopher Hitchens, The Trial of Henry Kissinger Verso. 2001. 160 pages. Paperback $12

B7 - Liz Howells, The Timid and the Brave Otford. Australia, 2001. 25 pages, paperback. $20

B99 - Geoffrey Hull, Concise English-Tetum Dictionary, Sebastiao Aparicio da Silva Project. 2006. 379 pp. $75

B25 - Geoffrey Hull, TETUM Language Manual for East Timor University of Western Sydney, Australia. 1999. 120 pp. $10

B30 - Geoffrey Hull, Ma Kolia Tetun - A Beginner's Course in Tetum-Praça, the Lingua Franca of East Timor. Revised 1999. Published by Caritas Australia. 345 pp. $40. B31 - Audio CDs to accompany Ma Kolia Tetun. University of Sydney Language Centre, Australia. 1996. $60

B54 - Geoffrey Hull, Tetum Language Kit with CD. Manual Includes pronunciation guide, basic grammar, socio-cultural notes, phrase book, Tetum-English vocabulary, English-Tetum vocabulary. Companion CD has recordings of over 1000 useful English and Tetum phrases. By Geoffrey Hull, 126 pp. $40

B53 - Geoffrey Hull, Short Tetum/English Dictionary, 2nd expanded edition, 2003. Sydney: SAS Project. 110 pp. $30

B68 - Geoffrey Hull, Standard Tetum - English Dictionary Allen Unwin. 1999. 340 pp. $50

B98 - Geoffrey Hull and Lance Eccles, Tetum Reference Grammar, Sebastiao Aparicio da Silva Project and Instituto Nacional de Linguista, Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa'e. 2004, 246 pp. $60

B37 - Inside Indonesia, Outside Indonesia: East Timor Special issue. July-September 2002. 34 pages, $5 magazine

P7 - International Trade Information Service, A Day in the Life of U.S.-Indonesia Trade Real Trade Profile, April 1995. 50 pp, $7

B13 - International Platform of Jurists for East Timor (PJET) International Law and the Question of East Timor 352 pp. CIIR/IPJET, UK, 1995. $40

B2 - Matthew Jardine, East Timor: Genocide in Paradise.  Odonian/Common Courage Press, U.S., 1999. (New Edition) 95 pp, $8

B100 - Jill Jolliffe, Balibo Scribe Publications  2009 416 pp  $25

B54 - Peter King, West Papua and Indonesia since Suharto: Independence, Autonomy or Chaos? University of NSW Press, 2004, 240 pages $25

B98 - Eben Kirksey, Freedom in Entangled World: West Papua and the Architecture of Global Power  Duke University Press, 2012, 305 pp. $25

B23 - Arnold S. Kohen, From the Place of the Dead: The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo of East Timor 331 pp, hardcover. St. Martin's Press, U.S., 1999. $28

B86 - Max Lane, Unfinished Nation: Indonesia Before and After Suharto Verso. 2008. 312 pp. $30

B65 - Maire Leadbeater, Negligent Neighbour New Zealand's Complicity in the Invasion and Occupation of Timor-Leste 280 pp. Craig Potten, New Zealand. $35

P29 - Timor Este - 20 años de ocupación 20 años de resistencia. illustrated (in Portugues) La Paz es Posible en Timor Este,  1995. 50 pp. $5

B46 - Pedro Pinto Leite, The East Timor Problem and the Role of Europe 304 pp. International Platform of Jurists for East Timor, Netherlands/Portugal, 1998. Hardcover only, $15 for activists, $35 for others

B41 - Rowena Lennox, Fighting Spirit of East Timor: The Life of Martinho da Costa Lopes Pluto Press/Zed. 2001. $22.50 paperback

B34 - Ian Martin, Self-Determination in East Timor: The United Nations, the Ballot, and International Intervention Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2001, 171 pp. Paperback $14

B 53 - John Martinkus, Indonesia’s Secret War in Aceh Random House Australia. 2004. 352 pages, $35

B38 - John Martinkus, A Dirty Little War Random House Australia. 2001. 428 pages, $20 paperback

B82 - David Mearns (editor) Democratic Governance in Timor-Leste Charles Darwin University Press 2008. 270 pp. $35

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T-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeved shirts, mugs, water bottles, kid clothes,
bags, notebooks, kids clothes and more. Two designs!


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P4 - Nairn, Allan, Senate Testimony of on the Santa Cruz massacre, 1992. $1

B79 - Guteriano Neves, Charles Scheiner and Santina Soares Sunrise LNG in Timor-Leste: Dreams, Realities and Challenges A Report by La’o Hamutuk, Timor-Leste Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis, February 2008, 131 pages
Printed copies (English) are available for $20, or CDs for $10

B55 - Joseph Nevins, A Not-So-Distant Horror: Mass Violence in East Timor 2005 Cornell University Press288 pages Paperback. $19 (see also Matthew Jardine)

B90 -  Sarah Niner, Xanana: Leader of the Struggle for Independent Timor-Leste Australian Scholarly Publishing 2010. 296 pp. $40

B45 - Ciaron O'Reilly, Remembering Forgetting Otford. 104 pages, paperback. $20

B92 - Chris Parkinson (foreword by Jose Ramos-Horta), Peace of Wall: Street Art from East Timor Affirm Press 2010 191 pp. Full-color, Flexibound $35

B1 - Constancio Pinto and Matthew Jardine, East Timor's Unfinished Struggle: Inside the Timorese Resistance 292 pp. South End Press, US, 1996. $16

B4 - Ramos-Horta, Jose, Funu: The Unfinished Saga of East Timor 208 pp. Red Sea Press, US, 1987. $15

B78 - Naldo Rei - Resistance: A Childhood Fighting for East Timor, U.Q.P. Australia. 2008. 352 pages. $45

B105 - Gordon Peake, Beloved Land: Stories, Struggles and Secrets from Timor-Leste Scribe, 2013, 250 pp. $40

B67 - Reid, Anthony, editor, Verandah of Violence The Background to the Aceh Problem 423 pp. Paper $30

B96 - Geoffrey Robinson, "If You Leave Us Here, We Will Die": How Genocide Was Stopped in East Timor  Princeton University Press 2010 344 pages $25 paperback

P5 - Charles Scheiner, Report from the Manila Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timor, June 1994. $1.50

B57 - David Scott, Last Flight Out of Dili: Memoirs of an Accidental Activist in the Triumph of East Timor 2005. 414 pp., Pluto Press Australia. $35

B91 - Shirley Shackleton, The Circle of Silence: A personal testimony before, during and after Balibo 2010 Murdoch Books, 320 pp. $40

B83 - Sentry Lingua, Word-Finder, English-Tetun/Tetun-Ingles, Dili Institute of Technology, 2008. 147 pp. $10

B76 Dennis Shoesmith, The Crisis in Timor-Leste: Understanding the Past, Imagining the Future Charles Darwin University Press. 2007. 115 pp. $25

B50 - Patrick A. Smythe, The Heaviest Blow -The Catholic Church and the East Timor Issue 248 pages. $40

P30 - SOMET, Report of the Solidarity Observer Mission for East Timor on the Timor-Leste 2007 Parliament Election. color photos. 26 pp. 2007 $6

P28 - SOMET, Report of the Solidarity Observer Mission for East Timor (SOMET) on the first round of the Timor-Leste 2007 Presidential Elections. color photos. 13pp. 2007 $3

B47 - Kirsty Sword Gusmão, A Woman of Independence 2003 321 pp. $35

B61 - Richard Tanter, Desmond Ball, and Gerry van Klinken, editors, Masters of Terror: Indonesia's Military and Violence in East Timor Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 2006. 272 pp $26.95

B93 - Fr. Neles Tebay, Interfaith Endeavours for Peace in West Papua, Pontifical Mission Society, Aachen, Germany, 2006 76 pp. $5

B17 - John G. Taylor, Indonesia's Forgotten War: The Hidden History of East Timor (Politics in Contemporary Asia) Zed Books 1991 $20

P26 - United Nations, The United Nations and East Timor: Self-determination through popular consultation 97 pp. 2000 $6

B97 - Helene Van Klinken, Making Them Indonesians: Child Transfers Out of East Timor  2012 212 pp. $35

B97 - Catharina Williams-van Klinken, John Hajek and Rachel Nordlinger, Tetun Dili: A Grammar of an East Timorese Language

B22 - Rebecca Winters, Buibere: Voice of East Timorese Women Stories 106 pp. East Timor International Support Centre, Australia. 1999. Benefits Timor Aid, to assist victims of rape and torture in East Timor. $12

B14 - World Council of Churches, East Timor: Prospects for Peace 142 pp. Geneva, 1995. $7

B37 - Outside Indonesia: East Timor Special issue of Inside Indonesia. Inside Indonesia. July-September 2002. 34 pages, $5 magazine