Subject: Daily Media Review Monday, 30 May 2005

[Poster's note: Long repeats of international articles already sent out to the east-timor list have been removed.]


Daily Press Review
Monday, 30 May 2005


Horta: UN needs reforms

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos Horta said that he will discuss UN reforms during his visit to Belgium and Portugal. Speaking to journalists upon his departure to accompany Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri during his meeting with the European Commission in Belgium, Horta said that he would discuss the matter of internal UN reforms in order to gain some ideas or a consensus on how these reforms may be best implemented, without dividing the international community. Horta said that the UN needs to undergo some reforms as it has existed since 1945 without any. He said that Timor-Leste supports plans to increase the number of permanent members on the Security Council, including possibly Brazil, Germany, India and Japan. (Timor Post)


Hasegawa-Lu Olo discuss new UN mission

Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Timor-Leste, Sukehiro Hasegawa met with President of the National Parliament Francisco Guterres on Friday to report on his new tasks after the closing of UNMISET last 20 May. Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Hasegawa said that during the meeting he requested the National Parliament to build close ties with the new UNOTIL mission. According to Hasegawa, Guterres himself welcomed the new mission. Hasegawa said that the form of future cooperation between Timor-Leste and UNOTIL will be discussed further this coming 14 June, in a meeting attended also by the Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, and donor representatives. According to journalists, Hasegawa also said that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has requested that Hasegawa remain in Timor-Leste to head the UNOTIL mission, although this is as yet not official. (STL, Timor Post)


Xanana to invite Castro to TL

Timor-Leste President Xanana Gusmão is to invite Cuban President Fidel Castro to visit Timor-Leste. The letter of invitation will be extended personally by Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta when he visits Cuba after his visit accompanying the Prime Minister to Belgium and Portugal. Speaking at the National Airport before leaving on the trip to Europe, Horta said that it is as yet not clear when Castro will make the visit to Timor-Leste, if he does at all, considering his age and health. Asked whether such a visit would impact negatively on Timor-Leste ­ US relations, Horta responded by saying that Washington respects Timor-Leste as an independent nation. (Timor Post)

TL-Indonesia relations still problematic

Commander of Regional Command 161 in Kupang, Amir Hamka Manan, says that Timor-Leste has failed to fulfil many aspects of the agreements between Timor-Leste and Indonesia, not least in the area of security. Using the example of the recent shooting incident of a TNI soldier by the Border Patrol Unit in the border area, Manan said that there has yet been no court process for the perpetrator/s and that they continue to carry out their everyday functions. Manan said that there have been not just one but four such shooting incidents so far, and that Timor-Leste fails to take such incidents seriously. Manan said that Indonesia felt hurt because they always assist Timor-Leste when Timor-Leste is facing a problem, but that there is no reciprocity. (STL)


UIR celebrates third anniversary

The Rapid Intervention Unit (UIR) of the Timor-Leste National Police on Saturday celebrated its third anniversary. Participants at the ceremony included Members of Parliament, government representatives, F-FDTL representatives, as well as some religious clergy. At the ceremony PNTL Commander Paulo de Fatima Martins asked members of the Unit to continue training, as it is through training that they can increase their capacity to better serve the community. (STL)

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