Subject: UNOTIL Daily Media Review, 08th and 10th October 2005

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Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review

08th - 10th October 2005

National Media Reports

Government to provide subsidies to political parties

Prime Minister and Secretary General of Fretilin Mari Alkatiri has said that all political parties will receive subsidies so that they may participate effectively in the democratic processes. As such, those political parties to receive a subsidy will be those that have seats in the National Parliament. Speaking to journalists at a press conference on Friday at Fretilin's Central Committee office in Comoro, Alkatiri said that in many countries there is a system of subsidies for political parties, but only for those that have seats in Parliament. He explained that in Timor-Leste the amount of the subsidy will not depend on the number of seats that each party holds in the Parliament, and that the provision for this subsidy system will be included in the electoral regulation for the 2007 elections. He explained further that any one party would need to win 5% of the vote (25000 votes) to be able to win a seat in Parliament. (TP)

Lu Olo: Fretilin wants to govern well

President of the Fretilin party Francisco "Lu-Olo" Guterres has said that Fretilin wants to govern well through a political strategy and plan, in order to carry this nation into the future. Speaking at a press conference at Fretilin's Central Committee office in Comoro on Saturday, Guterres said that even though Fretilin lost in some places in the recent village elections, in general they won in most places. He said that before the elections, people were saying that the results from the capital Dili would be considered a barometer or indicator of party support, and the reality is that Fretilin won by an absolute majority in the Dili round of the elections. Guterres said that Fretilin won because of their struggle and courage for the nation of Timor-Leste, and that Fretilin has a great responsibility to serve the nation, considering the support that they received in the recent elections. (JND)

UNDP assists development of prisoner capacity

Thirty-six prisoners from Becora prison were presented with certificates last Thursday, after completing professional training as a part of UNDP's Justice System Project. Speaking at the ceremony, UNDP country representative Sukehiro Hasegawa said that UNDP is keen to continue to support prisoners in order to further develop their capacity before they leave prison. Government officials present at the ceremony included the Minister for State Administration Ana Pessoa, Minister of Justice Domingos Sarmento, Minister for Labour Arsenio Bano, and Minister of Defense Roque Rodrigues, as well as members of the diplomatic corps. In his speech, Hasegawa thanked the Ministry of Justice for the excellent training that they provided, as the training will assist them in developing skills so that they are better prepared when they return to society, as well as assisting them in raising their dignity. The training programs, begun in June 2004, included training in manufacturing, carpentry and construction, literacy and Portuguese and English language. Minister of Justice Domingos Sarmento told journalists after the ceremony that the project was made possible with the assistance of not only UNDP, but also the governments of Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Ireland, Norway and Portugal. (TP)

Minister Horta on Timor-Leste's consulates in Kupang and Bali

Indonesia has authorized Timor-Leste to open three consulates in Bali, Kupang, and an honorary one in Surabaya. However while a Consulate official for the Kupang office has already been chosen, the Timor-Leste government, namely the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, has not yet nominated someone to fill the Bali post. "We will just have to wait until we find someone suitable for the Bali post, as the Ministry does not have many people", said Horta, while also declining to give the names of the new Consul-General's for Australia and Japan. (TP)

Minister of Development to Ask for Information from World Bank and Timor Telecom

Minister of Development Abel Ximenes stated last Friday that his Ministry would ask both World Bank and Timor Telecom for information related to the recent assessment by the World Bank that Timor Telecom charges the highest rates for communication services in the world, and also the fact that the issue was raised recently at the Parliament's plenary session by MP Leandro Isac. Ximenes. He added that after analysing the comparative data on the matter provided by both institutions, he would then be able to comment, and take any necessary measures. (Timor Post)

First UNDERTIM Headquarter established in Bucoli, Baucau

Timor Post reported that the newly founded party UNDERTIM established its headquarters in Bucoli, Baucau, last Saturday. UNDERTIM's spokesperson Cristiano da Costa stated that the establishment of the headquarters is to strengthen and foster the party, adding that Bucoli was chosen as the base because it was where Timorese Resistance started its struggle. Da Costa further said that Bucoli has become the model and the mirror for the democratic process to be fostered in Timor-Leste. Speaking at the opening ceremony, President Cornelio Gama a.k.a L-7 said that UNDERTIM would not promise anything to its followers but wishes that the aspirations of the people be considered. He added that establishing the HQ in Bucoli aims to carry out the political views of the late Vicente "Sahe" Reis (one of the principal members of Fretilin, originally from Bucoli) who stated that national unity is important in the struggle for independence. (Timor Post)

PM Alkatiri: Church is an important component in Timor-Leste society

Speaking that the Headquarters of Fretilin, the Secretary-General of Fretilin, Mari Alkatiri said that the relation between the church and the Fretilin political party has always been good. He added that the good relation is not just with Fretilin as a political party and the church but also with the Government and the State of Timor-Leste. Alkatiri appealed that the relation between the two institutions should improve in Timor-Leste. (TP)

National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Diario Nacional Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL] Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Seminario

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