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February 1 - 7
Gus Dur Meets E.Timor Rebel Chief
Gusmao appeals for calm and tolerance
Minister Andrews hopes Timor may soon achieve self-determination
More figures support Timor independence

Condition of 5,100 Timorese refugees in Suai 'worrisome'
East Timor's Future
TAPOL Statement on East Timor
UA 20-99 EAST TIMOR Arbitrary arrest- fear of torture
AI UA 20-99 EAST TIMOR Arbitrary arrest
Asean role in an independent E. Timor
Indonesia will not discard East Timor - Alatas
Indonesia 'Obligated' to Aid Smooth Transition - Resistance Spokesman
Interview with Ali Alatas on E. Timor
E. Timor Bishop Seeks Independence
E. Timor- Jakarta won't 'pull bridges'
Gusmao calls for militia to disarm
Lopes da Cruz urges Jakarta to immediately release Xanana
Ana Gomes and Xanana meet in Cipinang
Confusion over Indonesia's true intentions towards Timor
Gusmao says has no ambitions to lead East Timor
Habibie rules out referendum in East Timor
Increase in Acts of Violence - in early 1999
Indon's E.Timor shift - The inside story
Militias kill with Indonesian guns
UN summary of Marker press briefing
USDOS- Roth Press Conference in Jakarta
Behind Habibie's offer to the East Timorese
E-mail list in Tetum
E. Timor Autonomy To Be Discussed
Indonesian Army Recruits 1,000 Timorese Militia
Military plans funds withdrawal
Rebuilding East Timor
CAAT- UK arms trade protest April 28

Annan holds "very constructive" ETimor meeting with ministers
Indonesia talks peace, but unleashes its thugs on Timor
General admits arming death squads in East Timor
Violence in E.Timor Overshadows Progress on Autonomy

February 8 - 14
1,000 Timor militiamen begin training under Indonesian army
Bishop Belo calls for UN Presence
Gus Dur - ‘East Timor is nation’s fault’
U.N. Mediates Autonomy Package for E. Timor
Indonesia, Portugal Move Toward E. Timor Settlement
UN Press Briefing summary

AI EXTRA 17-99 INDONESIA Risk of torture or ill-treatment
After years of pressure, Indonesia takes a hint
FORTILOS - Jan 29 Response to Alatas' Statement on East Timor
Info on ABRI's Paramiliaries in East Timor
Permission needed to visit Xanana
Ramos Horta may be authorized to enter Indonesia
Short ride for rebel, long path for Timor
Solidamor on peaceful transition to independence
'Strategic Development Planning for East Timor' Conference
U.S. Backs UN Talks On East Timor

AI EXTRA 19-99 INDONESIA Possible disappearance

Hurdles remain in E Timor dispute - Annan
Indonesian president wants to see free East Timor by 2000
Ramos Horta sends message to meeting of "liurais" in Macau
Sudden Impact - Independence plan raises spectre of civil war
Tolerance of Pro-Jakarta Collaborators a Must - Ramos Horta

Breakdown of Indonesian Armed Forces stationed in ET
Komnas HAM proposes peace commission
Xanana urges dialog

US Churches call for UN monitors, disarming of civilians in Timor
E.Timor- Guerillas hold back - for now
Indonesian military looks set to sour independence plans
Wollongong Mercury 6 Feb.

Interviews with Xanana

February 15 - 21
Congressman  Frank Wolf to U.S. Amb. and responses
Congressman Wolf- Letter to Sec'y of State Albright
Ramos Horta Suggests Creation of Weapons Trade-In Fund

AI EXTRA 19-99 INDONESIA Possible disappearance
Belo warns against rushing independence
Indonesia to propose East Timor join ASEAN
National Council of Churches on East Timor

Tens of thousands attend burial of E Timor shooting victim
Timor will become a republic without an army - Xanana
Belo seeks Australian help
Horta Preparing International Commission for Transition to Independence
Indonesian troops out now!
Militias and Paramilitary groups armed by Indonesia
C. Pinto says "No More Fear"
ICRC urges govt to disarm East Timor civilian militia
Independent Timor can renegotiate Gap deal
One killed in fresh E. Timor clash - report
Timor Seems Suddenly to Be on Verge of Independence
Timor should be example for West Papua - spokesman
Australia out of step on Timor
CNRT Appeals To Police - Curb Terror by Pro-Indonesia groups
JRH calls for UN transition
Nobel laureate says West prepared to fund E.Timor transition
Alatas wants quck decision by ET
Asiaweek interview with Ramos Horta
Britain pledges troops for Timor peace-keeping force
Ending military monopoly has revitalized Timor's coffee industry
Indon to allow "reasonable" transition time for E. Timor: adviser
Habibie Accepts Gusmao Proposal to Form Peace Commission
Indon to open second registration for civilian militia in E. Timor
KMP on Peace commission-transmigration
OPED - Tiny land with a world of woe
Shirley Shackleton Responds to 2nd Sherman Report
Timor's lost generation
UN aiming to address problem of armed groups in Timor - official
Xanana Gusmao on E Timor's future

February 22 - 28
Indonesia Breaking Up?  Analysis
EU supports consultation process in East Timor
Expatriates Enlisted in E. Timor Independence Goal
Indonesia & ET on the Internet with links
Indon military arming 'death squads' in E.Timor
Indonesian journalists visit Falintil in the bush
Pro-Jakarta rally in Timor vows to "wage warfare" against independence
Rights panel to probe militia violations
Xanana says talk about civil war is nothing but a "bluff"
Australia To Reopen Consulate In E Timor
Belo urges ET disarmament
EU welcomes Indonesia's new position on East Timor independence
Update on Paramilitary violence, Feb. 23
Albright calls developments on Timor 'hopeful'
Australia to set up contact group on East Timor
Briefing on Albright Trip to Indonesia
Q&A of Sec'y Albright by Sen Feingold
Timorese leaders to hold meeting over fate of territory

Xanana meets top army generals
Xanana welcomes Wiranto's backing of ET Peace Commission
A Challenge to Australia
AJI condemns threats to journalists in Timor
Archbishop Belo lives on borrowed time
Autonomy, independence 'fine with us' - Indonesia
East Timor is nothing but rocks - Habibie
Groups sign "peace declaration" in Dili
Horta expresses unity with Gusmao & Belo on transition
Congressional Caucus on Human Rights in Indonesia & ET
Horta- Indonesian violence in ETimor continues
Old colonist Portugal throws financial lifeline to E Timor
Portuguese PM appeals for permanent UN presence in E.Timor
Statement-Appeal by Xanana Gusmao
Thousands March In Timor With Dead Bodies Of Activists
Timor Gap not yet attractive
Timor separatist calls for U.N. forces
UN to consider new proposal on East Timor autonomy
Amnesty I UA 37-99 EAST TIMOR Fear of torture
Gusmao to meet Albright March 5
Timor paramilitary prince ready for war
U.N. chief says Timor violence endangers talks
Portugal Calls For U.N., U.S. Help To Stem Timor Violence

Gama requests US involvement in transition process
Timor Gap by Louise Williams
Serious Health Problems as Indonesian Doctors Flee Territory
Canada Calls for Self-Determination for East Timor
House letter to Albright on E Timor
Xanana calls for UN transition
Bishop Belo's Reconciliation Speech


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