Subject: UNOTIL Daily Media Review 12 October 2005

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Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review

Wednesday, 12 October 2005

National Media Reports

UNDERTIM Headquarters Damaged

It is reported that the headquarters of the UNDERTIM political party in Bucoli, Baucau, were last Saturday damaged. Speaking to Timor Post yesterday evening by telephone, spokesperson for UNDERTIM’s Presidential Council Cristiano da Costa said that Fretilin members reacted negatively to the establishment of the headquarters, and police were required to intervene in the situation. Additionally, da Costa said that on Monday afternoon some local youths affiliated to Fretilin attempted to steal UNDERTIM’s flagpole, but were prevented by police from doing so. The following morning, however, they did manage to steal the UNDERTIM flag along with the national flag which had just been raised by the local population some days earlier. “This politically motivated behaviour can be considered illegal and criminal, as well as undemocratic, as it demonstrates a lack of respect for the existence of other political parties”, said Cristiano. He said that he hoped the police would arrest the responsible persons, and that Fretilin leaders would reflect seriously on the behaviour of their party members, as these actions are inconsistent with Fretilin’s desire for a pluralist society. He added that UNDERTIM party members together with their leader L7, on Tuesday afternoon raised their flag once again. He expressed his disappointment with the lack of police action on the case, even with a direct report to the PNTL General Commander Paulo Martins. (TP)

Australia Yet to Show Goodwill

It is reported that even though Timor-Leste and Australia are undergoing continuing negotiations to come to a resource sharing agreement acceptable to both countries, Australia is yet to demonstrate goodwill in coming to an expeditious decision. Manuel Mendonca from the Prime Ministers Cabinet for Timor Sea issues told journalists on Tuesday that there are two aspects to the negotiations ­ one set of negotiations of a political nature between the two governments, and the other of a technical nature with Woodside, the company that will explore the oil and gas. Mendonca explained that production of the oil and gas in the Greater Sunrise field cannot yet commence, as the two governments have not yet come to an agreement. He said that the position of the Timor-Leste Government is that there will only be an agreement if the pipeline will run to Timor-Leste. “Otherwise, it is better that we just cease negotiations”, he said. (TP, STL)

CPD-RDTL Organizes Community Gardening To Assist Widows And Orphans

Members of the CPD-RDTL group in Bobonaro have organized community gardening to support widows and orphans, reported STL on Wednesday. “The rainy season is almost here and we want to start our community gardening program. Members of CPD-RDTL in 10 posts in the districts have also organized to focus on this program with the aim to help our sisters, mother, widows, those who’ve lost their husbands, the children who lost their parents fighting for independence,” said Domingos Combat, coordinator of region III. Combat stresses that the program is important because according to his group, to date, most of the population are still living in poor conditions and they need the support and contribution from all people. He added that the areas for the program have been identified with good soil for community gardens. The Secretary of State for region IV, Cesar da Cruz said it is a good initiative by CPD-RDTL and they should be congratulated. In a separate article, STL reported that FAO through the Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries distributed food seeds to 60 former combatants in the districts of Kailako and Bobonaro to better their lives. The distribution was carried with the aim to enable the former combatants to sow the seeds in the wet season. (TP, STL)

Cooperation Not Confrontation at the Border: Lobato

Minister of Interior Rogério Lobato says that the border needs to be transformed into an area of cooperation and not confrontation. Lobato said as Minister of Interior he wants the border to be transformed into a cooperation zone, and the two countries must work hard to avoid conflicts. On Tuesday Minister Lobato visited Oecussi enclave to see the problems, which have now been resolved, reported STL. He said the demarcation of the border by the governments of Indonesia and Timor-Leste may not be accepted by the population living along those lines therefore the two governments must provide information and clarify about the demarcation which have been completed. “ I feel that from our side, the socialization went well and we hope that our friends from Indonesia can also socialize with their communities”. The Minister of Interior said the question of taking the border problems to the UN is no longer a concern as the small problems are now resolved. (STL)

Director of EDTL, Ximenes: Macau company does not have the capacity to handle EDTL operations

The director of EDTL (the Central Power of Timor-Leste), Helio Ximenes told STL that it is better to replace the current operating company handling the power supply business in Timor-Leste since it has not made any improvement or development to the operation of Timor-Leste power supply and its management, STL reported. He added that since there has not been any development within EDTL after two years of the company’s operations, it is clear that the company does not have the capacity to handle the operation of Timor-Leste power supply. Therefore, he suggested that the Timor-Leste government replace the operating company with another one. (STL)

Editorial: Once Again, Police Involved in Beating

If the news reported in Parliament’s Plenary Session on Monday is correct, it seems that police officers in Fohorem sub-district, Suai, have been involved in the beating of an ASDT party member, and that the motto of the police organization “Law and Order” can be considered just a veil. The ASDT member whom the police are accused of beating required medical treatment at the Guido Valadares National Hospital as a consequence of the beating.

What is it that is causing our police to not act as protectors of the people, but as ‘tigers’, distant from the people? How more effective can the guidance that our leaders give be, to prevent the police from violating their functions? Why are our police and their leaders not using previous incidents as lessons learned, so that the same mistakes are not made again? The people know that our police officers spend three months in training at the police academy, and that they then gain experience in the field. Is this still not enough for our police to develop basic discipline?

Finally, we ask the PNTL leaders, as well as the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Interior, to pay serious attention to this recent behaviour, because this nation is going to face many future challenges that will require the maintenance of security and law and order, in order that the development process may continue. (TP)

National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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