June  2005 

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Spring 2005


ETAN Supports UN Commissionís Call for International Involvement in Justice for East Timor; Executive Summary of COE Report

E Timor National Alliance for an International Tribunal: Happy Independence Day to USA

Seattle High Schoolers Help E Timor School

ETAN Accuses House of Representatives of Selling Out Rights, Reform; Bill Would Lift Restrictions on Military Assistance to Indonesia

ETAN Advocacy Days 2005 Report and Pictures

The Question of U.S. Military Assistance for Indonesia

More Than 50 Groups Urge Bush Not to Offer Military Assistance to Indonesian President

Reported Australia/Timor-Leste Oil Deal "Cheats" East Timorese, Says ETAN

Announcing the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network: ETAN Changes Name and Mission Statement; Groupís Current Work and Goals More in Focus

Open letter to President of Indonesia on Munir murder investigation

IFET Letter to UN Commission of Experts

On Anniversary of East Timor Church Massacre UN Must Take Responsibility for Justice

A Message from Noam Chomsky: Donate to ETAN's 2005 Appeal

June 24 - July 2
Aussie docs let the sun shine again

Revamped gov't to be unveiled 'within days', says PM Alkatiri
Wrestling The Crocodile- IT Development in East Timor
Martial arts groups pledge to end violent clashes with rivals

Portuguese aid producing tradesmen to counter skills shortage
CONG- Dear Colleague - Evans, Grijalva - Now is Not the Time to Reinstate Military Funding

Australia-Timor border deal 'close'
Military wants battalions in border areas
Last Australian Timor troops head home

ETAN demonstrates for justice.


Commission of Experts and Other Justice Issues

ETAN Supports UN Commissionís Call for International Involvement in Justice for East Timor; Executive Summary of COE Report

E Timor National Alliance for an International Tribunal: Happy Independence Day to USA
JSMP: Commission of Experts calls for Renewed Action on Serious Crimes

ICTJ: UN Commission Recommends Ultimatum on Justice for Timor Victims
TAPOL: International tribunal proposal for East Timor welcomed by TAPOL
HRW: East Timor: U.N. Security Council Must Ensure Justice; U.N. Commissionís Report Urges International Tribunal if Indonesia Fails to Act

A push-start for justice for East Timor
Indonesia faults U.N. panel report on E. Timor tribunal
UN pressures Jakarta over East Timor trials
Rights groups hail UN move on Indonesian war crimes tribunal

Brit MPs demand justice for two newsmen killed 30 years ago
BIN Involved in Munir Murder- Team; Names of Suspects Not Released
TNI Should Be Prosecuted in Civilian Courts- Observers
TNI's Impunity Solidified in New House Bill
Jakarta's Timor trials 'a sham'

TAPOL: BP denounced for security pact with East Timor crimes suspect
ICTJ- Failures in Timor-Leste Serious Crimes

JSMP: The East Timorese Judiciary: at the Threshold of Self-Sufficiency?
JSMP: The Future of Serious Crimes Unit
JSMP: Two Suspects Released after Nearly One Year in Detention
JSMP: Difficulties encountered in finalizing long running cases
WB: Legal Training for Timorese Jurists at DDLC

UNOTIL Daily Media Review
01 July
30 June
29 June
28 June
27 June

June 19 - 24
Last Australian troops leave East Tim 
Bega welcomes Timor Minister 
Exploration law wonít affect Australian negotiations

IMF Urges E. Timor to Manage Energy Wealth 'Responsibly'

UNOTIL Daily Media Review 
24 June

23 June
22 June
20 June

Photo by Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05


Insurgent Image: Timor images pre and post © Tim Kao/ InsurgentImage '05

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UNDP: Asia-Pacificís Poorest Countries Need Global Support Too
Presentation on microhydro for E Timor
Center for Int'l Health: T-L Conference 2005


Gazette of Australian Mathematical Society: Working for E Timor's  Truth Commission

NZGOV: Time's Changing in Timor

AusGov: Departure of Remaining Peacekeepers; ADF Operations in Timor-Leste; Handover Of Forward Operating Base Moleana To Timor

UNDP: Ireland Gives Support to Civil Service

Friends of Same newsletter
Friends of Aileu Update no 4, June 2005
Bairo Pite Clinic News: April, May
Friends and Partners with East Timor June news

UNOTIL: Prime Minister signs agreement with the UN to launch a project designed to ensure human security in rural areas
UNOTIL: Launch of Police Training Manual on Human Rights
UN: Budget Comm. Approves Peacekeeping Budget

IFRC: East Timor Appeal

ACTU: Unions Call For E Timor To Get Fair Share Of Timor Gap Oil

World Food Programme: Food Security: Overview
Yakkum Emergency Unit: Famine in Manufahi, Timor Leste
FINGOV: Prime minister of East Timor wishes for increased investments US State Dept. Trafficking in Persons Report: East Timor

WB: Grant Supports National Registration of Civilian Resistance Veterans

UNOTIL: SG Appoints Sukehiro Hasegawa as SRSG and Head of UNOTIL

ARTE MORIS - Fine Arts School, Cultural Center and Artistsí Association
UNDP: Communiity Development Programme Underway In Oecussi

ABCTV - Compass: Sister Lourdes - Faith In A Nation
UN: Security Council on Peacebuilding
TSJC Media Release: More talks needed on resource deal, while Aus Gov continues to take millions

JSMP: The Government Seeks to Regulate Private Lawyers
JSMP: Judge Sentences Defendant to Six Years Imprisonment in Rape

U.S. Weapons at War 2005: Promoting Freedom or Fueling Conflict? World Policy Institute Special Report, by Frida Berrigan and William D. Hartung, June 2005

UN: Budget Committee Takes Up T-L UNMISET Liquidation

UN: Security Council Recognizes Need For Int'l Involvement in T-L
UN Security Council Meeting 16 May 2005 Provisional Verbatim
Country Statements: Australia; Brazil; Japan; Portugal; United States
UN: SG's End of Mandate Report on UNMISET

UNMISET: UN peacekeeping missions in Timor-Leste come to an end
UNMISET: Australia donates funds for Serious Crimes Unit

Undertones - Passabe (Singapore radio interview about film documentary)

Friends and Partners with East Timor May Newsletter
Carmelite Mission Support Groups
World Vision: Tools for change: Children at risk

UNESCO: Learning independence: Education in emergency and transition in Timor-Leste since 1999

TSJC: East Timor short changed in Oil Deal

June 6 - 17
Timor Says Australian Gas Royalty Agreement `Very Close'
Timor Not Ready to Handle Oil, Gas Revenue, Gusmao Says Listen
East Timor to look further afield in gas dispute
East Timor Eyes Oil, Gas Expansion
East Timor oil acreage offering delayed to 2006
GU: Window on the world (transparency)
Organized by LABEH Transparency and Accountability Department

No US Military Help for Indonesia- Activists
Normalisation of US-Indonesia Military Ties to Help Democracy: Sutarto

Capping European tour, Portugal visit 'very positive' - PM Alkatiri
AGE: Journey to a new life (Atauro)

Accord with gov't does not preclude future protest - church leader

East Timor inquest to go ahead
Australians probe 30-year-old death of journalist in East Timor

Aust peacekeeping operations end in East Timor
Australian military ends era in E Timor
East Timorese get visa chance- Vanstone

A Task Unfinished in East Timor

UNOTIL Daily Media Review 
17 June

16 June
15 June
14 June
13 June

10 June
09 June
08 June
07 June
06 June


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May 30 - June 5
EU chief says bloc will soon open delegation office in East Timor
East Timorese Still at Risk, UN Warned

Tempo: The Tide of US-Indonesian Relations & interview with Sen. Leahy

East Timor sees 6-year wait for Timor Sea revenues

Ten years of WTO is enough! Defense Sovereignty and Expelling WTO

Decision to accept UN experts prudent

End of church dispute allows debate on abortion, prostitution - PM

NYT: A scruffy island paradise

UNOTIL Daily Media Review
30 May
31 May
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02 June
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