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C1 - La'o Hamutuk OilWeb: CD-ROM on East Timor’s Oil and Gas

Oil and gas under the Timor Sea between East Timor and Australia are essential to East Timor’s economic future.

Although these resources will bring much-needed money to East Timor, they also bring danger. Around the world, oil and gas development often comes with war, corruption, dictatorship, repression and environmental destruction.

To help explain these issues, La’o Hamutuk has compiled information and documents in a “website” which does not require connection to the internet. Most of OilWeb is English, although it includes much in Bahasa Indonesia and some Tetum and Portuguese.

OilWeb includes:

Overviews, information and analysis about history, companies, geology, finances, development options, economics, and environmental consequences.

Complete text of all treaties and agreements relating to Timor Sea oil development and boundaries since 1971, as well as the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Movie “Don’t Rob Their Future” (English, 17 min.) which explains the boundary issue in non-technical terms.

Audio drama (Tetum, 15 min.) of the history of Australia-Indonesia-East Timor oil and boundary negotiations.

Profiles of oil companies and oil fields, including annual reports, financial information, and technical and background information, as well as how they present their involvement in East Timor.

Fact Sheets from the governments, UNTAET and the oil companies involved in the Timor Sea.

Australian Parliament hearings and debate on the Timor Sea Treaty

OilWatch Network information about consequences and popular resistance, including descriptions of situations, problems, and resistance from many countries in Asia and around the world.

Background papers on global warming, relations between oil and war, and the impact of oil industry operations on local governments, economies and communities.

La’o Hamutuk distributes OilWeb at cost to East Timorese NGOs and their supporters and for $50 to others.

North America orders only from ETAN, elsewhere from La'o Hamutuk.

C3 - Aceh Relief CD-ROM

With a power point slideshow on the tsunami disaster; a 32-minute video Anywhere but Fear: Inside the Martial Law in Aceh 2003-2004; and a collection of reports and documents on Aceh.

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