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Daily Media Review Monday, 20 June 2005

Ronaldo: "I will not forget Timor-Leste"

The Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo paid a short five-hour visit to Timor-Leste on Saturday. After approximately 20,000 people turned out to see him at the Municipal Stadium, Ronaldo said that he was very pleased with the enthusiasm shown to him by the people of Timor-Leste, and that he would not forget the day that he visited Timor-Leste and was greeted by so many very special Timorese. On his return to the airport, Ronaldo was accompanied by an honour guard of hundreds of motorcycles, driven by Ronaldo fans. (Timor Post)

Alkatiri reiterates pipeline condition

Prime Minister Alkatiri says that he has already explained to Woodside Petroleum Ltd that if the pipeline for oil exploration does not come to Timor-Leste but rather to Darwin, Australia, then there will be no exploration. Speaking to journalists on Saturday, Alkatiri said that he does not believe Woodside's claim that there is no appropriate technology to overcome the deep trench near Timor-Leste, because according to the data that he has, it is possible to overcome these technological difficulties. If Woodside continues to insist that it is not possible to bring the pipeline to Timor, then "leave the oil under the sea", reiterated Alkatiri. (Timor Post, STL)

US Ambassador unhappy with judicial progress

United States' Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Joseph Rees, says that he is unhappy with the way the judicial system is progressing. Speaking at a public lecture at the University of Peace last Friday, Rees said that in the three years he has been here, he has not seen much improvement.

However, he said that the government is now implementing the testing of judges as one means of improving the system. A range of questions were put to the Ambassador by students of the university after his lecture, including those surrounding the issue of Timor-Leste's maritime boundary, an international tribunal, the impact of a free market economy on Timor-Leste, and the rumour that the United States is building a military base on the island of Atauro. Rees said that this latest rumour is not true, and that it is people who do not like the American government who spread rumours like this. (Timor Post)

Wirajuda: Indonesia soon to propose TFC names

Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Hasan Wirajuda says that Indonesian will soon submit the proposed names of members for the joint Indonesia-Timor-Leste Truth and Friendship Commission. He said that this will be done in a matter of weeks, not months, remembering that the Commission is the best means of finding a solution to the problems of the past between Indonesia and Timor-Leste, while still maintaining a friendly relationship between the people of the two countries. (Timor Post)

TL still open to returning refugees

President Xanana Gusmao says that Timor-Leste remains open for all those refugees who decide they wish to return. In a message for World Refugee Day, being marked today, President Xanana said that there have been two large refugee movements in Timor-Leste's history, in 1975 and 1999. He said that even though many refugees who ran away have now made new lives for themselves in another country, Timor-Leste remains open to those who wish to return. (STL)

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