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Aceh Issues

Aceh relief, reconstruction and peace

An Acehnese couple walk amid debris in the tsunami-devastated city of Banda Aceh. REUTERS/Kimimasa Mayama.  

The December 26 earthquake which triggered the tsunami occurred just off the coast of Aceh, Indonesia. Aceh is suffering the worst of the damage, more than 220,000 people are dead or missing and countless are homeless.

The ETAN collected contributions from people in the United States and elswhere who wanted to give direct aid to local grassroots and humanitarian organizations in Aceh. This money is being sent directly to Acehnese groups whose usual work is with displaced persons, especially children. Now that their entire province has become victims of the tsunami, these groups are providing emergency humanitarian aid to those most in need and organizing themselves to influence the reconstruction process, bypassing the politics and constraints that challenge governments and international organizations.

ETAN  is no longer collecting funds for this effort. If you wish to contribute, you can give to Nonviolence International, PO Box 39127, Friendship Station, Washington, DC 20016  202 244 0951 or go to

Thanks to all who have donated!


Questions contact: ETAN; 718-596-7668; 202-544-6911

Estafeta: ETAN Assists Aceh (Spring 2005)

ACTION ALERT: Bush Must Not Use Tsunami to Strengthen Indonesian Military;Congress Must Keep Restrictions on U.S.-Indonesia Military Download and distribute PDF leaflet.

Tsunami Must Not Sweep Away Restrictions on Indonesian Military

NVA: The Tsunami and the Deadly Fallout from Humanitarian Help April 2004

Oakland Institute: Aceh Abandoned: The Second Tsunami

Human rights abuses in Aceh - TAPOL letter to UK Foreign Office Minister, Douglas Alexander, 9 February 2005

Congress: Rep. Evans writes Adm. Fargo on military ties; Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy- Dear Colleague Letter on Aceh

U.S. Groups' Letter Letter to Secretary of State Powell on Aceh Crisis

ETAN/NI/ILRF: U.S. Groups Urge Indonesia to Put People over Politics; Humanitarian Catastrophe Adds to Human-Created Destruction in Aceh

Indonesia Alert: Aceh's Dual Disasters: The Tsunami and Military Rule by John Roosa
Baltimore Sun: Aceh - From crisis, opportunity by Joe Nevins

Indonesian troops patrol in Aceh. AFP/File/Bay Ismoyo.  

Wolfowitz Visited Indonesia For Closer Military Ties, Not Tsunami Relief by Joe Nevins
Growing Doubts on Aceh's Relief Effort by Damien Kingsbury

Aceh Working Group Concern over TNI Monopoly on Aid
TAPOL: Military control of Aceh emergency impedes aid distribution
Forum Asia: Military Control Hampers Relief Work in Aceh; Army Maintains Anti-Rebel Paranoia

Watch Indonesia: Christian and Islamic fundamentalists in Acheh

Links to recent news and analysis: December/January; February
Indonesia House News Compilation on Aceh Tsunami

Democracy Now! transcripts and audio-visuals

Jubliee Network: Dozens of Faith-Based, Development, Advocacy Groups Call on United States to Tackle Debt Crisis for Tsunami-Affected Nations

INFID: "Beyond the Moratorium" is "Beyond the Paris Club", What needs to be done and what can be done about Indonesia’s Foreign Debt

Aceh - Human Rights Before and After the Tsunami: links to listen to Jan. 8 NYC Teach-In with Allan Nairn, Warzain, Suraiya IT, and Amy Goodman


TAPOL: Aceh Backgrounder (Jan. 2005)
Amnesty Int'l: New military operations, old patterns of human rights abuses in Aceh (Oct. 2004)
HRW: Aceh at War: Torture, Ill-Treatment, and Unfair Trials (Sept. 2004)
Aceh Under Martial Law: Inside the Secret War (December 2003)

Greed: The Silent Force of the Conflict in Aceh by Lesley McCulloch (Nov. 2003)
Aceh Under Martial Law: Can These Men Be Trusted to Prosecute This War? (Oct. 2003)
HRW: Indonesia: Transfer Convicted General From Aceh (August 2003)

IHRN/ETAN: Congress Expresses Deep Concern about Military Offensive and Human Rights Violations in Aceh Representatives Criticize Indonesia’s Use of U.S. Military Equipment (June 2003)
FPIF: U.S. Weapons Aid Repression in Aceh
(June 2003)
IHRN: U.S.-made weapons to be used in Indonesian military war on Aceh (May 2003)

ICG: Aceh: A Fragile Peace (Feb. 2003)
Aceh: Why Military Force Won’t Bring Lasting Peace (June 200)

SIRA and Achenese people to right for self-determination through referendum

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