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Unfinished Nation: Indonesia Before and After SuhartoGenocide and Resistance in Southeast Asia






















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East Timor: A Rough Passage to IndependenceA Woman of Independence - Kirsty Sword Gusmao
































 Timor Lives! by Xanana Gusmao

Congratulations to The Act of Killing on its Oscar Nomination
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V25 The Doctors of Tomorrow: A Documentary on the Timor Leste-Cuba Health Cooperation
A film by Tim Anderson

In 2003, Cuba agreed to provide scholarships for East Timorese to attend medical school in Cuba. Cuban health workers would also travel to Timor-Leste to help build the newly-independent nation’s medical system. The Doctors of Tomorrow, filmed in both Timor-Leste and Cuba, examines this health cooperation program. This exciting documentary includes interviews with some of the 850 East Timorese students studying medicine in Cuba, as well as some of their parents and teachers. From 2010 onwards these students will begin to take control of Timor-Leste’s health system.  Also includes a separate video of interviews with U.S. medical students in Cuba. (24 minutes)

DVD 38 Minutes. $25

“Tim Anderson’s new documentary on the East Timor-Cuba health cooperation program is an inspiration.” Lisa MacDonald, Green Left Weekly (full review here)

V24 Passabe
A film by James Leong and Lynn Lee
DVD home use only. 111 minutes. $25

Banned in Jakarta two years in a row. The remote village of Passabe lies on the precarious border between East and West Timor. It is a tiny community in a battle-scarred land that has seen much turmoil during 24 years of Indonesian occupation. In the days following the 1999 referendum, hundreds of militiamen embarked on an orgy of violence - attacking three neighboring pro-independence villages, burning homes and looting livestock. The attacks climaxed in September in the Passabe massacre which left 74 men dead. The masterminds fled across the border into Indonesia. Passabe remains haunted by a guilty past. It wants peace with its neighbors, but without justice is reconciliation possible?

This film is a profound, universal interrogation on the quest for justice and the need for reconciliation after a war. ARTE

"...shot and directed to throw light in the darkest places. You haven't seen this on TV and it reveals things you should know about. "Tony Rayns

"Passabe is compelling viewing." Melbourne International Film Festival

see also

V23 The Black Road: On the Front Line of Aceh's War
A film by William Nessen

Banned in Jakarta, The Black Road, presents a haunting, often harrowing journey inside the war in Aceh and gives the viewer a rare snapshot of what it was like to live there. Filmed over four years, the documentary begins - and ends - in the days after the devastating tsunami. A brief epilogue takes the viewer through the historic peace accord. But more than recounting historical events, The Black Road is about the people of Aceh - who, when set against the odds, emerge triumphant - and who have had to endure the bad times, struggling on while trying to maintain their dignity.

DVD 52 minutes. $35

Best Film of the Festival and Best Documentary under 60 minutes,
2006 Mumbai International Film Festival

Screenrights Best made for TV Documentary and a Special Mention,
St Laurence New Zealand Medium Documentary at the DOCNZ Film Festival

Jonathan Holmes, ABC Four Corners: "The Black Road, William Nessen's film about the conflict in Aceh, is an extraordinary achievement. It is one of the most courageous and unflinching journalistic efforts I can recall."

Edward Aspinall, Australian National University: By showing conflict from the perspective of ordinary villagers and insurgents, Nessen's film presents a perspective of war that is not only unique in reportage of Aceh, but which is rare in the media's coverage of any of the "small wars" which take so many lives around the globe. So often, we see only the view of governments and their troops. Here, the lens is reversed, and the effect is remarkable.

Damien Kingsbury, Associate Professor, International and Political Studies, Deakin University: "The Black Road" is perhaps the most moving documentary I have seen, bringing the stark facts of Aceh's tragic situation to the viewer, but with a depth of feeling and inside understanding that can only come from long and profound involvement with the landscape and its people.

Copies donated by the filmmaker. All proceeds from this sale go to ETAN. Orders of multiple copies or from institutions, please contact us first.

V21 Viva Timor Loro'sae!
Andrew McNaughton's documentary on student organizing during the brief democratic opening in East Timor during spring-summer 1998. It also covers the history of Timor and issues of health, food supply and the environment and alludes to the future viability of the country.
28 min. $20

V17 Circle of Stones (Fatuk Hadulas)
The Suai community's emotional observance of the first anniversary of the September 6, 1999 churchyard massacre of more than 200 refugees and three local priests, including a reenactment of the massacre written by Filomena do Reis. Discussions of the need for justice to build a better future provide context for the community's mourning process. An informative, touching and concise video, great for presentations. By independent Australian documentary maker Jen Hughes.

20 min. $20

Democracy Now!

V14 From Annihilation to a New Nation: The Founding of East Timor
6 hours of video coverage from Democracy Now! in East Timor.

Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! report from East Timor for a week and a half before, during and after independence day. A wide range of East Timorese, activists and officials speak about the birth of the new nation. The videos include historical footage and radio broadcasts, an extensive look at U.S. policy toward East Timor and how it changed, and perspectives on a range of issues facing the new nation. Interviews include journalist Allan Nairn, former President Bill Clinton, East Timor's President Xanana Gusmão, Nobel Laureate Jose Ramos-Horta, activist Bella Gallhos, Australian journalist Hamish MacDonald, former State Dept. official Ed McWilliams and many more.
VHS $50

V13 Crashing the Stock Market!
Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! crash an exclusive party during the World Economic Forum, Feb. 2002. Goodman questions Nicholas Platt, former Ambassador to Indonesia, and president of the Asia Society about East Timor. Platt: “What axe are you grinding right here.” Goodman: I survived a massacre in East Timor in 1991.
VHS 25 min. $20

V16 East Timor and U.S. Policy
Noam Chomsky provides a history and analysis of U.S. policy in the region, one still distorted by western economic and political interests in Indonesia. Winston Rondo of the Center for Internally Displaced People in West Timor (Indonesia) discusses his work with East Timorese refugees in militia-controlled camps, including the intimidation and violence against the refugees (especially women and children) face and the collusion of Indonesian military and local government officials. ETAN/Boston coordinator Cynthia Peters briefly discusses the power of grassroots organizing around these issues. Z video productions. 120 min. $20

V15 Emails from East Timor
An independent documentary about the reality of life in this beautiful but devastated island country. Drawing on interviews with local people and the sometime controversial opinions of international volunteers, 'Emails' explores some of the critical issues faced by the East Timor today. Based on a series of emails written over four months as a volunteer builder, Dave Owens' narration links these accounts. These short stories combine to depict a resilient people as they start to build a nation from ground zero with 85% of all infrastructure destroyed. "Emails" is not a single issue documentary but is like a series of email notes that link together to form a picture of what is really going on and what serious issues face East Timor today. Pulling no punches, "Emails" gives us a first hand look at the devastation left by the departing Indonesian military. There are interviews with Timorese people on the destruction and the need for reconciliation, and interviews with international volunteers who have controversial views on how the relief effort is working. As Owens states "After 24 years they got the Indonesian military out. It's an extraordinary feat. Although this place has been stripped bare, it is also an incredible victory for the East Timorese." A Documentary by Peter Marra. Written & narrated by Dave Owens.

56 min./non-commercial use only. ©2001 handwoven productions. $40
To order PAL version contact:
Read review: GLW: Voices from East Timor's grassroots

V12 - Blood Money: Funding the Militia
Documentary vividly proves how both the civilian and military parts of the Indonesian government funded and supported militia terror in East Timor during and after the 1999 referendum campaign. Includes a tour of destroyed government buildings guided by East Timorese who used to work for Indonesia, finding vital information in piles of files scattered on the floor. SBS-TV, Australia. Broadcast February 16, 2000. 46 minutes. Non-commercial use only.$10.

still from Punitive Damage V10 Punitive Damage

Award-winning documentary about Kamal Bamadhaj, the one foreigner killed in the 1991 Dili massacre, and his mother’s successful lawsuit against an Indonesian general in a U.S. court. By Annie Goldson, New Zealand, 1999. 77 min.

"A well-crafted memorial to a life well-lived and a testament to the quiet courage of a mother and son. It deserves a wide audience."
- The New Zealand Herald

"A powerful film. With eyewitness accounts from Timorese exiles and clandestinely shot footage and photographs, the film's evidence against the Indonesian military is damning.... Recommended for high school and college civics, history, religion and journalism classes."
- Catholic Library World

$95 for personal use, $440 for institutions with public performance rights.

(click here for more info on the lawsuit; and here for an interview with the filmmaker)
Personal or Institutional Use

Bitter Paradise V1 Bitter Paradise: The Sell-out of East Timor

The East Timorese struggle, in the context of Canadian government and corporate support of Indonesia.

By Elaine Briere, Canada, 1996. Winner Best Political Documentary at the Toronto HOT DOCS! Festival in 1997. 56 min.

"A raw, riveting, shame-inducing examination of a culture in extremis and the smug, exculpatory hypocrisy of those Canadians who serve as Faustian accomplices to an ongoing crime against humanity.... See it and weep for your country's dishonor in the name of greed and hypocrisy." Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun

See excerpt of film online

DVD: $30 for personal use, $100 for institutions VHS Tape: $20

See also Elaine Briere's book East Timor Testimony

Personal or Institutional Use

V2 Sometimes I Must Speak Out Strongly

Profile of Nobel Peace Prize winner East Timorese Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo. By Max Stahl, an award-winning producer specializing in investigative documentaries & current affairs features.

"This film shows very clearly the balancing act Bishop Belo conducts every day of his life as he represents the case for the Timorese to the Indonesian military forces that occupy his country and the military establishment. We see his interaction with members of his huge congregation and learn something of how he manages to inspire them... Max Stahl wrote, produced, and directed this documentary. It is not his first on this topic, and he is to be congratulated for producing as honest and thought-provoking a film as its predecessors". Review by David Hicks.

UK, 1996. 52 min. $35 for personal use, $150 for institutions
Personal or Institutional Use

V20 Oecussi Boy/East Timor: New Future, Hidden Past
Oecussi Boy is the story of a young boy's death-defying journey to save his community from a massacre by a delivering a message to newly arrived peacekeepers. SBS Dateline, May 2002 15 min. New Future, Hidden Past reports on the state of justice at independence. SBS Dateline, May 2002. 18 min. $20
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V9 License to Kill
By Mark Davis, Australian Broadcasting Company, March 1999. Powerful program on paramilitary violence in East Timor and its links to the Indonesian military. 45 min. (For non-commercial use only) $10

V19 Dropping the Number 10 for Dili
The story of East Timor and the Irish support movement This documentary celebrates the courage of the East Timorese people and shows how one individual made a difference. 2000. 58 minutes. $15

V11 Licensed to Kill and East Timor on the Brink
Two Australian programs which outline the genesis of the militias and look at East Timor's economic and military status. Australian Broadcasting Company, May-June 1999. 60 + 30 min. (For non-commercial use only). $15

V22 Rich Man, Poor Man...

ABC Four Corners reporter Jonathan Holmes investigates the increasingly rancorous fight between Australia and East Timor - the richest and poorest nations in the region - over the multi-billion dollar oil and gas bonanza that lies beneath the waters dividing them.

The quarrel centers on who owns the seabed, and therefore the right to take royalties and taxes from the oil companies. For East Timor the argument is, in the words of President Xanana Gusmão, "a matter of life or death, of being a beggar forever, or of becoming self-sufficient." The East Timorese are casting themselves as victims of a rapacious neighbor that pays minimum respect to international law or notions of fairness. "East Timor cannot be deprived of its rights and territories because of a crime," says Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri.

The Australians are hanging tough. "We won’t be shamed into anything," Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer tells Four Corners. "I think they’re making a big mistake. I think a lot of the public rhetoric could be toned down, and toned down to great effect."

2004 45 min. NTSC 1/2-inch VHS $25

V4 East Timor: Turning a Blind Eye
Paper Tiger TV's video about US policy and the role of the media. Taped during ETAN's Spring 1993 New Generations of Resistance speaking tour with Constancio Pinto Allan Nairn and others. 30 min. $20

V5 Aggression & Self-Determination
The US role and what you can do to change it. Produced by ETAN, 1992. 28 min. $20

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